Saints go from icons


With a lot of mystery associated with icons. This mirotocheniya and miraculous healing the suffering, and more. Of all these phenomena most probably the rare and mysterious — meeting people with the saints depicted on icons. And during these meetings saints in appearance little different from ordinary people …

Twinkle in the night

It happened in the 60 years of the last century. Two oceanographers, who took the boat at night the water sample in the White Sea, fast current and the wind blew the ship out to sea. Only 30 years later one of them, Alex, told about the strange episode that happened to them during that terrible adventure. After a long drift of ice floes researchers noticed a fire in the distance, as if there is a fire burning, or a lighthouse.

They beat on the oars, and soon landed on an unknown shore. To the surprise of marine scientists, the fire that brought them here in the near space, they have not seen. The area was deserted and gloomy, cold wind. We decided to go in that direction, where, as it seemed to them that the only fire was burning. Gone a hundred yards, and then they met an old man with a bushy gray beard. He was dressed weird for this time of year. Wide light raincoat, lightweight boots, headgear not. They — to him.
— Hello, comrade! We accidentally found ourselves here, we would find some shelter …
— Do not go there — is responsible bystander.
— In the other side will not find anyone.
— Where to go? — Get out of that slide fisherman lives, go in that direction. They thanked the stranger and went where he pointed out to them. Ten steps looked, and it really is not, lost in the dark


We climbed the hill and, indeed, saw the light in the distance, the warmth in the lonely hut. It lived a fisherman and his family. It turned out he had a radio, and on which the fisherman regularly communicated with the mainland, reported the weather. The inhabitants of the hut were very surprised by the appearance of a lonely deserted island. Incidentally, he was rather big. Friends, if time does not come out to the people, might long to wander around the island and, in the end, would have died of hunger and cold.

Particularly surprised the hosts oceanographers story about an old man, to show them the way. The Islanders said here, except for them, no one lives, and counter the one true fancied. Of hunger in the cold it happens. But friends claimed that they had seen the old man as clearly as their own. In the corner were several times darkened icons. Little lamp in front of them did not burn. The fisherman's wife, noticing the interest of Alexei, said lamp oil is over, but for the new must swim to the mainland. Rybak also added that little lamp burned all night and today went out for only half an hour before the guests. This is surprising, because the oil there remains so small that the light in front of the images had to fade away even five hours ago. Alexei looked into one of the icons and cold.

On the artist depicted the very old man who met them on the beach! Even the cloak was the same! The hostess said it was the image of St. Nicholas. And here is another participant in the events found in the icon of their savior. Oceanographers looked at each other and fell silent, not knowing what to think. The owners say it is not, and if not to be mistaken for lunatics. Then Alexei years thoughts kept returning to the case, and eventually came to the conclusion that night on the shore they saw none other than the very Nicholas. So Alex turned to faith, began to attend church. He later learned that the same did and his friend. After that experience their life scattered, and they no longer see.

Strange "neighbor"

— My brother Ilya Semenovich to his 78 years there was one — says a resident of Saratov Marina T.
— He lived in the village, at his home. Leave it and move to my city flatly refused, even when ill, and he was paralyzed leg. My sister Lydia alternately visited him. Elias was a hardened atheist, did not believe in God or the devil. And then suddenly began to say that in the evenings it comes to a woman, talking with him about the soul, about the wonders of the exploits of the holy ascetics, and most importantly — assures us that God is. Brother of a woman called "neighbor", saying that it is always in the blue dress and her head covered with a red handkerchief. We Lydia wondered: who is she? Ilya nothing more to say but could not. Questioned the village, they do not know either.

We really try and lock it, and carried away the key with him, but the strange "neighbor" continued to appear. And once Ilya stunned me: yesterday, said the neighbor said that Aunt Nina died. I think, from this "neighbor" can know about Aunt Nina, our distant relative, who in the village with his brother he has never visited? Asked him, I do not clairvoyant to his friend, and he grins, shakes his head, I said, knew he could not believe it, I would myself have never believed it, but now I believe. She knows everything.

On that day, I, like back in town, purposely called Aunt Nina's son to know how they are doing. And then he tells me that last night his mother died in the hospital. I was in shock. One day I said Ilya, and so calmly, even joyfully, I'll die soon. Warned him about it, "neighbor." And demanded that he read the burial service at the church. This man's an atheist, a member of the Communist Party since 1930! My sister and I so strongly adhered to it — what miracles? — He admitted he believes "neighbor" selflessly. We say, well, let them leave something, even if some thing, that we are also convinced of the existence of this person. Okay, answers, ask her.

A day later he informed us, my sister and I have come to see him tomorrow evening to half past seven. Just do not be late! A neighbor told him that they will meet with her at this time. And if say, then so be it, it will not lie. Like, you can see for yourself.

Arrow Dame

We arrived at the appointed time, and it gives us an arrow — the most authentic, with a sharp tip, with feathers, and explains that this "neighbor" had given him. It turns out that morning, she went with him, and they had a long talk about different things. The fact, for example, that all perishable, everything comes and goes, that only a true eternity in another world, and so on in the same way. And she confirmed that her brother will meet, as was promised, today, at half past seven. Arrow also left to prove that it really visited. After telling about it, brother added:

"I'll meet her tonight at half past seven, and here you will see her in a week. So she said. " "How's that? — Surprised Lydia.
— Where did you meet her? Look at the clock is already half past! ". He did not have time to answer — all pale, and his eyes were closed, and brother sat on the pillows.

My sister and I tried to revive him, but he died without saying anything more. With all the subsequent troubles associated with funerals, we forgot about the arrow and "neighbor." And after some time digging in the old junk in the attic of Elijah, we found under a pile of things reproduction of Mother of God "Seven Arrows". Picture left must be from his long-deceased wife. Sam-Ilya was not interested in such things.

Lydia looked closely and noticed that the arrows on the icon with exactly the same plumage, as on the boom, which "neighbor" has left. And Virgin was depicted in a red scarf and blue dress! We then rushed to look for one arrow, and it is nowhere. Maybe she was gone, and maybe someone took — there's a lot from all the people after the death of Elijah have visited. And more surprising: we got this reproduction exactly one week after the death of his brother!

In this only believe

There are other cases of people like (so to speak) to the saints depicted in the icons appear at critical times and saved, hinted at, talked with people who needed help. For example, a student Paul D. woke up in the night and saw a man standing in front of his couch bearded man in a fancy dress.

"Get up, — he said imperiously, — come with me." Paul was not afraid, but somehow realized that I need to go. When they came out of the house as he hit the ceiling, and then all the old structure collapsed, only one wall stood. And when Paul looked back at the bearded man that is nowhere to be found. Later, when shoveled the debris, found the old icon that belonged to the deceased grandmother of Paul.

Many years later one of his friends, who caught the eye icon, offered it to restore. He took off the top layer of dark and under it opened the face of a bearded saint. Paul recognized him as the stranger himself, who one night had saved him from death! Such cases are rare, but occur, and they have witnesses. Explain this at the present level of knowledge is almost impossible. Apparently, this can only believe …

Igor Voloznev Secrets of the twentieth century

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