Salary of 500 dollars? A fairy tale for the gullible!

Alexander Lukashenko, speaking on the so-called All-Belarusian People's Assembly reiterated his earlier promise that the average salary in the country by the end of the year to reach $ 500. This statement caused a wide resonance in the region.

On what the real wages now receive live in small towns and villages, reporters found out "Freedom".

Vitebsk Region

"Salary for" Glass "- is the result of the fight, not the state's care"

Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee Alexander Kosinets eve of the departure of the delegation of their region in Minsk take warning voice the size of the average monthly wage. According to the newspaper "Vitebsk working" for November 4, quoted by recent statements by the Chairman Executive Committee, "today in the area of guaranteed stability," and the level of salaries word. Specific figures had to learn our correspondent radio Bronislava Stankevich.

A resident of Vitebsk Sergey Ryzhov, who was trying to run for president, said today, "Freedom", that the salary of workers produce plant "Novka" is not such as Lukashenko declares:

Sergey Ryzhov

"I got 750,000. The man who was responsible for all computer software — a little more than 500,000. Stevedores, 280 thousand. The salaries of chief accountant, director, his deputy, never voiced. And the average salary in some magical way loomed around 700,000. And wages catastrophically delayed. Hence, people running, and now security personnel — only 60 percent! "

Polotsk enterprise "Glass" is in one of the richest, in September this year the average salary there was about 1 million 300 thousand. Have now promised to raise it up to $ 500. But, says worker Viktor Stukov,- This is not an indication of concern for the state: to achieve increase was possible only thanks to the efforts of the Free Trade Union:

"We fought for pay or not since September — was a whole saga! People felt that the elections are approaching and fight for higher wages have now or never dabessya! On the ninth, tenth shops were consulted: whom to write, where to? We just demanded 500 bucks, because if such average salary in the country, we have a harmful work and we have to pay at least 700. "

On the "Glass" has visited more than a dozen checks, and Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky ordered to find the money to increase salaries. Surcharges began fi, says Viktor Stukov: that any recalculations, the award — if only to obey orders of their superiors …

Perhaps only the bosses and the salary is $ 500, says teacher George Stankevich, working in the Beshenkovichi area:

George Stankevich

"Officials, of course, get more. But as a teacher I never left more than a million. None of my friends and acquaintances over a million do not. The bus driver know exactly get 800-900 thousand. My wife, she works as a nurse in the emergency room, in general, has 350,000. And then — she added 10,000. She said: "They will give a great supplement!" And brought home — just 10,000 more. "

About $ 500 average salary George Stankevich heard from him by the president and explain his statement as follows:

"It's when they hear from other candidates that they offer something vital, it tries to block them, saying that we do or have long reached, or even reach, but without their help. He is not in a position to really assess the validity, can not admit that — yes, we have problems … He is a populist, and how was it 16 years, and remains so until the end! "

The real situation with salaries in the regional center, with no returns from the TV screens and newspaper pages, can be clearly seen on the official website of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee in the "Jobs". It clearly shows what the salary offered in the region for a particular job. The vast majority of "not up" to the $ 500 fine if half: breeders offer 700,000, an agronomist and veterinarian — at 720,000, the foreman — 650 000, smith — 484 000, the driver — 400000, and so on.

Grodno region

"The plants are, where will the salary?"

What is the situation with salaries in Grodno?

First of all — how much is earned in the industry? Five hundred dollars — at what companies have such a salary? I turned to the independent trade union movement activist Anatoly Khotko, and here is what he said:

"Five hundred — that's a stretch is it has only" Nitrogen "," Man-made fiber. " Basically wages within seven hundred-eight hundred thousand — this is the average. The more he looked at the now thirty percent of state employees, but the real sector of the economy need to earn, and the machine tool and engineering plants are almost Grodno. Where there will be salary? "

Anatoly Khotko leads a concrete example:

Serviceman sixth level at Hrodna Automotive Units Plant receives eight thousand, is the most highly skilled worker.

"Skilled sixth level at Hrodna Automotive Units Plant receives eight thousand, is the most highly skilled worker. At the enterprises of the sector wages of highly skilled workers will be not more than eight-nine thousand. Roughly speaking, it's three bucks. "

Anatoly Khotko says that he frequently speaks with employees of various plants that are in the regional center, "radio wave", "Torgmash", drive shafts and others. He believes that the average figure salaries increased by improving the administration fee as well — pryplyusovvayuchy salaries to all social benefits that workers receive.

In Grodno Sergey teacher wife how much she paid? There are five hundred dollars?

"No, she gets a seven-eight thousand. It is with the experience, making the former Palace of Pioneers. "

Mosty district resident Mr. Alexander tells how to make the village:

"In the winter village five do not receive, it may be a summer harvest. And in the winter — within one hundred and fifty to two hundred dollars. "

Mr. Alexander emphasizes that even with regard to the harvest numbers are relative:

"Managers get two or three million, then it plyusuetstsa. Although there is a milkmaid who receive two million, works hard, but earn — at least half a million, a million seven hundred. "


"Salary $ 500 — a fairy tale of the TV, not reality"

The region Pribuzhie average salary of ordinary people does not exceed one million rubles. Statement by the President on the salary of U.S. $ 500 is surprising.

A resident of the Pinsk district says that today his family, numbering six people of working age can only dream about the salary of half a million rubles. In fact, almost half the people earn less than:

"I have three children. Maximum their salary is about one million, one hundred thousand million. No longer receive. Generally in my family has six people, but no one gets the announced earnings of the head of state, but not more than a million rubles. It's hard, we still live. But I hope that we will live better. "

Our interlocutor said that the statement of the head of state salary increase — in fact, just the words that are written in the election program, but, unfortunately, out of touch with the real s

"Of course, each applicant, each applicant to praise their program. As Lukashenko and nine other candidates. "

A resident of Baranovichi District, retired, said that the statement of the average salary of 500 dollars — just a statement. An elderly man accustomed to such statements and empty promises:

"It's always someone on election promises something. Let God be with them, let them promise. I have no pension of 500 dollars. In general, agriculture is still very, very far from the promised wages. Very far away. "

Young family of Berezovsky district receives only about half of the head of state promised earnings. Young woman does not believe the promises, saying that it is just a tale told from the TV screen:

"I am now on maternity leave, and my husband earns a monthly 600-700 thousand. And it is not a stable figure, sometimes it can get and less. "

The woman said that at today's price level young family should receive about $ 1,000 to more or less decently exist. The promises of the earnings from the mouth of a woman head of state does not believe:

"This is nonsense, a fairy tale — that soon will be getting about $ 1,000, as well as the words that supposedly have today for $ 500. In agriculture, such salaries to date unrealistic. "


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