SAM Crotale-NG/Chun Ma

Crotal (French Crotale — rattlesnake) — French-weather short-range air defense system, which is designed for the destruction of air targets in the spectra of medium, small and maximally low altitudes. It can be used both as a complex air defense for the defense of fundamental strategic facilities, missile launching sites, control centers, and to cover the deployment of troops and combat orders. Crotale SAM created by the French company «Thomson-CSF/Matra» and exists in 2 main deployment options: land mobile and maritime version of the ship. Launch complex can achieve its own maximum speed of Mach 2.3 in only a few seconds. At the current time, the complex is in service with France, the Netherlands, Greece, Finland. Since the creation of its own air defense system is not a time to upgrade.

The latest version of the complex is the Crotale-NG (New Generation — New Generation). The main objective of this complex defense is a cover of tank units on the march, as the embodiment of the zonal defense and object. Batch creation Crotale-NG was launched in 1990. Almost immediately 20 SAMs on tracks based on «Sisu XA-180" acquired Finland, 12 hospital-based complexes have bought the Air Force and the French Navy (aviatransportabelnye firing of container units), and 11 complexes bought Greece (9 for the Army and Navy for 2) .

The latest version of the complex used Crotale missile speed VT-1, made with French company «Thomson-CSF» and American LTV. The missile was developed for the U.S. Army on programmke «Faad». According to the manufacturers, SAM Crotale-NG is a response to the emergence of new aviation equipment, which allows aircraft to perform air strikes at any time of day and even what the weather, and the ability to use attack helicopters flying with terrain following.

SAM Crotale-NG/Chun Ma

VT-1 missile (Vought-Thomson) was developed in 1986 and in 1990 went to the series. The missile has a radio command / electro-optical targeting system. Most missile range — 10 km, maximum speed — Mach 3.5, the missile also has superior maneuverability and can withstand overloads in 35 g. All this allows the missile to hit perfectly maneuvering airborne targets at a distance of 8 km in about 10 seconds.

Anti-aircraft guided missile VT-1 (SAM) consists of a head part, which can be used in contact and non-contact radio controlled fuses fuse, hardware guidance systems, batteries, electrical equipment for data processing, directional fragmentation warhead acts in the 14 kg weight. The warhead missiles contains over previously fragmented shards, which is directed at undermining the air strike goal and quite effective against small targets. Electric detonator is triggered in the spectrum of 0.2-0.5 seconds before the point of the meeting for the purpose of missiles. Radius splinter warhead is about 8 meters. In the central compartment of the rocket engine with solid-placed powder charge, which is used in a special low-smoke fuel. The aft compartment is emerging stabilizer transceiver and a control unit (gas, high pressure).

SAM Chun Ma

In the early 90-ies of South Korea bought several SAM Crotale-NG with a view to the forthcoming modernization. As a result, the light appeared the Korean Air Defense Complex «Pegasus», the Korean title of Chun Ma. At the current time in service with the Army in South Korea is more than 114 similar complexes.

Creation of separate units of the complex air defense Chun Ma began in South Korea in 1996. The main contractor of the project was a special unit known South Korean company Daewoo. The developed complex was designed to protect the South Korean army mechanized units on the march and on the battlefield. The platform was chosen tracked chassis, which is the latest version of a series designed by the company to order the army of South Korea samples. The new all-wheel drive chassis K200A1, taken as the base of the complex Chun Ma, has great length in comparison with the previous versions, including the chassis, which is a 30 mm anti-aircraft gun-type twin Flying Tiger (Flying Tiger).

SAM Crotale-NG/Chun Ma

First experienced instances of the complex were ready in 1996, the same year the military started its tests. Chassis SAM Chun Ma armored to protect the crew from small arms fire guns and shell fragments. The driver is placed in front of the left side. Also ahead on the right side is the 10-cylinder diesel engine D2840L capacity of 520 hp, which is paired with an automatic gearbox. Motor power enables the system to reach speeds of 60 km / h From a standstill to 32 km / h the car accelerates for 10 seconds. Mileage without refueling is 500 kilometers, with all this in a state of SAM gradeability of 60%.

The total weight of the complex with weapons, according to professionals, is 25 tons. With all of this in addition to the chassis mounted 43-horsepower engine, a set of equipment, including a warning system of the shelling machine, filtered VENTILATION installation and system setting smoke interference.

On top of the chassis mounted equipment K200A1 launch complex, which consists of eight transport-launch containers with missiles (4 on each side). In the central part there is a pulse-Doppler radar overview E / F-band, which is able to find the target at a distance of 20 km. Surveillance radar complex able to find and track up to 8 targets at once. Below surveillance radar installed pulse-Doppler radar tracking, operating in Ku-band wavelengths. Range of its actions is 16 km. This radar is used to track air targets, the maximum speed does not exceed Mach 2.

The control commands are transferred to board the rocket on the radio beam. Both radars can produce momentary frequency tuning from pulse to pulse. On the left side of the radar target tracking system installed special thermal FLIR (Forward Looking Infra-Red), which acts distance is 15 km. Right from the radar is a TV camera with IR goniometer with a detection range of targets up to 10 km. IR goniometer is used for the initial detection and capture of rockets launched, its review of the sector is 10 degrees.

The missile used in complex Chun Ma, a South Korean consortium developed without the help of others, because a difference of French-made missiles. Solid-fuel missiles made by conventional aerodynamic configuration. Rocket 4 is in the middle of steering housing and steering wheel 4 in the tail section. The highest speed of the rocket can be Mach 2.6. Most effective range destruction of targets is 10 km from the opportunity of performing at the furthest point of the kill zone to maneuver with an overload 30g. The warhead high-explosive missiles aimed acts. BC can be equipped with both contact and non-contact laser fuse and provides high possibility of defeat enemy air assets.

SAM Crotale-NG/Chun Ma

In the expenditure of all 8 missiles reloaded by the crew SAM manually. The operator has a missile guidance ahead of myself multi-screen panel, consisting of a color monitor. Software and computing resource
s used in this SAM, can integrate it into any air defense system.

According disk imaging company Daewoo, complex Chun Ma can destroy targets at any time of the day, also in difficult noise conditions. Equipment start-up complex and the means used to detect targets are similar to the French version of the SAM and supplied by Thomson-CSF Airsys ».

Detection range — 20 km.
The number of tracked targets — 8 units.
Maximum range of fire — 10 km, the small — 0.5 km.
The height of defeats the purpose of the greatest — 6 km, small — 0.02 km.
Recharge time of the complex — 10 min.

Missile length — 2,29 m
The diameter of the rocket — 0.16 m
Mass of the rocket — 75 kg.
Warhead weight — 14 kg.
Warhead type high-explosive with contact or proximity fuze
The highest speed of the rocket — 2.6 M
Maximum permissible overload — 30g
Way radio command guidance missiles

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