SAM RBS 70NG — universal tool

SAM RBS 70NG - versatile weapon

The Swedish company Saab introduced another modification of the compact anti-missile RBS 70NG. The modified anti-aircraft system is equipped with the new automatic thermal imaging sighting system that allows over-precision destroy targets, regardless of the time of day and in all weather conditions. In addition, the new girl system has the ability to effectively defeat a wide range of air and ground targets: armor, infantry, different defenses, cruise missiles, aircraft, helicopters, and ships.

The main feature of the RBS 70NG is a laser guidance system, resistant to various disturbances. In contrast to the existing man-portable air defense systems, SAM RBS 70NG is induced to a favorite for hitting the target is not an ordinary thermal head guidance, and with the introduction of a low-power laser beam, which is perfectly closes the goal set by aiming complex. With all of this laser cut one only after the rocket launch, this feature actually does not leave time period to conduct a defensive maneuver. Thermal Imager allows for bolshennom away discreetly detect and identify selected targets — is positively differentiates it from existing MANPADS requiring specific visual detection of sight. With all this sighting system RBS 70NG to detect and accompany goal in automatic mode, which reduces the response time and increasing the possibility of direct contact with the target for the entire length of the rocket.

According to the statistics, which brought together the Swedish company Bofors, issued from 1468 SAM missile RBS 70 90% hit selected targets. Installing a new sighting system will raise the bar even more precision shooting, which ultimately will make RBS 70NG real record for shooting accuracy in the middle of portable SAM systems.

SAM RBS 70NG - versatile weapon

A typical record for a set of portable weighing 87 kg (machine rocket and scope) is also an effective interception range goal 8 km interception altitude air targets — 5 km. For comparison, complex "Strela-10" produced in Russia crawler has an effective range of 5 km, 3 km altitude interception, and ZRPK "Tunguska" — 8 and 3.5 km, respectively.

Complexes like RBS 70NG, are practically a new type of weapon. System can be translated into the firing position for 30 seconds, the time it takes to recharge, less than 7 seconds, and resistant to various disturbances and can destroy virtually all types of goals. These properties are inherent to the current trend of development of small-sized universal anti-missile weapons with extended powers for the implementation of intelligence, surveillance and firing range, it excludes the possibility of a call to return fire from the gun infantry units: tank guns, automatic guns, infantry fighting vehicles and mortars.

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