SAM TOR-M2E dubbed polisher for all purposes of reflection

SAM "TOR-M2E" nicknamed the "polisher" for any purpose reflectionAnti-aircraft missile system "TOP-M2E "- representative of the latest generation of Russian combat short-range air defense systems. Designed to reflect the massive attacks from the air, air defense missile systems capable of hitting any target. At a distance of 12 km, it can kill the plane," drone "and guided missiles, soaring to a height of 10 thousand meters. search targets occurs automatically during movement battle machine. Missile launch is done with rather short stop.

"TOR-M2E" — the world's complex, who can storm the four targets at once. Its electronics capable of distinguishing the target even through strong jamming. SAM is able to ensure the protection of ground forces in time transportation, administrative and military facilities and corresponds to the modern concept of "contact war."

SAM complex there is a 2-variations: crawler-type undercarriage. The second option is usually for export that the machine "is not broken asphalt."

In the world until this time there is no unique SAM "TOP. "It is planned that the Russian Army modernized complex will be supplied in 2011.

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