Saved in Primorye tiger operated in Khabarovsk

Tiger orphan caught once killed a two yard dogs in Primorye, had surgery on his injured leg to the wildlife rehabilitation center "cliff" in the Khabarovsk region, told RIA Novosti the center.

In early January, in the vicinity of settlements Pozharsky district were seen four cubs. Later, the three went into the woods, but one of them stayed at the village and killed a week for about two dogs. To protect animals from local residents, protection of wildlife management specialists Primorye caught predator and sent him to a rehabilitation center "cliff."

"Tiger went to the center of" cliff "exhausted, in extreme exhaustion. During the inspection revealed that this female is 7.6 months old. Since it was caught near the village Svetlogorye, she was nicknamed Light" — a spokesman said.

In the area of the wrist at the tigress was found damage to soft tissue. Judging by the nature of the wounds, the staff of the center "cliff" have a suspicion that it has been applied poaching homemade trap with metal teeth.

According to the agency to help the animal, experts Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre organized and conducted an operation to restore the damaged leg. Using local anesthesia, the ligaments and tendons phalanges was applied 15 internal and 12 external stitches.

"In addition, when examining the chest young tigress was diagnosed with pneumonia. Therefore animal is placed in a warm room, where will stay until about the end of winter. Now beast prescribed course of medicines and vitamins," — said the representative of the center.

He said that for a full recovery tigress will need at least a year, during which she will get the vitamins and immunomodulators. Currently animal feels relatively normal, he has a good appetite, and it is using the affected leg when walking.

Siberian tiger lives in the Russian Far East — the Khabarovsk and Primorsky regions. In the middle of the XIX century the predator population in Russia amounted to more than a thousand individuals. Predation and destruction of its habitat has led to the fact that for a hundred years, the number of individuals was reduced to 50, and the Siberian tiger found in the 40-ies of XX century on the brink of extinction. After the measures the population size was increased. Recent surveys show that the predator population has stabilized at around 450 individuals.

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