Scientist Elchin Khalilov of strange sounds


Information Professor Elchin Khalilov, explaining the strange sounds coming from the sky, provided the news agency WOSCO, aroused great interest worldwide. The debate over this interview is still going on.

In the agency was sent a lot of emails asking for more details to tell you about these studies. Professor Khalilov has kindly agreed to give an exclusive interview to the news agency WOSCO. Recall that Professor Khalilov is the President of the Global Network for the Forecasting of Earthquakes (London, England) and the Chairman of the International Committee on Global Changes of Geological and Environmental GEOCHANGE (Munich, Germany).

Dear Professor Khalilov, some readers are skeptical that the interview for the registration WOSCO strange sounds from the sky and they did give you an explanation?

I know this because I received the letter with the same issue. So I want to personally confirm that it was indeed, I gave an interview to the news agency WOSCO registration strange sounds from the sky, and their explanation of acoustic-gravity waves that occur as a result of strong solar wind at the boundary between the ionosphere and atmosphere, as well as before strong earthquakes.

Some readers have asked whether it is possible to register these sounds are the standard microphone or require special equipment?

By using a standard microphone, you can record the audible part of these sounds, and very poor quality. These low-frequency sounds are clearly audible to many amateur videos available on the Internet.



Animals react to the strange sounds. Canada.


For the professional registration of acoustic-gravity waves requires a special geophysical equipment — a directional antenna with a complex system of registration.

You still register these strange sounds?

Yes register, especially during intense solar flares and in front of some large earthquakes, but they are not always audible to humans.

What are the prospects for creating these studies?

The fact is that our stations ATROPATENA, which detect stress waves in the lithosphere by measuring the three-dimensional variation of the gravitational field, and at the same time provided with other geophysical instruments — seismic stations, highly sensitive tiltmeters, antennas, registering an acoustic-gravity waves emanating from the sky, etc. etc.

Acoustic-gravity waves also occur before strong earthquakes, and this fact is well known to geophysicists — on this basis to develop new methods for predicting earthquakes. The global network of earthquake prediction is also planning to make greater use of acoustic-gravity waves to predict and study the process of preparation of strong earthquakes as additional geophysical parameters. Recently, we have registered a number of interesting facts amplification of acoustic-gravity waves in front of some large earthquakes. We have now developed a model of occurrence of acoustic-gravity waves in the atmosphere before strong earthquakes.

What is the reason amplification of acoustic-gravity waves?

In our opinion the power amplification of acoustic-gravity waves can be connected, as with increased solar activity, as well as the intensification of geodynamic processes. This indicates an increase in the risk of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the near future on the planet.

You want cooperation with other respected scientific institutions?

Of course, we have prepared special offers for cooperation at NASA, the USGS, NOAA, in the geophysical service of Russia and some other countries. We hope that our cooperation offers interested in potential research partners.

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