Scientists have discovered a hole in Time (Video)


The U.S. military one step closer to ensuring that like the heroes of science fiction movie "hidden" in time. For the first time researchers have been able to create a temporary failure, the events in which it is impossible to trace any human eye, or even special devices, reports Nature.

Scientists at Cornell University, commissioned by the Pentagon investigated the possibility of a "temporary mask" an important step to making to making a fantastic story in profit. The newest form of camouflage will hide various objects are not just anywhere, but in time. Hide time period, not only from the eyes of man, but from the radar of high-precision instruments, physicists succeeded by experimenting with the decomposition of light.

Previously using similar experiments the researchers were able to create a "spatial camouflage." They learned how to "spoof" the light, making so that he seems to be skirting the hidden objects, leaving them invisible. Now, physicists have decided to go ahead and based on these results can be hidden stretches of time.

When creating a temporary failure of the staff at Cornell University used a green laser beam that passed through two lenses. The first splits light into two streams (fast and slow), and the second resulted in a split beam to its original state. The result is a kind of flashing laser, which can not be fixed. In other words, the moment when the laser is "blinking" is imperceptible to the technology. Thus, the events that scientists can "stick" in this time slot, no one will ever know.

At this point, however, an artificially created time gap is very small, it is only 50 parts per trillion seconds. Despite the fact that while the practical application of this discovery is not possible for it is of great scientific importance. In future research may make it impossible for any information interception. As reported by Nature, physicists have begun to work hard to expand the "time slot".


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