Scientists reach Lake Vostok, search the archive Hitler


Experts have gotten on the eve of the relic to the surface of Lake Vostok, searching for a hiding place Hitler, created by the Nazis at the end of the Second World War.

A group of Russian scientists of the Arctic and Antarctic Research Institute for the first time been able to reach the surface of Lake Vostok in the Monday, February 6, where, according to the archive of the German Navy, the Nazis built a secret repository for Adolf Hitler at the end of the Second World War.

— German submarine fleet is proud to present its latest development — an impregnable fortress for our Fuhrer, which will be created on the other side of the world in Antarctica — said in 1943 the Nazi Admiral Karl Donits.

U-Boat U-530 arrived at the South Pole in 1945.

Then a team of specialists has reached the surface of Lake Vostok, which has built an ice cave. It was laid several boxes with secret material, including personal files of Hitler himself.

A unique underground lake that was formed over 20 million years ago, was to serve as a refuge for the remains of the Fuhrer and his mistress Eva Braun.

According to some reports, after the mysterious death of Hitler and Braun, their bodies were delivered to the other submarine in the ice storage in the hope that someday they will be able to clone by DNA.


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