Scientists will test the quality of water at the source of Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve

Siberian scientists and environmentalists in 2013, will study the extent of human impact on the mineral source Arzhaan-Ur, located in the Sayano-Shushenskaya Reserve said on Wednesday the press service of the reserve.

Arzhaan-Uru — mineral springs, is a cult place for the treatment of the indigenous population of the Republic of Tuva. Access to the source is a pass that gives the Sayano-Shushenskaya State Biosphere Reserve. Prior to 1995, missing passport without restrictions, and on the basis of agreements with the government of Tuva in 1995, visit the source was limited to 150 per year.

"This summer, planned jointly with the national reserve" Uvs Nuur Basin "(Tuva) scientific expedition to study the health of the source. Expected that their results will determine whether the use of a source for healing, as well as decide which measures to restore and preserve Arzhaana- Uru as a cultural heritage of the Tuvan people and unique protected area, "- said in a statement.

Scientists believe that it is necessary to take urgent measures to save the source, to the degradation of the natural complex is not irreversible.

"Press the visitors and congestion horses in Arzhaana-Uru caused worsening health of the mineral source, destruction of soil and vegetation cover areas adjacent to it, the displacement of birds and animals from the surrounding area," — experts say.

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