Secret experiments watch online

Secret experiments watch online
On Paranormal features, genetic development, the people and the causes of zombie "zombie", and who the somnambulist, and the moon has an effect on our lives.

1st movie "The Time Machine"
People always want to know the future and be able to look into the past. Journey in time the population of the earth strive with 2 methods — in-1-x, with the help of technical devices in-2, using the paranormal possibilities. But there are places on earth where such miracles occur without the participation of the person.

2nd movie "Bane after a meal"
On the one hand, modern medicine, genetics permitted to achieve tremendous success, with another — the genetic development can become a tool of mass destruction. The movie tells about the phenomenal people whose immune systems have so far remained a mystery to scientists. Emphasis will be given to genetically modified foods. In the film will be shown experiments with biological weapon doctors and scientists of Nazi Germany from NATO.

the third movie, "People zombie"
Who does not equate to a zombie walking dead only the island of Haiti, and the people with the erased memory. Once they fell out of time and place. Their current "I" refuses to remember what they did in the period of "unconsciousness". But they are convinced that doing it against their will. That still might be the cause of "zombie" which honey, or psycho-magical means can deprive a person of faith and make a slave?

4th movie "Werewolves. Outcry Moon
Film-Study paradox "somnambulism". Somnambulism often "fall ill" as a child. Nikita and Alesha Cousins — twin brothers, in sleep came to the window and dropped a string from the seventh floor. Interestingly, no injuries they received. Household and similar historical events, also comments of professionals will allow us to try to answer the question of how moonlight affects our lives? ..

Movie 5th. "Beast from the abyss"
Oceans: sanctuary death ships, artifacts discovered on the sea of days, sea monsters that live in the Bermuda Triangle, magical healing in Omsk lakes.

Unidentified, anomalies, other world

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