Secret societies of the world

Man has always attracted and frightened uncertainty. Maybe that's why all known human history is closely linked to the existence of secret societies?

The fact that such societies have existed and exist today, few of us doubt. Some no doubt in the fact that their activities became a planetary scale, and that it is the secret societies have those invisible puppeteers who really run the world.

What is a secret society? Speaking generally, the secret society — is different, for the number of groups of people united by a specific goal, which, guided by different considerations, prefer to keep their existence and activities in secret.

Conditionally secret societies can be divided into three groups
1.Society, which is only nominally can be attributed to a secret because they do not hide the fact of its existence, and partly promotes its activities. This Masons, the Maltese, the Knights Templar.

2.Society, the existence of which is known, by and large, is that they exist and no more. It is satanic, totalitarian sects and similar organizations.

3.Society, the existence of which we can only guess, but can not confirm the speculation in the absence of any information. Such societies, provided that they do exist, the most effective, and fully belong to the secret.

For the kind of activity the secret societies can be divided into constructive and destructive. Until the latter are predominantly society and totalitarian sects, satanistkoy orientation.

The shape of the secret societies can be divided into several categories: order, a mystical society, club, association, or other sect.

Purpose of the secret societies can be varied — political, religious, criminal, etc. But clear dividing lines between them are often not — often overlap and objectives that initially declared the primary goal, while activity is impaired, is replaced by something else, sometimes the exact opposite of content. But the main thing remained constant — is power. It does not matter in what form was feeding the main theses of society, the essence remained the same.

In 1945, in Paris, published a book of Geoffrey de Charnay. It was interesting that, in addition to the book, which Geoffrey de Charnay was one of the great Temple, which burned down in 1314, along with the Grand Master Jacques de Molay. His name is used as an alias Raul Yusson — physiologist, psychologist, and one of the instigators of the French Synarchy (world government). Note that in 1967 Yussona life was cut short in a car accident, which, of course, gave reason to say no chance of his death.

In his book Yusson wrote that all the world's secret societies that play a significant role in the global geopolitical processes, represent three-pyramid.

At the bottom of the pyramid are the so-called "inferior secret societies", joining the ranks of which are relatively easy. Their Yusson compared with fish garden, in which more closed societies taken a "big fish" — that is, the right of people to them.
By the way, most likely in the writing of this article was used simultaneous translation into English, but not necessarily. So, moving on.
Located in the middle of human groups or intermediaries. Selection of candidates in this group is more severe and demanding, but also very limited. They tend to occupy leadership positions in organizations that have a direct impact on world politics and economy.

At the top of the pyramid are the so-called, "senior secret society", the functions of which little is known — all at the level of rumor. Yusson believed that they have "the creators of reality." The members of these societies are either active or austere, anonymous life, while delivering all the fullness nobody no knowledge of the authorities. The true nature of these people is known only to a narrow circle of devoted members of society, even though they may be very well-known people in the community, and the rest do not even have to guess about their role and the respect of the secret society.

So it is that really the case or not, yes, we can not say, because the evidence is not serious, all available information — rumors and umopostroeniya not always appropriate and logically correct. One of the people believe that there are some secret society (Illuminati), which govern the world, others are just skeptical smile, thinking someone's secret societies fiction and history. But be that as it was not, we hope that even with the existence of such entities, their objectives will contribute to the progress and welfare of the society.

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