Secretive weapon astronauts

In 1982, it was designed tool, created for the stellar expeditions and in 1986 accepted Gallakticheskih troops on board.

The fact of its existence for many years it was not even mentioned. The design and its purpose were classified. About militarization of course the speech was not. The main purpose of the study was the Arsenal only for defensive purposes, it can be said to survive. The purpose of this tool is to protect the crew lander during its landing in a deserted area.

Alexei Leonov is the pioneer of a weapon in the outfit astronauts. To do this, in 1979, he visited a weapons factory in Tula. There he told the designers that have landed in the Perm region gallakticheskogo "Voskhod-2" lost touch with the group search. Astronauts found the whole day with helicopters. This time spent in the middle of the deepest snow drifts and cold, for the astronauts could be the last. In the forests of many feral animals and astronauts threatened destruction of a ferocious animal, because they had nothing to defend himself. If the astronauts at hand was a special multi-function tool, said Leonov, we would all feel more confident.

After that, Tula gunsmiths on their own risk and fear began to develop personal use of "space weapon." Had to start from scratch, because it unique in the world did not exist.

Develop tool on three fronts: gun, semi-automatic shotgun, triple- pistol. From guns refused outright: the weight and size will not allow him to use the device space, because there is counted every g load and a centimeter of space.

In Star City was soon sent two test standard: gun and triple-gun. The selection committee pistol, which was adapted for the drum cartridges of different calibers, weed out immediately. "TA-82" marking, which was under triple- gun, dubbed the "Dream poacher", the commission adopted without comment. Then the gun was called small portable emergency tool SUPPLIES — SONAZ. On the spacesuits made special pockets for carrying guns.
This triple-gun: rifled barrel — top, smooth-bore — lower. Pistol adapted to fire ammunition reinforced, and the shot signaling flares. Loaded pistol weighs 2400 grams. Deadly force is very large, destroy animal weighing 360 kg can be forty meters. It is clear that when the emergency situation, such as when an astronaut insanity, you can not use a gun, gallaktichesky ship smashed to pieces.

Many years gun SONAZ was classified. Imported from other countries, accessories and parts for its equipment is not used, items have been processed long acts antioxidant formulations used were completely sealed cartridges. Serviceability tools painstakingly checked spices before flying into space. Gun received a receipt crew commander, along with ammunition. Set of ammunition was 10 flares and 40 rounds of ammunition. The gun handed in back to the warehouse on arrival from space.
Total according to various sources in the Tula gunsmiths was made from 30 to 100 gallakticheskih pistols. One of these guns as a reference was exhibited in the Museum of the municipal arms of Tula.

Release the gun and ammunition was discontinued at the end of the 1980s. The official version is that the authorities have gallakticheskogo pistols pretty, and the ready inappropriate.

As the other gunsmiths, creating finished due to lack of funds. After declassification gun on its mass creation of a very pinned their hopes pilots, geologists, travelers and hunters, and all those whose profession and the work associated with the extreme criteria. They are very necessary tool for survival. Just SONAZ successfully passed the test in a variety of weather criteria is best to be eligible for this. At the moment, there was an analogue TA-82 under the title Wild boar, but it features significantly worse. Astronaut Yuri Malenchenko, who is commander of the sixteenth main mission, was handed to the flight gun Makarova, because expired cartridges to sonar, because they were issued in Russian time. So at the moment the orbital watch captain comes with ordinary militia gun.

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