Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman — Dust watch online

Secrets of the World with Anna Chapman - Dust watch online
December 1972. The lunar module spacecraft "Apollo-17" makes Myagenko landed near the crater "More clarity." This is the sixth Moon expedition and South American astronauts are ready for what ever the unexpected. But immediately after the landing there is something paranormal. At one point they begin to tear his eyes, as if someone has started to space suit tear gas. But it suits completely sealed. And the astronauts and experts at the Mission Control Center in Houston simultaneously understand that this is — gallakticheskaya threat that so far no one suspected. One of the participants reported Harrison Schmitt own commander Eugene Cernan, he felt the smell of gunpowder in the suit. From the Earth is commanded: "immediately break the program from landing on the moon and prepare ship the evacuation. "But the astronauts to stop responding to requests from the Control Center. Later it turned out that the expedition for a few hours lost consciousness. Symptoms of the disease were similar to the attack of hay fever, which can only be caused by a viral contagion, ie the smallest living organism . But the virus could get on gallaktichesky ship, and, most importantly, to overcome the defense of the suit?

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