Sektret ur words or great legacy of ancestors

Sektret words "Cheers" or great legacy of ancestors

In the photo: Yakutia. Holiday "Ysyakh" — festival of the Sun. People standing in a sacred circle with raised hands greeting the sun shouting "Uruy" and "Uruy-Aikhal." What are the similarities between the two nations? What unites Yakut holiday "Ysyakh" with Slavic holidays Yarylo and swim? And is not the cry of "Uruy" Similar to our "Cheers"? Let's deal with!


What secret can reveal insightful Russian language and hear the man? What is the greatness of our mother tongue? Is it only because it wrote Pushkin? URAzumitelny answer gives an undistorted history of the ancient Vedic Russia!

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"Language — the history of the people.
Language — the way of development
civilization and culture. "

Kuprin. (Russian writer).

What was simple — to make complex
and doctrines we believe false
We have applied for the Truth of deception,
but awl, as you know, make a hole in your pocket!

Confucius once said, "What would you do first if it came to power?" "The first thing I would do — Confucius said — would return to the original meaning of the words!" That's about it, dear reader, and will be discussion in this article.

From an early age we hear this amazing and mysterious word. It together and people shouting very loudly at various festivals, whether it be New Year's Day, Victory Day, or Shrove Tuesday. In moments of special joy, enthusiasm this cry if he breaks out of his chest and a man realizes himself belonging, merge with glee. At such times it is incredibly mysterious word unites people. Think of any holiday, festive fireworks, "URA" spread throughout the district, filling the universal joy. Even in everyday life, we often unconsciously turn to the word: "Hurray, I passed my exams," "URA have a baby", "Hurray, I was able to do it!" … Etc. This is the "URA" sitting in our subconscious, mortgaged, perhaps, at a genetic level. We know that the word "cheers" shout our soldiers when they go into a deadly attack. What are they in such a critical moment that a unanimous cry of want to make it clear to the enemy? What is the meaning of this ancient mysterious "cheers"?

On this account, there are several versions, but most are pushed into the school-university programs, such: URA — is a battle cry, which was a legacy of the Mongol warriors, who attacked the ancient Rus' Urach! Urach "(" hit, move fast ") supposedly they shouted. But where is Russian, suddenly adopted this slogan from the enemy? Could not come up with your own? Can you imagine that the Red Army soldiers who took part in World War II, took over the German «Hoch», («Heil», «Schnell») after the Germans get up on our land? Of course not! This is absurd! It is natural — what sane people want to leave yourself a "memory" of their enemies? Now turn on the logic can be easily draw parallels to the Mongol version (especially as it appears today, there was no yoke, but this conversation below!) — Just that it "grow legs" from the same place and all the anti-Russian — the Russian before the arrival of "Enlightenment" was not anything of his own, neither the history nor the public, nor literature, nor even a battle cry … These technologies are already solved. That's right, a distortion of history, substitution of concepts and wipe destroyed integrity of people.
Then does not it seem strange to you, why would it, "Tartar" word took over almost the whole world! (Excluding China and Japan). «Hurrah» («hurray») — in English, «hourra» («hurrah») — in French, «urr;» — in Italian, «hurra» — in Spanish, "cheers" ("Glory" ) — in Ukrainian, «hurray» — Indians shout, and with a double greeting «hip-hip Hurray!», «Hurrah" shout Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian … And people shout the word, and in time of peace for the holidays, when the beat something, in fact, no one is required! (I'll bet there are three exclamation points). And what is important! Since these people do not know no yoke, and about the Mongolian steppe pastoralists hardly ever heard, and the word «Hurra» sounds in their sense of "Long live!", Not "beat, move fast!" This is especially evident in the Czech, Bulgarian, Slovak — «Na zdrav;!», «Nazdrave!», «Na zdravie!». I hope it is clear that the question here is not about health, as such, because in a deadly battle to ask health absurd. In these cases we are talking about a powerful and, more importantly, uniting all into one BLESSED THE IDEA!
If we believe encyclopedias, it turns out that all of Europe latched on to this, supposedly, the Tatar-Mongol word, as a last resort. Pebble that converged on him? Or maybe the people of Europe at the moment is over vocabulary and now without a Turkic language direct any trouble … and nothing better to warm up in a fight, but to "hit, move fast"?
If we accept the false "Tatar-Mongol" track for truth, then finally to acknowledge one's ability to think logically is not! People! Ay, wake up! I always advise a particularly crucial moments awake! Especially when you're standing in front of "Black Square" by Malevich and various critics and "experts" of painting from all sides to convince you that this zamalevanny black paint a piece of cloth, is the pinnacle of philosophical thought, and a masterpiece of the highest art — be in the clarity and sobriety of the Mind ! Trust your eyes and ears, feel, think with your head! So when you read the encyclopedia version of the word "cheers", "proposal was a great success," "in the hope of a random success," know that this is utter nonsense! There is no logic! How can an "offer to take a bang" "not prepared, in the hope of a random success?" Of whom it is said? O fool? Can hardly imagine the picture: attacking Mongol horsemen shouting in German: «Hurra» and German soldiers screaming … the Turkic. Brad! All these versions later pulling "by the ears!"

Clearly, the 2 × 2, with the word "cheers" There was a strange metamorphosis. And pulling to one side starts immediately — with our encyclopedias, because they were writing the same "memory cutter" type: Schlozer, Karamzin, Likhachevs … — court "scientists" that kept the state-system of interest. Hence encyclopedia stray and only suggest:

1) Derived from nov.-century-it. hurra "hurray" from Wed-century-it. hurr;, which is associated with hurren «move fast" (see footnote * 1! SF). (Data dictionary M. Vasmer) According to another version, borrow. of Turk. ura "hit»; urmak «to beat." And further on:

2) Battle Cry of troops in the attack, as well as an exclamation expressing enthusiasm, enthusiastic approval — Sound of cheers With a bang! 2) enthusiastically, passionately (colloquial). The offer was a great success, and 3) is not prepared, in the hope of occasional success (colloquial). Act with enthusiasm.

First, this is only version! And let applies to them, as to the versions, not as a proven fact! Second, what is said is not convincing, and it is not true, it is well known that the German army took over the battle cry from Russian after Russian victories in Prussia in XVIII century. But this does not mean that the Germans did not know before about the "URA" — known simply to the XVIII century the word they had "trampled" as trying to "trample" we have today. But after getting into our German charter «Hurra» (URA), they did not stick. Check it out — just ask any of our World War II veteran, if he remembers that the Germans were going to attack, shouting «Hurra»? Ask! In any case, most will say to you that this was not! Wehrmacht soldiers shouted: «Hoch!», «Sieg Heil!» («Hail Victory!"), Shouting greetings to the Fuhrer «Heil Hitler!» («Hail Hitler), but not« Hurra ». But our soldiers, like our forefathers, in their time, happily shouted, "Hurrah," making it clear to the enemy that protect not only Stalin ("For Stalin!" Shouted political commissars) as Mother Motherland, Mother Mary — Russian ground. And this can only be a short, but the universal prayer "cheers", addressed to the Supreme Creator, and saved our land. You never know. Remember, the first two years we have fought almost "sticks." After this, many captains different armies became associated Russian "hurray" with the mystique, they say, something weird always helps a Russian, and then in many armies of the world sounded mysterious "Hurrah."
Interestingly, Peter I — Russian Land parrot, who hated all things Russian (and therefore wanted from Russia to the Netherlands), in 1706, tried to cancel my order of the Russian "hurray" and replace it with the same "Vivat" (from the French. Viva — Glory) . Ground forces were already shouting, but that the Russian sailors have not accepted the introduction of import and thanks to them the Russian "hurray" remains with us! Oh, about Peter I could say, "navayal"-it much. It's a shame that Ivana, Nepomnyashchikh his kinship he was a great, along with Lomonosov, Pushkin, Tolstoy …
After the encyclopedia have not convinced me, I looked in the dictionary Dahl, hoping to find the truth that "URA" there. It reads:

Hurray — the cry of enthusiastic approval, joy and welcome, courageously encouragement, promotion and general pr ispolat, hello; | at once, together, strike! shout cheers greeted the troops sovereign kovodtsa floor. far away did not come for cheer: shelves caught sight of Peter, Pushkin. Cheers ladies and screaming, into the air throwing caps! Griboyedov. hit with a bang, to go with a bang, with hostility, to attack in melee. Long live the dear master! Hurrah! shout hurray reminds Litovsk. cry: Veera (vir?), and tatarsk.k. ur, hit from urmak, beat, as Kyrgyz uranium, a tribal war-cry (see below), and finally our Ruza strike. be Behold Urim shout at Sabres Polovtsian (Lay) is also here.

Although I do not trust the modern dictionary when it comes to history and this is a known cause — during the change of the political and religious ideologies written sources and dictionaries undergo special patch! Not spared this Dictionary Dahl. Moreover, we must remember that Dahl was a Christian and belonged to the "heathen" said a Christian. But in this case we see in Dahl says "reminds Lithuanian cry: Veera (vir?), And tatarsk.k. ur, hit from urmak, beat, as Kyrgyz uranium "(emphasis added). He saith not, borrowed, and remember! But for now we are interested in the Lithuanian cry, because Lithuanians closest ethnically Slavic people! I tried to type in the Lithuanian-Russian dictionary word «virai» (later «vira) and translator, in both cases, gave me the same translation …" Faith "! Can try! If you type just «vir» translation would be "top" (?) (I do not like the English «top» = top, high, high?) To mean "God" (?). Interestingly, the German «hoch» has the same meaning = "high" and "high concept." Oh, well, it's much closer to the truth, because people are fighting just for the idea, for the faith, for a bright, high ideals! Agree, it is more encouraging in action than just "hit, move fast." In war, it's obvious — depending on the speed of impact your life and victory. And Russian person with high moral and ethical guidelines, in time of war, if required, to die for "friends", for their country, for God has always been considered the highest feat. Much nicer to go into battle, in which at any moment you can be KILLED clearly aware that you go to defend the truth, God, dearer, than "move fast, not prepared, in the hope of a random success" … Ask those who participated in the this brutal attack, and they will tell you that in times like this, nobody needs to fit — and so is due to the millisecond, but know that you fight for a cause important — it gives incredible power to every soldier. If our Suvorov believed firmly in the victory of the Russian army, and "tried to offer with enthusiasm, hoping for the occasional success," the world would not know high-profile Russian victories!

Leaving roguish encyclopedic version (!), I began to search for information about a mysterious cult of "hurray" in other books and the Internet. And so it was possible to find out:

Aryan cult ur one of the oldest on earth, known to modern scientists, at least — 20 000 BC! Was there then Mongolian? I doubt it. So why do we have popular (ignorance) is the Mongolian version? Maybe because in the school were pressing hard and scare us Tatar-Mongol yoke? Those who dare to suggest that the solemn cry of "Hurrah!" Slavs inherited from distant ancestors to the worship of the sun cult URA, put up for a laugh. By the way, the same is happening in our archeology! It should be found on the territory of Russia and discover an ancient tomb, for example, skillfully made jewelery over a little more than 1000 years, as all sides are heard screams, "This is not Russian, it was delivered …". Imported from anywhere, not Russian! For the same reason, the same cries, try to minimize the importance of the most valuable finds, as the arch, Sunghir … This past researchers, enthusiasts of the business, sometimes it is difficult to defend the right of our ancestors to be human. We emphatically told that before the arrival of Christianity, the Russian people were "like zvertsy" — perched on a branch, waiting for his next victim (see the work Schlozer, Bayer, Miller, Karamzin, Likhachev …). And this is at a time when the whole world of commerce called Rus Gardariki — country towns! Today it is an established fact! But until now, the history of anti-Russian formatted miss it "by ear"! Fortunately for us and there were people who were strongly disagree with this "izTORYey." One Lomonosov worth something! He was strongly disagree, when "A" passes for "B" and vice versa.

The memory of the cult of the URA (Age of Truth) — survives to this day in the word "culture" and the cult of undistorted primary source of knowledge, the cult of the Primordial Light, cult of Ra (God, the symbol of the sun) is actually one of the oldest on earth, known to people from beginning of time. The cult of the URA was revered by many nations of the world, so the memory of it remained in many languages — the Germans and Egyptians, the Kirghiz and Mongols, Japanese and English, the Slavic peoples, etc. All the nations in the early days of its formation, had a cult of the sun — the source of life of all things! Therefore, certain rituals in many nations of the world are remarkably similar. For example, I want to talk about the Yakut spring-summer celebration of fertility "Ysyakh", dedicated to the sun. One would think that being here this Yakut holiday? When I learned about it, I was very surprised, because I have been to similar … Slavic festivals (Yarylo, swim). Yes, the name of the holiday, the names of the gods to our ears may not be familiar, and yet there is one word that we'll understand without translation! And the dance is not alien to the Slavs. And for us to be more interesting that the Yakuts, as Indians do not hide the fact that their ancient faith they have received from the white people of the North! So for us it is important that the Yakut holiday "Ysyakh" retained their ancient rituals, so we can compare that to the children of the Sun Slavs have in common with the children of the sun Yakuts.

But first things first: The Yakuts new seasonal cycle as before the Slavs began with the spring period (March 1, since our months are offset, it is now March 21 — the day of the vernal equinox, the Yakuts in late May), when revived Nature: germinate grass, flowers bloom, the trees were covered with leaves, the birds and the beasts are born calves. It was Rosh Hashanah (New Year) — the beginning of a new life. Sun Festival "Ysyakh" in its original meaning is "praying" and thanksgiving heavenly bodies for his gifts — multiplication of milk, cream, butter, foals, calves, etc. (The Slavs also the grain). Place "altar" — the visible horizon, where the sun rises.
The holiday begins with the evening. Bonfires. The people who came to the feast, waiting dawn to meet his greeting. To pay tribute to the old traditions, the holiday are expected to be in the national dress, to fully enjoy the party yourself worship the sun and the sacred fire. People give thanks to ancestors and have fun talking with family and friends. Measured by the youth in the fight against "Hapsagay" in running, horse racing, jumping on one foot on 10/09/12 labels and both feet together — "like a hare." In ancient times, these events were authentic looking military forces of each kind, as representatives of competing in accuracy of archery, the ability to dodge the arrows put into them, in a demonstration of martial arts weapons. In addition to sports and compete with each other storytellers "Olonkho" (ancient epic Yakut), compete Zapevalov round dance dance "osuokhay." The winners will receive valuable prizes. On a holiday read Algys — blessings, performed ceremonies dedicated Yuryung Aiyy toyon (white lord creator, ("aiyy" do =)) and the other gods Aiyy. In religious views Yakuts Yuryung Aiyy Toion considered the creator of the universe and sverhierarhom (head of the Gods) in the religious and mythological system. In Yakut traditional beliefs white (light) the gods Aiyy led Yuryung Aiyy toyon associated with the sun. In the early texts "Olonkho" sun identified with eye Yuryung Aiyy toyon (Creator). By the end of XIX century. the sun shining in Yakuts thought emanating from his face. At the beginning of XX century. image of the sun is completely identified with Yuryung Aiyy toyon.
SV Yastremsky, who studied "Olonkho" since before the revolution, he wrote that in ancient times the Yakuts there is a special category of the priests of the cult of light — the so-called "white shamans." They survived only in folk poetry — in the epics and songs. In XVIII-XIX centuries. Yakuts have practically ceased to worship the gods aiyy, because in this period Christianity spread among the Yakuts. Aiyy old gods were gradually forgotten, and the clergy Aiyy no longer exists. Some rites and rituals, which previously held the ministers of the "white faith," began to carry black shamans who conducted their own way, that is, not the case, as did other ministers of religion. But the people kept the memory of that earlier were still very different priests. In today's renewed interest in Yakutia native gods, rites and traditions. With this process, as it were, who did not want to be reckoned with, as a native, his own, sooner or later draws to itself as a child to the mother. One can see small people, it became clear as a nation eroded international Christianity.
But back to the party. Dawn begins. People seeing the first rays of the sun, raising their hands to the top and start together and shout loudly: "Uruy", "Uruy-Aikhal"! (Do not tune "Aikhal" with "Allah? Author). Despite that the Yakuts religious terms are mostly Turkic in origin, the Russian people at this time involuntarily and necessarily would have remembered his "Hurray!". Absolutely! (So does it become clear that the ancient Yakuts, like any nation, revered by the Sun — the source of life of all life on earth, and in the battle shouting to his native "Uruy", defending the interests of the nation.) The culmination of the festival is round dance dance "osuokhay."

In the photo: Yakutia. Holiday "Ysyakh" — summer holiday. People standing in a sacred circle with raised hands greeting the sun shouting "Uruy" and "Uruy-Aikhal."

This solar (sun) dance as means to unity, the relationship with the sky and the sun rise. In "Olonkho" are the words of the round dance tune support this idea:

"Towards the sun go,
began to spin the wheel.
Easily fly up high
over the native land gold! ..

So let's fun to dance,
Let's fly up
on a happy vagina gold,
scruff of the proud steep
Middle of his world,
shining on her desert
disappearing into the blue! "

The same idea, connecting people with God through the sun, sounds of legend Kangalassky ulus Omogoy-Baae and Elley-Bootur ancestor Kangalassky Yakuts Elley says appeal to Yuryung Aiyy toyon (Creator-God), "Lord, Yuryung Aiyy, the day of your memories ! I created you people treat you a pure fire of the sun! "After these words, he was dripping mare's milk on the fire and uttered cries of blessing" Uruy "," Aikhal ». Immediately after these words at the top of his bowl fell yellow "ilge" the size of a duck egg. After prayer Elley started drinking koumiss. "
But this is not all that we have in common with Yakuts! It is interesting that they have a god Horo. As our Horse? Good Yakuts associated with the raven — birds symbolize the sky, so the crows, like eagles, despite their daunting are designated landmark symbols solar (sun) characters. As well as Russian, Yakut revered master of taiga and bear — moose. Much in common! So that the sun — the symbol of life revered by many people, but the British have gone further than others — they have every first day of the week dedicated to the Sun — Sunday (sun = sun, day = day), turned Christianity on Sunday (our seventh day of the week).

Absolutely the same love and respect to the Sun-Ur is the Slavs — is strong evidence, many words of our mother tongue. For example, look at how our ancestors called a bird, compare their lives to the sun, like clockwork. This "Kura" = literally to light (staroslavyan. Kouri, chickens, rooster later) ie bird, first greet the sun at dawn. On the other Slavic MTIE (s) of the name of this bird sounds as well! Chickens — in Ukrainian, Bulgarian, kur — Slovak, kour — in Czech, kur — in Polish. Even the Dutch — kurhoen! This situation with the word "kURApatka" (patk = duck, Fri = Ptah). It's all in the Tatar-Mongol not to fall — to Europe, they did not reach with his "yoke"! By the way, about the "yoke." Modern scholars (see the work Nosovsky, Fomenko, Gladilina, Maximova) convincingly argue that the Mongol invasion, as such, as we were taught in school — never happened before! This is confirmed by the recently aired on Channel 1 (!) Documentary, that in the Mongolian yoke of Russia, the Mongols did not hear anything! There is not one of epics on this topic! And really, I think, of this event, if it were, it would probably be recorded in the distinguished history of the Mongolian Books! What do you think?
In this regard, another interesting point: Genghis Khan, is not a name but a title, rather it … God Genghis Khan — rock god (fate) of many Turkic-Mongol peoples, including the Yakuts. The ancestors of the Yakuts hardly knew historic Genghis Khan. Apparently, they had long before the XIII century. separated from the Turko-Mongol world, settled in the middle basin of the Lena and stayed away from political events that shook southern Siberia and Central Asia.
God of Genghis Khan in the religion of Turko-Mongol peoples existed long before the historic Genghis Khan. It is believed that the name of this god took to 1206 Temujin (Temujin), and under the new name became known to other nations that are dedicated to him a cult with all relevant attributes. But the Yakuts and did not know it! If the ancestors of the Yakuts were really familiar with the historical Genghis Khan, then many historical stories, mythological stories, tales, proverbs, sayings, etc., would be devoted to the "king" Genghis Khan, his name would be present in personal names, in addition in the language of the Yakuts also had to keep the term associated with the age of the XIII century. Yakuts, this word is preserved only in the name of a mythological god! So that's that.
The truth is slowly but surely, there is upside down! Mongolian dismissing false trail "hit, move fast," clearly reveals that the solar cult URA was for Russia not only a stranger, and was the mother!

In the photo: Russia. March 21, the day of the vernal equinox.

This is confirmed by place names in Russia dedicated to the URA, for example: Hooray — a tributary of the Lena River, Ur — a tributary of july, the influx Pinega, there is a village, "Hurrah" in the Yaroslavl region. There Ural Mountains, the Ural River and the huge region of the same name! Moreover, we know that many thousands of years ago (thousands of years before the Mongols!) Great Russian river Volga called PA (later the Khazars Itil), and this sunny RA found in almost all major key Russian words. What river — she had the name of our homeland of Armenia! RAsiya — that is properly called our country! RA — Primal Light, God, "this" = radiance, holiness. If poetically: Country, illuminated by the divine light — Holy Russia = RAsiya. Ancient English, also part of the Indo-European language group, retained the memory of those distant times — Rush («Russian») referred to our country by the British. Remember, TV is TV program "Our Russia" (the moral qualities of the TV shows are not going to talk about.) In both languages, preserved the memory of those predalekoy years, when the Slavs called their country the name of the ancient God — "RA"! We write on paper "Ro-with-sion," but in a language we do not vocalizing "okaem", namely "akaem"! Listen — "RAsiya." With this well-known primary school teachers when they conduct dictation — many (!) Children write is "Rasiya", through the "a" and one "s." It is only later, not explaining very meaning and significance of speech, which called our homeland, they are taught how to "properly" (meaningless) to write the word. And remember, when they sing, "Oh, RAseyushka my race." Incidentally, the word "country" — "side" — this is nothing like "a hundred RA" — the territory of the land for a hundred suns! Truly it concerns RAsii (Russia).
So do not think that the Russian people at all "slipped roof" and they called the children (Uri = Yuri = sunny, divine), country, cities, villages, mountains, rivers only after a simple German-Mongolian-Turkic battle cry "beat , move fast! " Now it has become clear what is so enchanting and expressed enthusiastic approval by our ancestors. It is time for all of us to comprehend it! Even if it's not just because of the substitution of concepts, because many solar camouflage Russian words.
From school to the Russian people are taught that the god Ra — the god of the Egyptian pantheon of gods that is fundamentally not true! If RA was an alien, he would not have been so successful in the ancestors and would sound virtually all significant for the Russian people, words! From ancient times the ancestors loved RA and glorify its right (orthodoxy)! It does not require special proof. The most important fact is our native, Russian. Astute person can RA (c) To hear it and find the key to the living language of Life! Meaningful language sounds clear: It's time (for the light, the sun) — our ancestors said, comparing his life to RA early (no light, it is still dark) — they said, when the sun had not yet risen to the sky. Ancestors detects light not only as visible, but as the light of the soul given by God and it is this concept of man, revered cult of RA was the main! So far in our minds is very important word "culture" (the cult URA), and a man of culture we associate with an educated, decent, moral. Is it coincidence? Of course not! Another NK Roerich said another word for "culture" is the word "PRA Education" (Education) = Light = Light Gov divine way of life and knowledge. If you listen carefully to his native language, we find that all of the key words of the Russian language, one way or another, connected with God the Creator, with the sun, with life, with joy (in the end of this article I present some of these words.) Hence the greatness of our language!

Just want to draw your attention to the fact that the well-known reasons, many words have come down to us, suffered distortion and changed its original meaning — the words of a positive nature initially acquired a negative connotation, such as: the fool, kRAmolnik slave, poor (God Manuf . = wretchedness), etc. There are words that have lost weight and as it withdrew into the shadows, while such words for each person is very significant, for example, what happened with the word "birth". We decided to write "birth" — so we were taught in school. But in the language we speak vocalizations RAzhdenie! Say the word and listen to trust his ears. And in the etymological dictionary M. Vasmer read, "is born — borrow. of tsslv. and drawing closer to "give birth" (see), cf. Art.-Slav. RAZHDATI, with native Russian. RAZHATI. " Hooray! Not all of them have to jam! In this case, the word comes alive: RA — is Light, letter "belly" — meant in the old life itself, and the "Dachi" does not require translation. Themselves now read: "RA Duthie belly." Can be translated as: "give the light of life" or "RA zhdenets", ie Each of us "RA waited for light." In this case, the "day RAzhdeniya" acquires special solemnity and responsibility, and with them the beautiful poetic sense — in particular and special to each of us the day, the day of our RAzhdeniya as a loving Father, we waited at the light by God the Creator! In this case, the life of each of us is not accidental and is extremely important for the entire universe — so do not expect his servants, so waiting for their beloved children. Great! So artificial and silent word "native" should be changed to the live-speaking "URAzhdenets" * 2. (I suspect that the word "harvest" should be written as "Urazhay" — URA press, ie, cultivate, collect and press that has grown under the sun — food, necessary for life. Vocalizations in language, again, sounds exactly like "URAzhay!" And in this case certainly is logic, because the word begins to speak.)
This is the most important difference between us and the ancestors. They spoke a language that speaks to them, and they heard it and understood! Understand the importance and weight of each word! After the letter, as the figure is some code that carries information, image. In the language of the code, images and we talk with the universe. We, today's Russians, say mechanically, without even going into the essence of these words, and this is very dangerous, as well as emerging chaos! And the universe we do not understand! Scary when you see on the TV screen, as people of power and important representatives of religions talk about social equality, welfare and Love. Terrified that they do not hear their mother tongue engaging slovobludstvom! Many do so unknowingly, due to ignorance and a good career, but there is on them "wise men" who do it on purpose, because in that case you can easily "led by the nose" ignorant crowd and profit at its expense. Ignorant manage easily — it's the law! For this and distorted history once original people and slips him a fake from an early age, in school. That's it! After that, everything will work itself! After all, people without its history, without a strong connection to the source, like a little child — lepi of him all you want!

Particularly interested in this West! For it is our homeland — a piece of cake — it does not need a strong and distinctive RAsiya (Russia), he needs a submissive raw appendage, and therefore directs all its power to achieve this. And, unfortunately, he is good at it — for this and launched a quiet, invisible war on corruption of spirituality of the Russian people. (Please do not confuse spirituality with religiosity — it's completely different things!) Do not be surprised stupid TV shows, TV series, blockbuster bloody, senseless songs, everything that's going on — there is a war! Spirituality can not hear gunfire — they break our hearts — there's nothing more to worry about! And what about the Russian people? Poor man under the influence of false izTORY and "asleep" and rejoice the victory over himself (!), While dreaming of the greatness of Russia (?!) The situation will change for the better only when the truth will wake up and go to the bottom, waiting for her from the top of pointless — our politicians (not all, but many!) engaged in business of their own, long ago, as Peter I (the main parrot), are focused on the Western model of life and ingratiating look in the "mouth" to their Western masters. Living on Russian soil — they have long Westerners! And they are already "beneath one's dignity" to do something good for Russia. But the "trap" they cook. Gets a RAsiya into this trap or not, depends on each of us! In order to avoid this we need to understand well what happened at a certain step of the way from our home country. As children of God, become His servants?

Studying undistorted Vedichestvo, gradually begin to realize that this is not a religion but a way of life, giving the possibility to live harmoniously this earthly life. Vedichestvo, unlike religion, does not seek to control the man, but rather reveals to him his divine nature. This is his strength! Our ancestors with you — our great-great-great-great-grandfather is well aware of this fact, however, anticipating that might escape the primary source of Knowledge, imposed on the native language of charm, so that truth and the right priorities have never left us. I personally like the fact that this way of life is simple, logical, understandable and perfectly infused into the soul, filling it with joy. This way is not invented by someone on purpose, it is natural, as dictated by the nature of God. And the more I learn about it — the more admire wisdom and logic of ancient ancestors.

This truth of life especially children feel. They have not yet at full strength to memorize the "rules of trumped-up." They still do not think stereotypically, do not adjust to the different social systems. For children, the world is still in a primary source, as long as they are not for adults will take "wise men." For example, children are easy to explain to you why the New Year is wrong to celebrate the winter (from December 31 to January 1), and the right to celebrate in March (21 — day of the spring solstice), when nature comes alive when the sun starts to new terms, and therefore it is logical to start a new life. Many countries — Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, to this day, celebrate the New Year right, the spring — Nowruz — New! In Old Church "Spring" — Yar (Yar), and it is no coincidence that in English a year sounds like a «year»! English keeps the memory of those years. So ridiculous to hear the winter: Happy New Year! — With a new spring … (?). Celebrate the New Year in the winter, in January — the same as to celebrate the end of the day at 18.00. This Chaos! Winter — hibernation, Spring — awakening! It's simple! Children than adults realize Kona Cosmos, and on the contrary, do not understand the rules invented by the whim of the people. By the way, note that 99% of the first picture of the child is — the Sun. This is kalyaki-Malaki, and already the sun! It is firmly seated in our subconscious — so little person portrays life.

Now, after what has been said above (and after the following list of key Russian words), it becomes clear that the translation of the German «hurren» from Fasmer and Turkic «urmak» has no relation to our "Hurray!" On feast days and responsibilities, shouting "Hurrah!" Our ancestors, and we are with you, turn to the Creator, to the light, to the truth — to everything that we associate with the concept of God. In these days of national jubilation, we share joy with the sky, with the sun, with the Creator Himself! Russian soldiers, protecting the country from the enemy, make it clear that the fight for the truth, the light, for God! But still, first and foremost, is the emotion of joy! URA — means God with us! This is what is responsible for our amazing word "Hurray!" It is time for us to comprehend!

Readers are interested family origins, alternative history of ancient Russia, invite others to read my stories and parables of the Site:


Here is a small list of words * Hyperborean caught in Russian. Here is their original meaning, contained in them to a substitution of concepts! These words used by our distant ancestors right before the arrival of "enlightenment" in Russia! Read them and decide for yourself whether they can be accused of savagery and backwardness.

* Hyperborea (Arctida, Asgard) — the legendary northern mainland — "north of the wind Boreas" — the ancestral home of all mankind. Before the Flood, was located in what is now the Arctic Ocean (Polar, Polar and polar regions of modern Eurasia, where the climate in those days (the scientific evidence — rough benchmark is 40 thousand years BC) was warm). From there and there was migration of modern nations that formed earlier together and speak the same language. Located on this continent country Vera (Vera), whose inhabitants were called Woertz or right. "Behold Woertz we" — they said about themselves. In the myths and tales of many nations remained the memory of this wonderful country of the Golden Age.

U-RA, RA (sun symbol) = ancient name of God known to people since Hyperborea, revered by many nations of the world, including Slavs. Also means heaven — there is no devil, as opposed to the "sky" — there is no God. The fact that the morpheme * 3 RA is associated with the light is easily seen on the words of Paran, sconces, chandeliers, ramps (lighting device to be placed on the front of the stage to the front. Limelight illuminate the scene, actors and scenery in front and below. Lighting equipment ramps are usually hidden from public low rim) RAdlyuks (unit luminosity).

A URA (aura) — Light energy cocoon surrounding the physical body of man. Composition of luminous aura can determine the state of physical and mental good health rights. People with sensory abilities (psychics) see this aura. In light of the aura (holy) people is dominated by bright colors, aura of the person with low spirituality has more dark colors.

AP = earth, sky reflection (RA). Therefore, since ancient times, people have measured the ground yards.

Aryan = man, Earthling, farmer. As you can see nothing wrong with the word no. Negative connotation the word "Aryan" received during the Nazi Germany and was: "true Aryan". This is stupid! True Aryan — is the one who actually work on the ground and grow their crops in your own sweat.

Vera (Vera) = PA = enlightenment manage Knowledge. A synonym of the word is the word "right Education" (Light of the Government) — prasveschenie — that's how to spell the Russian word. Word of Faith sound and recorded earlier as Vera and oboznanchala Vedic worldview, lifestyle of our ancestors. Way of life, not a religion (* see below)! In the life of our ancestors, the word "Vera" and "The Truth" (Gift of Rights) were synonymous.
Another interesting point! Recently discovered on the disk with the Berlin concert «The Wall» (Wall) British group «Pink Floyd» (composer Roger Waters) song at number 18: Vera. I began to look in the dictionary of English words with the root «vera», but found only «veracios» (honest, telling the truth) and «veracity» (the truth, the truth, accuracy, precision). It says only that these words have a common origin with our "Faith" (Vera), that's why English is included along with a Russian one group of Indo-European languages. Our ancestors in time the great migrations went to the east and the west. Therefore, the English Wales = Wales (weilz) — one of the four main administrative and political parts of the UK, is named after the Slavic God of cattle and the fertility of Veles.

* Religion — the word is bad and this can be verified. The word consists of morphemes "re" — denial, rollback, back (reverse), the separation of, for example: progress (forward movement and development) — Regression (degradation, development of backward) and the word "league" — the union, the union, for example: the Union of Arab country, football and corporate leagues, music league, few individual score in one group, which must play a firm. The fact that the word "religion" is a destructive principle, can be seen by comparing the basic postulate of Christianity and Islam. For Christians, Jesus is God, for Muslims it is a prophet in the Qur'an, those who believe that Jesus is called God … wrong! Neither one nor the other will never agree with the precepts of one another! Hence, the world from time to time and at any moment could erupt war! This is not my idle speculation — remember the story!

n-PA voslavie — pervoIstochnaya spiritual Vera ancient Slavs, who was honored on Russian soil for thousands of years before the arrival of Christianity! P-PA voslavie = Slavia right = arch spiritual Konov (the antithesis of the Law) times cult of Ra. With Nikon's reforms in the XVII century Orthodoxy pulled on Christian orthodoxy (orthodox religion). "Thanks" to Nikon and its pressure on the government today, unfortunately, wrongly associated with Orthodox Christianity (with orthodox Hristovoslaviem), which is completely wrong!

righteous (charge of the rule) = knowledgeable and pRAvoslavlyayuschy God. Benevolent man of culture, professing a spiritual (but not religious) way of life, observe justice laws are the Creator. Hence the word "preacher" (in the language of vocalizations prApovednik) = right on the Vedas.

n RA-HDA = Dar Govern — says God (Vera) = live honestly and fairly — the truth = keep God Kona. Regulation — The truth — Orthodoxy — system Konov times cult RA.

RA th, Iriy = bright place where the time goes souls of the departed from the world Reveal people. Ancestors also believed that man inspired his life should strive to reach the paradise I = RA (I light) = higher self of man strives to reach the Light, your divine essence.

Cult-u-PA (Culture) = the cult of Ur = ancient Vedic times honoring RA (light of knowledge, a sun symbol). People of that time were morally, harmonious and better educated than we are, modern ancient Russians. This memory is retained by the people — a man of culture we have, so far, been associated with a pleasant person to communicate, with an educated, polite (= Tower = charge of knowing, as opposed to ignorant boor =). I invite you to read my article "The secret word" cheers "or great legacy of ancestors»

K-RA-m (x-RA-m) = a place for worship of God, Light of RA = pray.

K-RA-molniki = people praying RA, gave praise to the Creator. In times of Christianity has acquired a negative meaning — people who think not, as I would like the Christian missionaries and their political patrons.

RAdogost (RAdogosch) = happy guests — so affectionately called Slavs its hospitable God. Ancestors believed that a guest comes into the house by God, so the hut never closed, leaving on the table a feast for the incoming guest-wanderer.

RA-ness = achieve (comprehend) PA, live in the light. In ancient times, the Russian people and greet "RAdostizheniya you" or simply, "Joy." Responding to the greeting said, "Happiness in Edinachestve" meaning: to live in harmony and happiness in the world is possible only together — together, fair, they should Kona given to people by God. Ancestors were well aware of this foundation of joy, and tried to live accordingly.

PA dushie = light shower. The soul that lives on CONAMA God. Inverse of "indifference" (RA but dushie) means = soul, which has no divine light.

Difference = (RA — with — mask) = Light, divine person — spiritual person, able to see and distinguish good from evil, the divine from the source "of men."
"BezRAlichie" (people without RA = dark mask, living "dead"). Everything in our language! Did ancient ancestors to aspire to, and which the parties.

Comprehend = combination of light (soul) with the mind (hence the word RA — r — d). Ancestors were in charge, that the mind is without spiritual light (unspiritual man, the destroyer) — a repository of information that sometimes is not necessary and that, at times, can apply themselves and others in harm. Reasonably well (the spiritual man, the creator) combines wit with wisdom (Light), based on the experience of previous generations (sort of), is aware that the responsibility to future generations. Those who could his soul, his thoughts, his way of life to rise to the divine — that of our ancestors called reasonable.

PA divy — (unfortunately, now forgotten word) = a man carrying his business and lifestyle of light, ie Created by a miracle (a miracle). Bright people, active, any work done easily and accurately. For the average man these people were really marvelous. The word "lackadaisical" in translation is not needed.

PA-to-SuDoKu = Bright Court (pure) conscience. Our ancestors were in charge, that God does not judge anyone, man judges himself by his conscience. Conscience — the voice of God lives in each of us.

RA-light (Dawn) = Light of God RA.

RA = light-arc arc road. ("Ha" — movement = leg away, cart, Rogue). Rainbow, literally = light path (motion) to God.

Mountain — Gara = "n" — indicates movement. The movement to the light (the path to God.) So far, they Altai and Siberia going to the mountains, they say, "go for Gar." Who went to the mountains to major peaks agree with this statement.

Running = a creative work dedicated to God RA. The word work that is seen a hint that works, people like myself who does God the Creator who does = Light. In Russia, the creative work has always been held in high esteem and never welcomed usury (money at interest). Russian land before the arrival of overseas lenders never knew of forced labor?

PA-S = the creator, the creator, the man dedicates his work to God (God RA). It is known that in Russia slavery (in our modern sense) was not! Prisoners captured in battle during the year were to rebuild what was destroyed, and then released to their homes. Therefore, fled to Russia, all those who were threatened with bondage. The word "slave" during the change of ideology has received a negative connotation of forced labor and replaced the Russian word — slave.

Sooner = "but" = no. It turns out: there is no light.

= It's time for the light. There was light — it's time! The words "early" and "time" conclusively tell us that our ancestors lived and compared his life to the RA.

PA detel = God = Father still means protector, guardian, RAditel (later replaced by the "parent").

K-RA = the height created by God (Light) or work devoted to God. Hence the people and say: "Beauty will save the world" do not send "beauty", and the present.

do-PA-A = not a thinker, not stereotyped, living by CONAMA Light of Conscience, devoting his business to God. In times of Christianity gained a negative connotation. But remember, as in Russian fairy tales, in the end, that is a fool (Ivan) came out the winner of the all complex situations — Ivan is not dissembled, and did everything from the heart — in a godly, so get in the end: half of the kingdom and Vasilisa the Beautiful (the personification of Wisdom). So captured Russian fairy tale image of a man is not thinking systemically, not stereotyped, and creatively. In the cold, in this, today's notion remained just a "clever" — "educated" System little brother Ivan. It would be necessary to add and say that the name of Ivan (John) — the name is not Slavic and Russian fairy tales crept after the Christianization of Rus.

Good = ext-RA = I wish you God Ra = to = desired man to reach (comprehend) the Light of God.

with-great-validity = be in charge of the Man-truth, to live by God's CONAMA conscience and honor. Who do not live in these CONAMA, lives Konami (law) — live unjustly, live by the rules need lawyers.

rule — not strange, but it's … a bad word! Wag the rule, "rule" (male) = split. Our ancestors lived in Pocono centuries against the rules, but by CONAMA conscience and honor. We modern Russians, unfortunately, out of this Kohn — we prefer to live za_Konami. Here and there in our lives lawyers — people, justifying any departure from Kona Conscience. Remember the adage, "Za_Kon that pole — which turned, and came back." In short: the fork.

Welcome — to live in harmony with God (Light). Properly not wish each other health and common (remember, he still had greeted our soldiers, "Good morning), for health refers only to the physical body. But commonsense is, above all, to the common soul (harmony). Ancestors were in charge of that sound can only be moral, harmonious people.

b-RA-in! — So creative people cry when their works (the works) see God in this fishery = god Ra! In this light! (A gifted artist with the gift of the divine light to carry!)

Warriors — people worshiping RA (Light) = spiritual warriors (brother). When the Russian land disaster strikes, warriors bravely stand up for the truth and give a fitting rebuff to the aggressor — = vryagam enemies (vryag = Action = aggressor). Centuries will pass and strong RAsiyu take by force and cunning prevail against usury.

Brother — seeking God, living in God. Bright people.

sister — the same as the brother, only applies to women. "CE" = this "article" = constant, "RA" = Light. No wonder the ancient Rus women honored at the goddesses (Vesta). Spiritless, irresponsible woman called — the bride. In our time, there was a metamorphosis — now in favor of brides …

RA-z-richer = be with God, to live the commandments. The one who did not live so called poor (from the word problem) man. Indeed, the one who breaks the commandments soon tragedy lies. Have not, in our understanding, called poor man.

PA Mashkov (chamomile) = flower, poetically named for the fact that during the day, following the sun and turns as if waving to him. PA Mashkov — word of mouth, as opposed to the dead of the word "daisy" brings no image. Say the word "daisy" aloud, boldly trusting my own ears, and you clearly hear "Camomile". In the language of vocalizations is exactly what it sounds. So right!

B-to-RA — a special guarantee of the young couple to each other before the sun rises, the spiritual promise (the promise of a lifetime to live in joy and love.) Very solemn and important moment! At a later time (with the advent of Christianity) has acquired a negative connotation, but the human memory retains that name. Sometimes people joke saying, "Good job not be called marriage." Of course, looking at the modern wedding you can think so, because everything has slipped to the banal drinking. This is the absolute no knowledge of their roots, from ignorance of this ancient, beautiful, RA_Svetnogo Rite and its sacred values.

P-PA-s-day-ki — Bright special days, days of worship of God the Creator. These special days in Russia: swim, Yarilin day, Pancake, Kolyada (winter holidays), Rod and mothers day, day of Triglav, Mokos day, day Volos (Veles), Day White god of fire, day Dazhbog, mermaid week, St George's Day, the day Svarog Semargl etc.

Urals (Urals) — lying in the sun.

PRAGUE — Czech capital = going to the right, to the light (of God).

K-RA-ing — the Polish city — the ancient capital of Poland.

Historic area of ancient Serbia called Raschke, its capital was the city of Ras, compare with the Russian city of Ruse (Rusa = Race), and Croatia on the Istrian peninsula in the Adriatic Sea is the city Rush.

Of course, this list is not complete and the search continues. Clarifies inherent in the original meaning of the word — a big job ahead, and it is feasible only together. Many people today are trying to hear the native language and get him votes. That is definitely nice. Let 's keep what's left! Let's not completely tear that live thread that connects us to our ancestors, that in the future our descendants did just as well with us. Glory Wisdom ancestors!

RAdostizheniya, welcoming all of us!

Of course, this list is not complete and the search continues. Clarifies inherent in the original meaning of the word — a big job ahead, and it is feasible only together. Many people today are trying to hear the native language and get him votes. That is definitely nice. But there are opponents. Reading all this, the "educated" ignorant laugh, making supporters of the above stated idiots, no matter what their reasons zhizhdyatsya on a false foundation of the System, the findings of linguists, such as a doctor of philology Zhivova — "connoisseur" of the Russian language. I remember that during the TV show "Gordon as Quixote and perky" Viktor Markovic only able to clearly say: "Why do you have got into the story? '. That's it! He was unable to explain the audience, what is mistaken Zadornov! All of his "scientific" arguments were reduced to insults! Zhivov chose despicable tactics when there is nothing to object — to attack, insult … And this is understandable, it is difficult to argue Zadornov when the language you imagine, as a scientist, is against you. Zhivov, Gordon and their supporters do not own clairaudience and it does not give them to comprehend the obvious. They can not see beyond the horizon of time and RAslyshit language. He says nothing to them! And just so it is easier to hear in the URA, whatever, the same Mongol-Turkic-German 'Urach "(" hit, quickly move "), but not native URA — striving" to the light, to the knowledge of God. " Silent for them Russian morpheme in RA, which will remain for them unfathomable mystery! Opponents because it feared that insisted remove of the Internet encyclopedia "Wikipedia" all mention of it. Now, after castration, "Wikipedia" taldychit again only on the Egyptian sun-god, but opponents, mocking, asked to decipher the words, such as "to shit," etc. Meanwhile, in this case, the word is also easily deciphered. Opponents do not know that the word in this form is incomplete writing, but the whole it sounds like "us army", ie we are many, we are whole host — the brotherhood of the defenders of the cult of RA (Warriors). This word, like many others, has acquired a negative connotation during the "Enlightenment." Again, we must not forget that instead shaped alphabet, consisting of 49 images, drop caps, and 144 runes left us … 33 meaningless phonemes. Now, instead of the visual language we have disabilities, castrated, "deaf" language. So stupid to call today the Russian language and look great light in all the words, which meets Russian morpheme RA. Let 's keep what's left! Let's not completely tear that live thread that connects us to our ancestors, that in the future our descendants did just as well with us. Glory ancestors!

RAdostizheniya, welcoming all of us!


Reasonable people met RA Light
and with joy in heaven shouting: "Hurrah!"
bringing life to the universe hi
How warmly were so happy heart.

Cult URA — foundation, unshakable Cohn
was given to them at all times!
But the wise people of cheating blind —
wandered through the desert to nowhere …

And yet … the RA Light illuminate them lies —
not long line of her bow!
URAzhdenny nation will rise up Soul
and out on track!


* 1 I scored on «Rambler. Reading "in the German-Russian dictionary word« hurren »(as claimed Vasmer dictionary is" move fast ") than puzzled interpreter. Began to gain in other dictionaries — no one (!) German dictionary does not issue such a transfer? True, the dictionary offered me instead of «Hurren» two words «huren» (prostitution) and «hure» (whore) … that's all. Where it took Fasmer about "move fast"? Unclear. I dialed the well-known German «schnell» and Poltja result: fast, quick, agile. And mach schnell (colloquial) — hurry up!, Now! Mach schnell!

* 2 Some people still write "Urazhdenets" or "urazhenets" instead of "right", "native" — type in the Internet in the search box the word "Urazhdenets" and the search engine will give you a few options. Apparently, these people do not know the "proper rules" unknowingly write so. They hear this word as heard.

Morpheme * 3 (Greek) — the smallest linguistic unit, which has a value (by definition, this American linguist Leonard Bloomfield in 1933.) Morpheme division into parts only leads to the selection of irrelevant elements — phonemes. In short, the morpheme — this is the short word, a syllable, that makes sense.

Fetisov, Sergei Borisovich

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