Sergey Ryzhov fighting for reinstatement

Vitebsk former candidate for participation in the presidential election in court trying to recover as the head of the foreign economic relations of fruit and vegetable factory "Novka."

He was fired Nov. 1 — after as first announced his intention to run for president, and then was forced to abandon it, as he says, because of the pressure on the members of the initiative group and other circumstances.

In the court of Vitebsk region, which it considers a complaint, Sergey Ryzhov told about the details of the reasons for his dismissal and — according to Ryzhov, exclusively political. But the judge Tatiana Degtyareva parses his complaint as purely a work incident, without linking it to the political situation in the country, stresses the ex-candidate in the presidential election.

According to Sergey Ryzhov, the reason for dismissal is far-fetched and is related to his decision to run, which immediately attracted the attention of independent media as to his identity, and to the company where he works.

Administration of the fruit and vegetable factory "Novka" fired him for absenteeism — accused him that he "skipped" three hours of working time on October 4.

On that day, in the morning, according to Ryzhov, he called home GP as badly felt. However, sick leave was not given — the doctor offered to come in the evening for a commission to the clinic. Up to 12 hours Sergey Ryzhov went to court, where the case was tried on the non-inclusion of the election commission of human rights defender Paul Levinau. At the time, a potential candidate for the presidency was one of those who recommended Mr. Levinau, and therefore must be the trial as a witness.

After the trial, Sergey Ryzhov went to the clinic and underwent a medical examination. A certificate from the clinic and the subpoena, he presented to management in a legal way, but the three hours — from doctor's visit before the trial — he counted as truancy.

In court, the company acted as legal counsel and a doctor who visited Sergey Ryzhov on call on October 4. Sacked former candidate said that the company "Novka" is not presented to the court documents, which would have recorded the exact time of his "idleness."

The court will continue the trial on December 10. Sergey Ryzhov insists that his job back. In his petition to the court, and he appeals to all citizens of Belarus on the eve of the presidential election, "Although my initiative group has been unable to collect the required number of signatures, again I'm fighting for my life, for the happiness of his daughter, for the dignity of my family, for your future ! But I'm alone, and you — a lot. And ahead — your choice … And I want you to make the right this selection! "

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