Set of seven Guardians of Life. Keys Dazhdbog

Set of seven Guardians of Life.  Keys DazhdbogThe first key Dazhdbog

Before proceeding to describe the exercise of this key I want to warn that explore each of these exercises should be gradual, but achieving sustainable assimilation of the previous exercise.

Exercises are performed standing, sitting or lying down. Having achieved the desired effect, to make the transition to the development of exercise in motion.
The key is disbursed only when the action key is made automatically, without requiring special configuration. It is very important to work on three key levels: mental, emotional, and volitional.

The first exercise is the key

The right hand is moved to the side and slowly, palm forward alternately approaches to different parts of the body. Attention is focused on the palm and on the part of the body to which it is approaching. We must learn to send the energy flux of particles Khai from this area of the body to the side arm. Can you imagine how the body released a swarm of particles and retards progress hands forward.

Hand as you approach the body should feel increased resistance aura — bioenergetic body shell approximation that subject. With the high level of development of exercise and proper body energy yield hand gets stuck on the approaches to the body.

Then the exercise is carried out alternately right and left handed out separately, then together. Then quickly with both hands.

The second exercise is the key

Performed with a partner. Partner strikes, not reaching to the body at a distance of different types of palm hands and feet, at first slowly, then quickly. On each stroke, a practicing exercise sends a counter-flow Khai first only from the parallel place, reducing the body's tissues locally. Then enhances the interaction of the affected area to other parts of the body, until the whole body begins to respond to the shock in the same rhythm obschetelesnogo release of energy through the impulse zone.

The third exercise is the key

Performed blindfolded. You should know that every kick is on the mental energy and then, and only then on the physical level. This is the case indeed any impact, even if it is applied and untrained person. This exercise aims to learn to perceive this energy wave, is determined by its strength and direction of the blow.

Partner, then a few partners, move around and cause practitioner exercise psevdoudary him, he should be able to correctly perceive them energourovne and control calls, in which part of the body was hit.

The practitioner must learn to stand energozaslon Khai strike against pure reflex on a subconscious level.

The fourth exercise is key

Also performed blindfolded with one, and then with several partners. This exercise is a game fight in which a partner or several partners kick, make attempts to capture shots, binding and so on actions against the practitioner in dose contact. Practicing defensive, mastered using them fighting techniques and skills, graft performance of this key.

Proper training in the exercises of this key leads to a state where the practitioner feels the soon blow to swing the enemy and often even when the opponent is just beginning to think that the strikes.

Even the entry-level development provides key Khai concentration in the affected area, thus reducing the devastating impact. Also a practitioner begins to see their opponents all over, allowing it to respond more quickly and accurately in the field. This method psychoenergetic methods existed and exists not only in the practice of training vedunskogo Ji Khai, but also in the various schools and the East and the West.
In the East, like the one above the key techniques were named "iron shirt" or "golden bell." In practice, the esoteric schools of the West Energozashchita similar technique and sensitivity reportedly was only in schools Druids, including, perhaps, the most developed caste Druidic priests — soldiers of the Order Merivitov where she got the name "alviyskoy shirt" or "Mithril armor."

Fans of Tolkien, who wrote his well-known novels are based on epics come down from the Druids, remember well the extraordinary magical properties Mithril armor, give it to the owner of the invulnerability of any weapon.

Of course, we should not forget that the first key Dazhdbog is only the first key of the many that you have to learn before your body does receive Mithril armor. Remember that you can not buy such a coat of mail, and can only forge a very painstaking hard work, not just a wish. Many would like to get a shirt from the legendary alviyskuyu mithril, but it is only in units …

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