Sharp-eyed assistant sniper

The analysis took place regional and local conflicts, including the role of the military campaigns in some NATO forces, indicating that the preparatory step aviation inflicted massive air strikes, which have received the title of "carpet bombing", and then the coming of the enemy were demoralized by the infantry subdivision.

Trends in the development of modern auxiliary sniper weapons

At the moment arms of infantry units and subunits consists of the newest models of small tools, which are integrated into ultra-modern targeting system based on the use of optics, "telescope", "lasers" and collimators, and also thermal mirror — lens technology, lighting lamps, and many other unique types of auxiliary weapons.

All of this technology "know-how" may find its use in the peace sector and the use of small tools, such as a shield or a sports game festivals.

It is well known that at the present stage of development priorities auxiliary equipment of small arms in the hands of foreign companies, such as Schmidt & Bender, Zeiss, Swarovski, Leopold, etc. In healthy competition with them gaining a place in the sun and the Russians — LLC "RusOptikSistem" ( ROS), «advanced» company, which is engaged in all stages of the development of optical and other special equipment that is not only not lost to the Western swatches, and in almost all cases, the products of this office is better in design and quality.

At the last not so long exhibition of arms and military technical equipment ROS conducted the premiere lineup sights series of "Eagle Eye" (ITS), TDG "Eagle Eye", a night-type nozzles to them, sights series "PKT" and other equipment.

The sight TDG 2/5h18

This device consists of a complex optical assembly. Applies to all products of weapons of different calibers, prepared under the bar mount Picatinny, which is in complete sight.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

The relevant difference of the optical system is that when aiming a sniper is coming off two projection images goals, the lower section of the device is made a separate "window", which provides 2.5 times the image. So Makar, the shooter sees the target and immediately surrounding the target objects.

Night heads

Ltd. ROS in the working alliance with other companies design and deliver "on the production line" issue supercompactness nozzles HH-1 and HH-1K to the sight ITS third, 5h14, which are used in the manufacture of Innovative Technology. They differ from each other is the installation methods for service. These devices make it possible to build the system of sighting devices, as with an eye to "Eagle Eye", and without it, as a device for review during the night. ROS provides system designers the possibility of introducing an improved image intensifier II and III generation.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

Output Device "in the series" will take place first of the year. Amazing advantage of these devices is the creation of high-quality image in a white color with a unique eyepiece, which is capable of lateral movement for the sight and the coaxial nozzle.

The device has enormous observation format, although it has small dimensions. It is possible to adjust the lens focus on the coefficient of "1" to the endless value. In the NN used special optics with a large quantity of light intensity and the highest resolution.

Took a step too far in its development and "E and a special technique" (ECT), research — the production company of the town of Tula gunsmiths. This company appears in the arms market in 1994, and during that time have acquired a significant experience in the creation and production of high-quality products and weapons of aids and devices. At present, the company is known far outside the Russian Federation, its products distinguished by the highest adaptability and durability, it continues to increase the range of products, the number of products which have already passed for 130 items. These include "lasers-pillars" complexes sighting devices, accessories for her attachment portion for attaching "optics", the front sight and sighting devices on the trunk of a weapon system, highlighting the different types and species, sighting devices and other special items.

Laser designators LCC-OM

Greater visibility of products in the middle of this office have gained "lasers — pillars" LCC-OM, which are shown on the objectives in terms of color point, which is verified with "optics" of small weapons. The introduction of LCC dramatically reduces the phase aiming.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

Glowing object on the target is helpful and in terms of the provision of mental responses of force. LCC is designed for use in almost all shooting systems that are in service with various law enforcement agencies. Apart from automatic guns, to which LCC-OM is fixed, the possibility of its implementation in the bracket with the PM if the MTA little refinement in the field criteria.

Lantern FO-2M-1

This device from Tula ECT is intended to conduct foreign intelligence and tracking of objects in an area with low lighting without reducing the rate of doing the fighting. With the introduction of fastening device likely setting for different types of Russian weapons.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

In the lamp used a new type of transducer — a module where applied xenon optics. Operation is provided BATT voltage at 4.8. Resolution so that it is possible to find objects in the distance of 120 m time of use without recharging -1 hour. Weight — 0, 270 lbs.

Night vision devices

Ltd. "Nord" is coming out with proposals on the implementation of night vision devices (NVD), which are made as ours, and Western companies. These systems — a separate group of visual devices that are used to conduct foreign intelligence conditioner feeble sight. All devices are equipped with powerful optical equipment, which is used in the operation of the principle of forcing light output with increased brightness characteristics of persistence in size. This is because of the IC. These models can be used in complex criteria are divided into the night monoculars, binoculars, goggles and scopes.

The range of the introduction of these optical devices enables to improve the results of varying degrees of fire, but more productive for these purposes were and are night vision sights.

More than a lot of the product is presented in a range of office Yukon Advanced Optics of Belarus and of "Daedalus-NV" from Russia.

In the middle panel PNV epredstavleny monopritsely
Exelon, NVMT, Spartan, Patrol, Challenger, binoculars and night vision goggles Tracker, PNV I and II enhanced generation NVRS Tactical, Sentinel and Phantom, also "digicam" PNV Ranger. More than claimed by the PNV Yukon to conduct foreign intelligence area — it binoculars Tracker (Viking), and Exelon, NVMT and Patrol, which are available as monocular viewing device.


PNV Yukon NVRS made on the basis of the 1st of the most successful electro-optical converters I generation, which provided svetousilenie to 1000-fold. The devices are equipped with a light lens with repeatedly increased light intensity and the composition of the attached fixtures can be mounted on different models of small arms, both Russian and Western production. The design provides the option to connect a microphone directed acts, lights and laser rear sight.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

PNV Yukon Phantom with image intensification II advanced generation made a moisture-proof version, prepared for use in non-standard condition. Due to the successful design of an image intensifier night vision Phantom withstand dynamic movement, and due to the assembly of interior nodes perfectly protected against accidental multi errors. In PNV Yukon Sentinel callout is targeting with scale range finder and the lens from the inside-fire image sharpness, and the case of titanium alloys enables the device to reduce weight without sacrificing strength characteristics.

PNV SuperGen

Russian company "Daedalus" selectively engaged in night vision devices with electron — optical converters improved SuperGen II and III generation. The reference product is a monocular night vision rifle scopes and types. PNV "Daedalus" are equipped with the latest generation of optics, the mass of which is 1.5 times less than that of counterparts, and spetsokulyarami with strong relief distance. "Daedalus" is used in night-battery devices of its own production, the strong "infrared lighting and new material for the interior of the body portion. Refreshed night sight "Daedalus-460" is characterized by electron — optical converter III generation, a very small mass, night optics to 3.7-fold with the highest resolution available.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

Among the main features of the device include impact resistance at mnogokalibernyh systems (375 H & H, .50 cal.), The lighting, differentiable automatic method, the grid sight type MIL-DOT with adjustable light intensity, long eye relief, a high-precision gear alignment reticle (12mm / 100m), the focusing lens of 10 m to infinity, low power consumption, suitability for installation on different types of weapons and the ability to use infrared light with an independent source of energy. According to their data, this device is not worse than Western models.

We can not ignore the Russian firm Veber, which exposes for sale a range of sighting devices acting on the mechanism of the collimator. Such instruments in its composition have a lens, which is transferred to the projection optical mark a cross that polygon or other object on which you are aiming the gun. Such systems are used in small firing ranges. With their simple and direct weapons is over the target. For example, the optical sighting device VEBER R123 consists of a 2-lens glued together. The surface reflection glowing cursor is between the lens and is well protected from deformation.

Sharp-sighted assistant sniper

All parts subject to corrosion, made of "stainless steel" and light aluminum alloy. The brightness of the reticle is an automatic method: built-in light sensor "reads" the effect of light on the axis of sight and selects the desired brightness of the highlights. It turns out that the light cursor does not "dazzle effect" in the evening and at night, and perfectly visible in direct sunlight. The sighting device does not have a toggle switch off, the system shuts down when you close the sight protective tube. The sight is in constant readiness for use, the LED operates in the "on" without annoying. But the consumption of energy source is so small that the battery is replaced by an average of 2 years.

Summarizing spoken, you can see that in the current time on the market sighting and accessories, new office, which produced "optics" with the quality that distinguishes the already well-known brands. Maybe soon it turns out that they are the future, if they continue to produce similar products.

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