Slavic Holidays Prosinets (January)

Veles day — Midwinter. All nature in the icy dream. Photo:

1 — prosintsa — Beginning of year in Veles dney.Novy spiritual Jews (do not forget that this is the holiday was the time of Peter I, the Slavs it was celebrated in the spring on the vernal equinox and the Beginning of the Indiction called)
1.6 prosintsa — Veles dni.Velesovy days — another name for these festivities Volosova days (holiday fully matches the yuletide in the Christian religion).

We can assume that the service Slavic god Veles had restrictive framework themselves prisoners in the daytime winter Yuletide likely began ministry in the new year, and lasted all of the first six days of January, and these days, as we know, are noted "rampant undead and evil ". This assumption can speak and Bulgarian New Year ceremony, which took part 12 of the elders, who were dressed in animal masks or masks depicting animals mugs, old weight wrong on vsemts belt Botalov — cow bells.

6 — prosintsa Turitsa, is dedicated to the Tour — one of the oldest among the Slavs revered totem animals, which embodies the union of Veles and Perun the glory and prosperity of Rod Slavic.
Prosintsa 7-19 (20) Kolyada [celebrate]
8 — prosintsa old wives kashi.Babi meals — On this day to honor the midwives. They brought gifts and food, vodka, pancakes. They came with children to their grandmother blessed. Particularly recommended in this day go to his grandmother expectant mothers and young girls.
12 — Day prosintsa pohischeniy.V this day remember how, in the era of Kupala Velez stole diva-Dodola, wife of Perun. During the wedding of Perun and Diva, Diva Velez was rejected and ousted from the sky. But then he is a god of love passion, managed to seduce the goddess of Rain, daughter Dyje. Their communication was born god Yarylo spring.

Also in the day of the abduction recall how, in the era Ladas (Taurus) Koschei Dazhbog stole his wife Maren.
18 — Day prosintsa Indrika.Intra (Zmiulan, Indrik-beast Vyndrik) — son of Zemun Dyje (Night Sky), brother of "Lizard" and his opponent. Intra is the god of springs, wells, snakes and clouds. Connection with the water element indicates its Navyu nature. Night nymphs began talking tube houses, through which he got into the house. Intra — inhabitant of the dungeon, and in the traditions of the Slavs to say: "As the sun in the sky, and Indra — in Navi" He "birth of the sun" and symbolizes the pagan sun worship. Organizing for falls exactly at the time when it begins to grow light day. Holiday begins on the winter solstice and is celebrated until the Baptism of the Lord and God's world events.
19 — (20) prosintsa — Vodokres.Posledny day Christmas-Tide outrage when gates are closed, Navi, and the world becomes a normal order. On this day Spark of Heavenly Fire (CRES) of Svarog Forge falls into the waters of the Earth, giving them chudodeynymi properties. Still believe, though at the time Velez Prophetic God sends people to health — bless all the earth's water, that whoever omyvshiysya them on this day, was healed of various ailments …
20-31 prosintsa-Bel-combustible stone Alatyr
21 — Prosinets — name January is commemorated vodosvyatiem. Heavenly praise today Svarga — Host of all Gods. "Resplendent" — means rebirth Solntsa.Prosinets falls in the middle of Winter — it is believed that the cold begins to subside, and the land of the Slavs at the behest of the gods returns solar heat.
28 — prosintsa Kudesy winter. "Kudesy" called the day that it was necessary to put the gifts for houses. If not (that is, not to honor the ancestors), house turned into a kind of dashing. And from that day in the yard everything is topsy-turvy, troubles plagued the family. For humility brownie after dinner left a pot of porridge, overlaid it with hot coals. As if the house at midnight is out of the oven and dining. Since then, it all year still.
30 — On this day prosintsa esteemed opponent Perun — Frost-hypostasis Veles. We can say that Frost — Winter hypostasis Veles, as well as HP (son of Veles and Divas) — Spring.

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