Slavic purification rites

Slavic purification rites

From ancient times came to us with a lot of committed sometimes mechanically everyday actions. Yes, any old Russian house at the entrance to the room hung washbasin. Famous psychics of all stripes argue that water can neutralize alien information field (the so-called evil eye).
Scientists have found that bathing water increases (including) a change in the skin cells electropotential: water nourishes tissues with negative ions, which improves the tone of the body and slows down the process of oxidation in the body, one of the causes of aging.

Our ancestors were washed as often as we do, but put in this show completely different, sacred ritual and meaning than as we do, the children of a technical civilization — purely due to hygienic reasons.

Water as the element of fire — the most striking display presence thoughts Roda Vsesozdatelya on Earth. Turning to the water as there is no one reduced chemical compound we forget the main thing: "Gee are the many maps of rights."

Our ancestor, washing away the dirt and dust, trying to clear from alluvial to be yourself. The ritual bath is nothing like the restoration of their mental and physical capacities and to tell the truth, so he should be, it is well understood by our ancestors.

Near the sink hung embroidered towel. Usually in the embroidery was attended by many sacred symbols, and it was not brought up on purpose. After washing, man makes his forehead on the sacred symbols of the gods of Russia, in order to instruct the righteous thoughts. Embroidered red diamond — one of the signs of Roda. Blue diamond with extended lines forming a diamond — a sacred symbol Mokosh and mothers.

Four diamond in the center of each light is usually blue or green — nothing but a sacred symbol of the Mother of damp earth, and so on. After all, our ancestors truly considered themselves "vnutsami Dazhdbozhemi", therefore, in essence, we, the nations of our time, to remember the roots of our needs. You sometimes without meaning towel with painted virgin or Bax, however, who he believes …

If you made the case, after which you "do not mogotu," you can not be too lazy to get up under running water and ask Makos-mother sister rinse water of filth. If your heart is open at this point and told her secrets otkrytoserdechno — Makos can help you. In the era of dual faith in Russia was considered a goddess Makos fate, although it is (among others) and so — but not only. Makos, removing negative background created by ignorance and freeing man from the (as it is now called) "karmic consequences", helped straighten out. Unworthy act impartially recorded on the "Tablets of the cases" inexorable Viy.

No harm in that you are well-dressed, it's good, it's the issue of who was jealous of you because of their inferiority, and thus (consciously or unconsciously) by sending you negative energy. But if you are well dressed in order to trigger the envy of his neighbor — you can bet "point of ignorance," you've made yourself.
In the annals noted that our ancestors worshiped springs. They are not "worshiped" springs, but only saw them as a manifestation of his flock to dobroraspolozheniya Roda Vsesozdatelya that symbolized Flowing, clean as a righteous thoughts. In some villages still have preserved the tradition of going to the days Mokos for the spring, take the water and wash it in a corner, and then throw a symbolic coin symbolizing "the righteousness of the belly" (the idea of the prevalence of the spiritual over the material.) About that no one thinks, but observe the ritual. Exists and is passed from generation to generation experience to create "nagovorennuyu water" in order to make the protective properties of man by strengthening the specific characteristics of his character.

Purification rites are performed with fire, as a rule, during the ancient festivals linked to the solar calendar. This Horse (Christmas Carols, December 25), Yarylo (Shrovetide, 21-25 March), swim (the shortest night of the year on 22 June, the summer solstice), Trojan (autumn solstice), and Perun day, "Days of Rod" ( they are called "Santa" or "parent"). Fire — part of most ancient rites. Pagans do not accept neglect to Father Fire — as a matter of fact the rule of rules. You can hold and individual cleansing rituals.

Here's an old (the most famous) Requires:

Batyushko you are the king fire
all the kings you are the king.
as you zharok and ardent,
like you and zhzhesh palish
in a field of grass ants,
thickets and slums
from raw oak roots.
Taco I koryusya I pray those ka:
Batyushko King Fire, burn and sleep
vnutsa with God (your spiritual name)
various woes and ailments,
fears and stir!

Before purification rite is usually "not to eat the fruit of the tree of Al from cattle and timber home, satisfied with three schepami sodden grass field" (simply — porridge). In modern perform cleansing of the body. Sacred meaning of eating grains is that every seed — is a symbol of the will of life. Rhode Vsesozdatel — a living god, and the food is wreaking consecrated.

Unacceptable at all, just go to the ceremony, even in a weak influence of alcohol. Binge drinking is more disgusting than stealing, for drunkenness robs the soul — that is contrary to our gods and ancestors.

After the rites usually put to the fire a few grains of barley or rye, and complete the ritual. Gentile believers are often asked how to "sit on slush" before the ceremony — and that of the priests explain elementary: "strict time limits on this point, all individually — day, three days, a week, a term chosen by the man himself, how can his faith, and condemn this nobody can. "

On holidays tied to the solar calendar, there is a collective form of ritual purification so-called "walking on coals." The nature of fire — give, give. Hearken to the essence of a match flame or wick. Work with your intuition. Perhaps your ancestral memory and reveal the secret of fire.

Our contemporaries often takes aback when his neighbors are just now in the red, bursting with warmth carpet of birch coals. But man, ready to take on the "carpet of fire", strong mind, and his heart was filled with pure thoughts. Indeed, this form of purification by fire confirms that "vnutsam God" are subject to the verse. Walking on the "carpet of fire" — is one of the magical practices. In this state, a Gentile feels closer to the gods and ancestors, receiving from contact with the fire not the pain and suffering, and inner strength. Indeed, most of those who have walked on coals, marked sense of relief and filling power, while the heel is not burned. Riddle? But not for those who have passed.
But we want to warn: if you've never done it, but after watching the video on how to do this, for example, residents of Bulgaria in their national costumes, decided, among your friends, and there is no one who did it earlier — I have to say that your idea is quite frivolous. Limit better cleansing jumping over the fire. This form is quite common and does not require magic and mind-body training.

Performing rites of purification by fire, performed during the celebration of the four main parties (Horse, Yarylo, swim, Troyan), prepares a person to heightened perception incarnation Roda Vsesozdatelya in a selected time interval of the year. Horse — hypostasis Rod wreck ferocity as a warrior and falsehood who prepares your PATH affairs and the arrival of a new springtime of the year. The last rites of purification will not call Yarily in celebration carnival, hewing enemies as you can do Horse and — in accordance with the requirement of time to do the harvest rites, "on Xph" that fills all living life.

There is still required, bringing elements of purification in our everyday life. In the modern version, Matins requires:

Rhode Father,
the heavens opened, and the depths of the Earth.
Evenly throughout your power —
am in Reveal, rules and Navi.
The strength of your forces vsepressusche
Aki's mother land of soft cheese
Aki and cloud in the sky;
Aki and hard steel Svarog — your son.

You father fathers Rod
let him rejoice favorite child of your
Now is the day of the sim
during the execution of your thoughts.
Say unto thee, Almighty Rod —
am the day will be held in my zeal.
Let him not spoil your eyes,
that I created today.

One option evening rites in modern language is:

Thank you
Rhode Almighty Creator
for the fact that I had
and my body — the temple of my spirit,
I was honored and fencing
of weakness and broken,
strengthening my members daily worries.
My spirit is strengthened
righteousness fair vouchsafed
in clarity and solid stay.
Thank you that my house —
shelter of my body
have kept clean.

And how can you remember all the known conspiracy to Chur or ancestors — In brief our common ancestor.

Chur — Churila, Star — Prestar,
you lie, lie curled,
you sit, sit sit,
you go go pace,
yes from us dare.

So our ancestors sent "Litho" for generic Mezhuyev to avoid confusion and did not stop to administer glorious deeds.

… The world is not standing still. And the religion of ancient Russia, as well as in the newly resurgent faith of our ancestors, and there is no dogma. Ancient faith of the ancestors — are primarily the development of the spirit. Developing language and craft. We're often seen as old plots are replenished with new words or slightly modified, and there's nothing wrong with that. And if you, having experienced the essence and heart winged ancestral memory, or require zakinaniya created in his own way — but you will be rewarded!
The main thing — to make it all work. Thus, the ordinary citizen wrote brief but highly effective (for him personally) requires: "Oak dubische, Perun temple — give me tremendous strength!

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