Slavic writing 3700 years!

One of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century, which was hushed up for 20 years

Sensational transcript SLAVIC LETTER XVII veka BC. e.

Phaistos Disk silent 3700 years

Grinevich Gennady S. — Russian linguist and scholar, linguist, decryptor. Senior researcher in the Department of World History RusskogoFizicheskogo Company (Moscow).

Engaged systematization and interpretation of runic signs and inscriptions of the Western Slavs, about. Crete, the Etruscans, ancient India. Compile a summary table of characters Slavonic alphabet.

Major works: "Proto-Slavic alphabet. The results of decoding "/ 1993 /," In the beginning was the word "/ 1997 /.

Says Gennady Grinevich:

— Nobody ancient Slavic letter was not engaged, no, these labels have not gathered! These inscriptions, which mentioned, classes Litseeevsky, Count Potocki, and others, I was able to decipher, considering that these inscriptions in "features and cuts" (also sometimes called the Slavic runes).

The whole system has been designed for me. It was known that this letter syllabary that only open syllables, and I compare the series of signs Cretan written characters traits and cuts, he saw their considerable similarity.

Information that the Etruscans were the Slavic tribe, I learned from the dictionary Stephen Byzantine, which states that "the Etruscans — it Slovene tribe" … The official science says that in Etruscan dictionary there are 28 letters. I did it happen — 67.

After we have voiced these signs, we just start to read these texts. And if there is a normal Slavic speech, take your pre-Slavic language composed Trubacheva or old Russian dictionary or vocabulary Vostokova Old Slavonic language, and we find these words in the Greek dictionary, not in Chinese, and in the Slavic dictionary and translate the text …

Phaistos disk — it turns out, is more sublime email when linear elementary sign framed in the picture … this tradition survived later … so for example, when we already had book business in Russia, when we were writing the Cyrillic alphabet, uppercase letters could diagram is a drawings, for example, in the form of a monster … and so, on the Phaistos disk could be derived from the figure that the linear mark, which is the basis of each picture.

I read the Phaistos disk overnight — April 23, 1983, the rise was extraordinary. At this time, I just was born granddaughter. Our ancestors were in Crete against their will. In the 60-ies was a famous archaeologist Bruce, who, in describing the outcome of Trypillian Tripoli (he did a report on the expulsion of the Rus) gave a possible interpretation of these events, and that the expulsion of the Rus and their appearance in a foreign land, where they now have to settle down, but pine for- remain on their homeland — Rysiyunii (or Rosiyunii) is very similar to the views of Bryusov. And when I first got my explanation of a specific historical story …

By fragments from the book Grinevitch GS "Proto-Slavic alphabet. The results of deciphering. " M.1993 was:

Zzagadochny Phaistos disc, the mysterious Etruscans are in line with the mysteries of the planet, as the statues of Easter Island, the pyramids of Egypt and Atlantis.
The problem of the origin of the Etruscans and their language is sometimes called the "mystery number one" modern historical science. Etruscan word "tank", "person", "ceremony" and several others went into the languages of the world. Romans said teachers in Western Europe. Teacher of Teachers — the Etruscans. But who they were, what language to speak — is a mystery.
Remained a mystery and unique written monument — Phaistos disc made in Crete in XVII century BC. e., which is an ancient inscription stamped.
In 1908, the Italian archaeological expeditions in the southern part of the island of Crete, conducted excavations of the royal palace of the ancient city of Festus, where Luigi Perna, discovered a remarkable example of the hitherto unknown writings.
It was a small-sized disc of well-baked clay, which had a diameter 15,8-16,5 cm and a thickness of 1.6-2.1 cm on both sides of his covers, like the intricate patterns, spiral going title, compiled from a variety of carefully stamped on the ceramic surface marks (first printing product!).
Signs were combined in groups separated by vertical lines. Some groups at the bottom right of the line had already familiar oblique line, similar to "viramu" — a special sign of the Indian Devanagari syllabary writing. The disc was suspended dated 1700 BC — Period of the third period sredneminoyskogo: it also applies lying next to the disk plate razlomav Linear.
Today, the disk is known to many archaeological exhibitions on posters and book covers. Thoroughly researched, up to the chemical composition of the clay from which it is made, the drive for nearly 80 years has remained silent.
The unusual form of inscriptions and the impossibility of reading it made him a symbol of all things mysterious and enigmatic of ancient history, archeology, and linguistics.
Attempts to decipher the Phaistos disk was vast. Read it could not even Academician John Chadwick, experienced decryptor. He once said: "The decoding of this line is beyond our capabilities."
April 23, 1983, Gennady Grinevich, with incredible excitement and enthusiasm, as he says, in one night revealed the secret of the century — read the mysterious handwriting on the Phaistos diske.Itak what was written in the XVII century BC:

We shall live again.

Will serve God.

ROSIYUNIYA charms eyes.

Nowhere on it did not get to, it is not curable.

Nor once we hear:

you whose'll Rosichi that you honor,

curls in helmets, talk about you.

We can not forget her, in this world of God.

The content of the text Phaistos disk is extremely clear: the people "Rusich" forced to leave their former land — "Rosiyuniyu" where their share has dropped a lot of suffering and sorrow. New earth "Rosich" found in Crete. Inescapable melancholy, from which no escape, not cure, the author fills at the thought of "Rosiyunii."

One of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century, which was more than 20 years silenced.

Opening Grinevitch undoubtedly one of the most significant breakthroughs in the history of world culture. For Russian, it is of particular importance, as proves the right of our people, our Slavic civilization to be named among the most ancient civilizations of the earth. That is why the opening Grinevitch met silence and shameless criticism in the West and, of course, in their own country by our irrepressible scientists and state. More than 20 years, and the opening Grinevitch never taken its rightful place among the achievements of world civilization, and few people know.

Grinevitch method is very simple and straightforward. And everyone can see that it is correct. Everyone who has mastered this method may find himself mysterious message of our ancestors. Among other things, it is also a fun any detective.

Mystery of Slavic Civilization (Grinevich)

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