Slavs gathered near Kiev to prove his prowess and share ancient knowledge

Slavic valorJuly 21-22 in the "Park Kievan Rus' (p. Kopachev Obukhov district) the International Festival — a tournament of martial arts" Slavonic valor. "

This is reported by the organizers. "This holiday will combine several eras — from pre-Christian times to the Cossack. Festival proves that all the time on this earth lived a strong, brave and wise people. They had a special knowledge of union with the forces of nature, the spirit was strong and had a healthy and agile body. And the modern descendants of the ancient Slavs deserve the glory of their ancestors, "- said in a statement.

The festival: Play the ancient rituals at the festival "Day of Perun", performances of folk groups, workshops for spectators on martial arts and the Vedic worldview Slavic speech Cossack Kharakternyky (walking on hot coals, the passage of the maze with your eyes closed, etc.). But the main thing — the tournament representatives School of Slavonic martial arts: fight and melee fights, knife fights and fights with sabers.

"The audience will not only watch a tournament" Slavic valor ", but they themselves take part in the Cossack fun — a tug of war, pushing carts, bags fights blindfolded," — as the organizers said.

The beginning of the festive program at 14.00. Saturday night, July 21 park guests waiting bright evening program — incendiary dance around campfires, medieval dancing, fire show.

The holiday is going to be versatile — funny, informative and entertaining. Visit "Kievan Rus Park" on July 21-22, learn the ancient wisdom of the ancestors and witness unrivaled fights in different kinds of Slavic martial arts!

The organizers of the International Festival — Martial Arts Tournament "Slavic Valor": the International Federation of the Cossack martial art "Triglav", International Center for Slavic Vedic Culture, the International NGO "typical Cossacks", supported by "Park Kievan Rus'.

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