Smuggled Cossack … Pro-Russian government in Kyrgyzstan, the Pentagon changed the puppets?

Judge: "The new government of Kyrgyzstan consists of representatives from the Pentagon"

This is sure a public figure and a former candidate for president of Kyrgyzstan Toktaiym Umetaliev

— A few days back the Pentagon congratulated cabinet Satybaldiyeva election to the post of prime minister. What would that mean?

— Specifically, the Pentagon spin doctors sitting here, worked very perfectly. They did this on the eve of Putin's visit to Kyrgyzstan and the meeting of the SCO. Practically, we now have the control structure of the government, composed by the main strategic fronts of the Pentagon. Came to power proteges South American white houses. Those who have passed a number of educational schools of the West, formed a new Cabinet. Foreign Ministry headed by the representative of the Institute for War and Peace, the other ministries — his colleagues at the Western democratic institutions. The literacy — is one thing, but the level of communications, unity of views on those or other fronts — is another question. Acts such persons may form a cool policy for the promotion of the Customs Union, lobbying across the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other organizations. It's safe to say that the pro-Russian politicians have failed. Those whom Russian government has moved into power, spin doctors neatly and perfectly used in predosennem parliamentary conflict. All Western universities remain silent, that the new coalition agreement contrary to the Constitution, that a number of intended produced outside of the Basic Law. It seems to me that now the president of one hundred percent is imposed pro-Western politicians who rule well Roza Otunbayeva and her associates.

— It was said that Babanov cleaned hands of the Russian Federation? Why Moscow, in this case, it lead to the pro-Western government Jantoro Satybaldiyeva?

— Clip Available in another. Who violated the regional balance, in other words, the system is built for future conflicts. There is a strengthening of the southern bloc of politicians, the imbalance of north and south in power. This factor can be fraught with certain consequences. Who is in charge of the northerners was only a president with reduced capabilities. South played a factor in this case, when the Parliament voted almost unanimously for the new prime minister. Regional balance violate all of the same political consultants who promote profitable or those of others. These people feel good inter-ethnic, inter-regional tensions, skillfully manipulating them to implement their own projects on the impact of the country's conflict and the formation of an unbalanced situation. The failure of the president is that he truly does not have many software projects, which discusses the West — is Fano, a large Middle East and others. Now the future of Russia and the Eurasian unity suffered quite a severe injury. The pro-Russian policy driven from the front row of strongest of all worlds. It seems that it did not sound particularly but Babanov was pro-Russian politician. His business is related to Russia, as well as his colleagues and Nariman Tyuleev (MP, former mayor of Bishkek, is in jail on suspicion of corruption — approx. Aut.). Pro-Kremlin forces have no choice except to place bets on jitters Kyrgyz people for political and party issues for the dissolution of parliament.

— How long will sustain the new cabinet?

— Of course, forecasts are not optimistic. Everything will depend on the arrangement of the foreign forces, a decision on the main strategic issues and, above all, on the water and energy, and from the values that we will assign after the visit of Vladimir Putin.

— Kyrgyzstan is implementing a joint project with Russia, because this week, the agreement must be signed by the Kambar-Ata and Naryn cascade of hydropower?

— It depends, again the same impact on foreign policy and on the actual readiness to equal the criteria of both parties to adopt a constructive solution is not unfounded.

— Putin's arrival will be able to solve the problem of a pro-American?

— Putin has nothing to decide in the government scenario fails. It is unlikely that his visit will play a role in the severe change of policy in this area .. It is possible that he has come to organize a new show. In order to change the balance of power, control of the Russian Federation must fundamentally change its position, strategy and the strategy of cooperation, to withdraw from the waiting position, strengthen the work of integrating civilian sector. To the chagrin. bureaucrats and political strategists in Moscow behold the only officials of the powerful potential of zapamyatyvaya civilian sector that is perfectly used by Western institutions. Who is registered in the Ministry of Justice are more than 9 thousand organizations LLC, NGOs and foreign role in their midst rather feeble performance with the role of the people of, and in fact we present until the country with the largest Russian population as a percentage of other republics of the CIS. From the statements of the Eurasian union and the customs union must go to certain actions if the visit would go in this direction, and he can buy a completely new character, vybivshis beyond the usual visits.

— Where will yield the ex-Prime Minister Babanov?

— In Babanova you basically have to consider not politics, but the entrepreneur, who came to politics, keeps business philosophy. Babanov can form a strong opposition, led by the West will try to take out their own "bulldozer", namely, the same monarch or Madam Beknazarov Otunbayeva.

— And why in these series you put Otunbayeva?

— She was always there and this day is the president opposes, its actions are focused on the destruction of pro-Russian figures, namely the latest, the president himself. As they say, to find a lady. She held up tactfully premiere Babanov, skillfully manipulated for liquidation of strong political players. Under the guise of settling accounts for the ex-Prime Minister Atambayev before it conducts its covert work, emphasizing the disgruntled. She was like, and is linked to Tekebayev with individuals move the anti-Russian sentiment namely former managing Presidential Administration Emilbek Kaptagaev, and is active undeclared election campaign by region, focusing on the means of international donor institutions. Excellent lurking behind the scenes of her actions on the attempts to form the desired units, both in opposition and in government.

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