Snow in Chita

The first fine snow was a surprise for chitintsy.  Photo: from the site

September 8.

— Summer is over, — chitintsy sighed in amazement looking at the sky, where the small white snowflakes fell and then melted on the warm asphalt.

Snow fell in the regional capital today near the end of the day, and although did not last long, five or ten minutes, forced the citizens to remember the coming of autumn.

For forecasters, he also was unexpected.

— In fact, rainfall in the coming days, it was not expected, it's just a whim of nature, — told us at the Chita weather center. — You do not have to worry, summer will last for at least another week. Today daily temperature is 20 degrees and the weekend warmed up to 22 -27 degrees. Rain and snow, according to our forecasts are expected. Nights will be warm. It is true that those who are going to the mountains, you need to dress warmer, there is likely to be rolled fine snow.

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