Snowfall has caused disruptions in public transportation Tver

Public transport Tver due to heavy snowfall and increase emergency walks with delays due to bad weather could not leave the line trams on two routes, said Tuesday the city administration.

Heavy snowfall in the Tver region 29 and November 30, paralyzed city traffic in the regional center. Get rid of the big traffic jams in the city have until Saturday. On November 30 in Tver was declared a state of emergency. Local authorities have attracted private contractors, working to remove snow does not stop. On Tuesday morning, the situation is again complicated, the snow started again.

According to the Department of Transport Administration of Tver, December 4 on city routes left nearly all municipal buses (50 of 51). They ply on all eight routes. Problems arise in the movement for turning areas and routes in remote areas where there is narrowing of the carriageway.

"The trams went 22 of 33 items of rolling stock. To organize their movements on the night of 3 to 4 December worked rail snowplows. Due to start snowfall failed to make clear the way for the route number 13 and number 14," — said in a message.

Clean the snow from the paths at night will be four track snowthrower.

On the trolley lines, according to the authorities, in accordance with the plan out on the line are 54 cars from 57. In this difficult movement of rolling stock are in the neighborhood "South" and "Youth".

In addition, the increase in traffic intervals municipal public transport due to the emergency situation on the road. Movement of passenger transport small and very small capacity (taxis) are in all directions according to the plan and full.

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