Social networks have become a cause of divorce

Facebook is becoming a significant factor that plays a role in the breakup of the marriage, and is increasingly used as evidence in divorce proceedings, the lawyer.

The law firm Divorce-Online has named the famous social networking site for one third of divorces caused mainly by inappropriate behavior.

The company claimed that over the past two years the number of applications for divorce, which contained the word »Facebook» rose by 50 percent.

Mark Keenan (Mark Keenan), managing director, said that for many people, Facebook has become the main method of communication with friends.

People associated with the ex-partners and the messages are quite innocent at first, but then it leads to problems. If someone wants to have a link on the side or flirt with the opposite sex, the Facebook-the most affordable place to do it.

Since 33 per cent of all applications that have been filed in the firm over the past year mentioned the site.

The most common reason that Facebook beginning to cause problems in the relationship, was the discovery of the playful nature of the messages, photos, partner at the party, which the other partner did not know, or someone with whom he was not to be.

Lawyers explain that if you're trying to hide something from your partner, you can use Facebook is very easy to find out.

The site also can be used as evidence of misconduct, and if you say that your partner has a problem with alcohol, and he published the status of that is going to binge, it may continue to be used.

Lawyers warn customers to refrain from taking any action on Facebook, when you go through divorce proceedings, as this can later be turned against you.

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