Solar UFOs is Nibiru?


Similar to the sperm to hang out for a while over the surface of the sun, and then flew off into space. Some have suggested that this is an alien ship, filled to the plasma from the sun. Others felt that the telescopes have removed the birth of a new planet.

The photos were taken in X-rays, so even a very powerful telescope, this phenomenon would not be able to fix.

The official position of astronomers not new. They suggest that the photographs depicted merely prominence — a dense condensation of relatively cool compared to the corona of a substance that is raised and held above the surface of the star magnetic field.


"When prominences hovering above the solar corona, which is usually a sign that they are about to break away from the surface," — says NASA employee Joseph Gurman. Fully the nature of prominences has not been studied, but we know that these dense blobs of plasma can reach thousands of kilometers in size. "There is a common, though still not fully proven idea that emissions prominences occur when the collapse magnetic fields that hold them," — adds Gourmet.

But with all versions of solar prominences or tornadoes, run into the wall at the next moment: the dark area and the associated dark "thread" is in the same location in the south-western region of the sun for two days, regardless of the rotation of the luminaries . And it puts everyone in a deadlock.

If we believe the assumptions of scientists is how then to explain that the object exists for more than three days at this — that temperature and solar gravity, but still does not rotate with the Sun!

After all, the surface of the sun continues to move the rotation around the axis of rotation (like any other object in the sky), but the "prominence" is stationary and is tied to an unknown external sphere.

Wait sane explanation from science — not worth it. This phenomenon has radically changed the scientific paradigm of humanity and scientists will never go to the recognition of something beyond the generally accepted theories and ossified.

Therefore it is necessary to put forward the hypothesis itself. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the sphere starts the same way as observed repeatedly starts UFOs on Earth. There is a not a "run-off static electricity" to "prominence" Pobol the size of Jupiter, and the typical light output, both at the start of the "earthly" UFO.




Based on the data from the satellites, the object appeared in the Sun on March 8. Below is a video with the full version, including the appearance of the object and its departure.



Those who believe that there is no scope in the pictures there, I recommend a look at the photo below.



But on-site facility, there was a whirlwind — plasma, can be called a funnel at the place where it was just something.

We have to remember about Nibiru, Planet X, Brown Dwarf, etc..

Star Apocalypse. Rock paintings.



Rock painting. Arizona. USA.

In various regions of the world retained a great number of rock paintings and petroglyphs with images of unusual stars near the Sun. Especially a lot of them are located in Southern Nevada, Arizona and California. Figures depicted on ancient cosmic "battle" Mezhuyev two luminaries, during which there was overflow of material from one to the other luminaries. In figures this process looks like a bridge or a spiral.

Rock painting. Arizona. Ancient images of spirals near the sun, very much. There are also ground geoglyphs (labyrinth), which may reflect the same event in the sky — the capture of a neutron star matter.

Rock painting. Arizona. Probably looked like that "Sky Battle" honey cross — the sun and our luminary.


Rock painting. Nevada. Perhaps the spiral shown in the figure, the capture of a neutron star matter.


Rock painting. Arizona. Bridge between the two celestial bodies — perhaps capture the substance of the sun neutron star.


Rock painting. Nevada. The flow of the substance of the sun to a neutron star class "propeller".


Petroglyph. California. The sun and the star — the cross. Between them, perhaps, gas-dust cloud that formed during the star closest approach to the Sun.


Petroglyph. Nevada. Left — the Sun. Right — the star. Between them is a cloud of gas, which was formed during the mass transfer from one celestial body to another.



Petroglyph. Nevada. "The battle of the two" suns.


Petroglyph Nevada. After this heavenly "Battle" of the star appeared long serpentine gas-dust tail and she headed toward Earth, causing horrific disasters

It is unlikely that anything less would be able to significantly disrupt the solar cycle, and the fact that he has broken no one doubts, even "scientists." The process is getting closer and isolation.

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