Soylent — the food of the future?


Not so long ago, our site has published a note on the progressive invention of the American programmer-nutrient cocktail that can replace all other food. American decided to make healthy food cheaper and faster — for those who can not afford to ordinary products, and does not want to get sick. But is this possible?

Internet actively discussing soylent — Rob Reinhart nutrient broth, which, according to the inventor, for ever save you from having to take food.

It may sound disgusting, but extremely successful kraudfanding suggests that people are interested.

Soylent first lit up on the radar a few months ago, when Mr. Reinhart spoke about creating the perfect drink, though cheaper and does not require cooking and cleaning. Talking about the diet of one product being a long time, so that it did not surprise anyone. In addition, anyone who in his youth absorbed tons of NF is well aware that in the future we will have to stuff a unified mass, tasteless and odorless but highly nutritious and useful. And Mr. Rinehart seems to have decided that future closer.

He founded a startup, sponsored by the nearly 3,700 people. At present, the sponsors listed is $ 440 thousand more than a thousand investors have agreed to pay $ 230 in exchange for a month's supply soylenta, about two dozen — $ 680 for the three. The forum of the project and site Reddit actively discussed other recipes universal drink. Mr. Reinhart goes to the editors of blogs and offers a taste.

It may seem that soylent created for those who are used to eating fast food, but Mr. Rinehart is it to myself a little bit different. "I live in a poor neighborhood where people have health problems due to poor nutrition, — explains inhabitant of Brooklyn. — And I've worked with high-tech wireless networks that are designed to reduce the cost of Internet access. And I thought, why not do the same with access to healthy food? "

Of course, you watched the movie "soylent green" and already hold the tummy, but Mr. Rinehart advised to re-read Harry Harrison's novel "Move over! Move over! »(Make Room! Make Room!), Which formed the basis of the picture. There is just a mixture of soy and lentils, with which solved the problem of the food crisis in the overcrowded planet.

Soylent not the first product that claims to the role of balanced nutrition. The famous Harvard molecular geneticist George Church lived for some time in the "medium" of its own making, and he always smelled of yeast. The company sells drinks Abbott Nutrition Ensure Plus, who are advised to take, after consulting with your doctor. (Incidentally, it is this drug was force-fed prisoners "Guantanamo", who declared a hunger strike.) And there are people who have to take the nutrients intravenously, but that's another area with its nuances. According to Mr. Reinhart, the key point — low cost soylenta. He admits that while the product is more expensive than you need, and struggling to make it cheaper.

People who love to cook and who can afford fresh food, hardly interested soylentom. Who does he fit?

Mr. Reinhart does not hide the list of ingredients. The formula vegetarian, but not vegan. According to the inventor, all components are approved by the Office of the Food and Drug Administration USA (FDA). But the question itself is Rob Reinhart. He is an electrical engineer, not a nutritionist or a doctor.

He argues that the study nutrition, reading research articles in open access, textbooks and reference FDA, and also took a few online courses. His first object of study was himself: he says that ate nothing but soylenta, for thirty days, carefully fixing the health, making a blood test and observing health. According to the results of the experiment formula has undergone changes. Now the product is on the seventh stage of the audit. Says, lost weight, full of energy.

After sitting on soylente first month, Mr. Rinehart bored without the social aspect of eating. Now he recommends for the weekend at least from time to time to sit down at the common table, and take ordinary food. Sometimes soylent with him testing the others, but he can not say how many of them have held at least thirty days.

Most nutritionists surprising desire to sit on a single product. By soylentu they are mostly very negative. For example, Steve Collins, Founder and CEO of Valid Nutrition, which produces Ready to Use Foods (prevention and treatment of malnutrition), finds fault the desire to replace a varied diet drink.

Susan Roberts of Tufts University in soylente not see anything new in comparison with other nutrient cocktails. On the one hand, a small proportion of fat — that's good, but the refusal of ordinary food is fraught with complications. "In fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients, which we do not know anything, so play the perfect formula of human nutrition at this stage it is impossible," — emphasizes the expert. In the case of the need to live on soylente can, but does not guarantee optimal health. She fears that in the long run, this will become enthusiastic bunch of chronic diseases.

Tracy Anthony Rutgers University has seen in the formula specific weakness: "Bystrousvaivaemy soluble source of protein (whey) in combination with a source of simple sugars (maltodextrin) creates a product with a high glycemic index. Humanly speaking, whenever you take soylent, you jump to the insulin is not very good effects on blood glucose, satiety, and mental health. "

She also notes that the consumption of a minimum set of nutrients needed by the human body, and a healthy diet — are two different things. Of course, for a time at soylente can live, but this drug is devoid of many of the ingredients necessary for the prevention and treatment of diseases, as well as a long and fulfilling life.

Do not like Ms. Anthony and the absence of the bouquet. Mr. Rhinehart said this advantage: that of a neutral, slightly sweet taste soylenta not get tired as fast as on the specific flavor, but in the future he does not mind experimenting with different smells. Ms. Anthony notes that the fragrance is necessary for health and body, and spirit.

But Mr. Rinehart enough that he and others had lived for several months in one or almost one soylente. Of course, the formula is refined, and eventually the company will hire nutritionists to come up with something else. Perhaps some will soylentov.

All the more so (no matter how surprised nutritionists) are very much interested in artificial feeding.

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