Space trail existed for millions of years before Christ

Spaceships universe movie "Stargate"

Aerospace Academy, a group of scientists led by Kovalenko interested Dmitrieva authoritative opinion on the issue of direct contacts and periodic visits by our brothers in mind from far and near space. Open space scientists track aliens from outer space, which existed millions of years before our era, when human civilization has existed.

Landforms Siberia (reserve "Pillars", corresponding to the position of trace elements), placing megalithic Khakassia (Shire Salbyk) turns out to be closely related to the azimuth with the pyramids of Egypt, Palenque, about. Easter, the images on the Nazca (Peru). His contribution to the study made by the trajectory and time of the Tunguska event, which also confirm the alignment of the drive from outer space to Earth.
Period of onset of aliens on Earth is related to the tens of millions of years before our time. Periodic visits by good opportunity due to the location of the two main radioizluchateley solar system — the Sun and Jupiter, and detected the appearance on Earth of the best UFO and new technologies that can not be explained in terms of human activity, coincide in time with an optimal arrangement of radioizluchateley.

Star Gate

Optimal possibility of spaceships from distant galaxies will be held in the near future

Optimal input spacecraft in the Earth's stratosphere exists on the alignment between Antarctica and South America and in the Drake Passage, then through Anadyr, Yakutia to Vanavara (Evenkia) reserve "Pillars" ("Takmak", 1 st and 2 nd column), the Lake : Bele, Shira, Itkul further. Huge stone slabs southern shore of Lake Shira hit up seams, geometry, and over time
their creation is clearly producing, which at that time did not have humanity.
Lake Shira far archaeologists have not been studied. According to the descriptions of other megalithic structures, this technology of stone was observed throughout the world, as if some team Goliaths passed through the land, leaving their crafts from stone blocks. Lake Shira about statysyach years as age and cobblestone promenade. It is possible that a water column of the lake hidden prehistoric buildings to match the Egyptian pyramids.
In the valley of Khakassia Salbyksky huge stone slabs weighing up to fifty tons are located in a clear astrological guidance and official conclusion that these objects are remnants of ritual structures Tagar culture, clearly do not reflect the true purpose of these facilities.
Further direction of the route passes through areas of the Altai, Kazakhstan, Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Asia Minor, through the valley of Giza. These areas are characterized by a significant number of anomalous areas with mysterious megalithic structures and historical past.
According to scientists SibSAU, another discovery of the "star gate" and the possibility of optimal space ships from distant galaxies will be held in the near future, and we will witness this unique phenomena momentous for us. And that is what we will bring these ships — help or the end of our self-destruction for stripping the planet under a kosmoparitetnyh people — remains a big question.

GD Kovalenko
Siberian State Aerospace
University. Acad. MF Reshetnev, Krasnoyarsk

Paleokosmicheskaya track and its main facilities

In the course of studying the causes of the Tunguska explosion appeared hypothesis of the existence of such an arrangement of space objects in the solar system, which corresponds to the line repeaters that transmit energy flows from near and far space.

In this case, a link to which is possible orientation of the spacecraft. The specified channel occurs when the Sun and Jupiter in our solar system have a special position and become target of the "star gate", distinguishable from outer space.

This target is installed once in a hundred years. The study period of "opening the gates of stellar" confirmed our version that the Tunguska event happened during the broadcast from outer space maser beam and corresponds to the intersection of the Moon its borders

Line maser beam passes between the Sun and Jupiter near space objects in the solar system — Earth, Moon, Mars, satellites, and continued in deep space to the star HR 3939 Big Dipper in the north-eastern part and to alpha Big Dogs — Sirius in the south-west star of the arch (Fig. 1). The presence of this axis makes possible the existence of the interrelationship between these systems.
Hypothesis paleocontacts with aliens from outer space is present from the moment of awareness of oneself and the surrounding area, but it is not direct evidence found so far. Chronological depth of this hypothesis can be evaluated according to established artifacts and anthropological studies within a few million years with the formation of ancient humanoid species from Homo erectus to Homo sapiens. The proposed hypothesis is the presence of traces of surface facilities, marking the nodal point on the surface of the planet for aliens from outer space, is based on the following assumptions.

— The period of the onset of the aliens referred to the tens of millions of years before our time on the planet ruled the evolutionary ancestors of man.

— Landscape features of the earth surface wondered closer placement drift.

— The aliens had higher frequency and less dense material (possibly field) form and, therefore, an organization of information and power bases of their habitat when fields such as magnetic and electric, are among the significant resistance to translational processes responsible for the movement in space.

— There is the possibility of periodic visits to Earth due to the location of the emitting objects in deep space and the solar system with magnetic field and playing the role of repeaters in a particular configuration of their placement in space.

-Fix the cosmic events that are displayed by man of ancient times in material objects as their location, form and petroglyphs identifiable traditional archeology from the position applied and primitive: traditions, practices, mission and technology.

— Resorting to the notion of the "Star Gate", you can select HR3939 (the Big Dipper), Sirius (Canis Major) and Sun as a system, repeater connected.

In the near-space path (according to the actual location of celestial bodies) is as shown below:

Route maser beam from outer space into the solar system by the location of space objects on June 30, 1908, that at the time of the Tunguska Event

Thus, the satellite communication occurs frequently and is manifested in the solstices, when the position of stars and planets have persisted for a long time.

Baikonur large ships
Khakassia. Bograd district, 10 km from the village. Trinity.

"Our observations have been confirmed in one of the sessions in space communications, where we were told that the mound is not nothing but a big parking space ships. These ships arrived here from the Sirius system, disappeared during panspermicheskoy expansion undertaken in the period from twelve thousand to three thousand years ago. Specific to the implementation of large ships orbiting space objects flying around and landing on the surface of the planet in the direction north-south. Brought up in big, small, that are uploaded to the eastern side, which generate no interference to takeoff mother ship. "

DOC: Ancient footprints paleokosmicheskoy track.

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