Spill regia near Kostroma liquidated — the authorities

Hazardous chemical waste found in the garage cooperative village Koryakova Kostroma region, disposed of, according to the regional administration.

Illegal warehouse with nine tons of "aqua regia" was discovered near Kostroma November 17. After complaints from local residents to the spill of liquid chemical smell experts found in the village of Kostroma region Koryakova tysyachelitrovyh nine barrels of technical fluid containing a mixture of nitric and hydrochloric acid. The contents of one of the barrels in the volume of tons spilled on the ground. According to police, the fluid in the garage area stockpiled local man who died. Police evacuated people from the neighborhood garage cooperative and organized around the clock ATM orders that none of the passers-by was injured.

"The Office for the Protection of the population in emergency situations in the Kostroma region ruled on such clearance area and removal of chemical waste. Head Alexander Belozerov said that the threat to people and the environment eliminated," — said in a statement.

Regional administration said that all hazardous waste is now removed, acid spill area decontaminated and backfilled with sand.

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