Stages of human development in the Russian fairy tales and layers of traditional society

Plots of fairy tales. Approach of science and the way tradition

In the framework of the modern academic research can be considered established [1] that the Russian fairy tales describe a system of initiatory rites, which are members of traditional society as they mature.

At the same time, meaning, purpose and methods of these rites have remained largely unclear in the academic review. The subject of academic study — history, archeology, ethnography, folklore and other parallels. But what about the description of the stages of human development, and on the way to her — a true, comprehension transfer methods in higher consciousness 'I' (As), the comprehension of being engaged Universal Law [2], communication with the higher levels of existence?

This component of the fairy tales and the accompanying imagery becomes clear only when you yourself are going to close the road — otherwise not understand either way Frog Princess, Ivan the Fool, Koschei and Baba Yaga, or three underground kingdoms and hut on chicken legs, or what is alive and dead water, no plot battle with multihead Snakes or what Kalin bridge … How is it in academia?

At present, almost nothing. The researcher, in this direction, quickly transcends subject, where it can be realized as an academic.

Meanwhile, in each of the fairy tales have promise for action, important information, and a set of "know-how". For several reasons, this information is presented in the tales partially encoded in the form of images, but it was and is still available, and can provide invaluable clues to anyone who wants to understand themselves and their way in the world.

Now we consider one of the most famous Russian fairy tale stories about how Prince Ivan and his brothers fought first with the three-headed serpent, then a 6-head, and in the end, all together or by horse, triumphed over 12 -headed monster.

Dragons and Snakes in Russian, and the entire Indo-European mythology — keepers strength, wisdom and wealth. Is the personification of natural forces that can not be changed or transformed, — it is first necessary to learn, and then to make friends with her. According to tales and myths, the battle for the stored power and wealth Serpent very easy. Even the usually impassive Indian yogis warn of extreme danger of snake force called kundalini them. But let us leave the Indian snake alone. He slept in peace at the bottom of the muladhara chakra, coiled three and a half times, and let him sleep — probably, he knows when and who wake up. We are interested in Snake Russian fairy tales.

Treasures of the Snake will go to those who fight proves his right to them, whose internal order and is able to cope with the LAD acquires strength. Way — it is not only the order, which has been reflected inside and out. This love and communion something much greater than yourself, and it is a condition where the parts of the whole do not conflict and are in harmony with each other, reveal and reinforce each other. Lad growing with God, nature, self and other normal people [3] in the Russian tradition is most important feature, and the condition of genuine growth. Moreover, it is the Lad and the related human dignity are skipping to another dimension of existence.

Why Russian snake a few heads? Why in the fairy tale story is repeated in the numbers 3, 6, 9, 12, describing the number of head of the serpent, the number of oak trees that grow near the palace lords underground kingdoms? Why not bite the snake tried Ivan Tsarevich, or claw his head cut off, or fire from its mouth to burn and drive into the ground? And after he drove into the ground at the beginning of Ivan's knees, then to the waist, then the shoulders, why he gave him a break, rather than kill him, immobilized? Finally, what exactly got Ivan, winning the battle at the snake with 3, 6, 12 heads? What changes might occur in a person's life as it passes them to the stages initiatic rite described by these images?

The interior of the levels of consciousness and quantum reality

To comprehensively answer these questions, does not need all kinds of knowledge clogged head. Only need to pass the path of Ivan, — that is first to discover a certain hidden features, and then learn them, and nothing more. However, our task will be to another — to connect tradition with modern ideas about man and the world, translated into the language of fairy tale images, clear and easy for modern people to understand and describe the stages of human development in the Russian tradition.

To do this, briefly turn to the results of Chapter 7 and 9 of the book "The Invisible Universe depth" [5], where we obtained a description of the basic structures of reality from a single quantum source (hereinafter referred to as Vedic Brahman) to the physical world. We have shown that each additional plane of reality can be described as the result of decoherence [6] (reduction averaging) of the previous degrees of freedom of one of the subsystems. The world is presented as a series of interacting quantum fields with different energy of interaction and the level of quantum entanglement — the quantity characterizing the degree of manifestation of quantum, non-local properties when that happens is out of our usual space-time relations.

For further discussion is important to us only one result: a more "dense" worlds come from less dense by folding a degree of freedom [7], that is, the characteristics of the averaging system became "foreign" for her subsystem. As a result, the number of internal degrees of freedom that characterizes the members of a world changing four-level quantum source of everything, down to zero for the physical (material) world. [8]

Assuming that the closed-loop system consists of four subsystems (A, B, C and D), and continue to use the notation of Chapter 7, under which is written the state brackets, according to the degrees of freedom which is the convolution (reduction, averaging), for structures from different planes of reality, we have





brief description
(ABCD) (ABCD) n = 4. Brahman (the source, the prototype world)
(BCD) A (BCD) ai n = 3. Buddhi (means of perception)
(CD) AB (CD) ai-bj n = 2. Higher Manas (ideas, as perceived by state)
(D) ABC (D) ai-bjck n = 1. Lower Manas (the ideas in relation to each other)
(-) ABCD (-) Ai-bjwithkdl n = 0. The physical world (the world of independent objects)

Here the lower index indicates the number of the set of available states of subsystems A = {ai }, B = {bj }, C = {ck }, D = {dl }. Thus, the element of each of the layers of reality is characterized by a set of parentheses are listed within the available degrees of freedom (A, B, C …), the total number of which is indicated by us as n, and those on the right of the brackets set of particles, for which there was a reduction.

The first image buddhic plan, which allocated the "subject of perception" of the plan (BCD), and "organ of perception" (labeled us ai ) Formed particle, the degrees of freedom which was average. This particle can interact with the environment, and the subject of perception somehow reflects a change in its state during the interaction, so that receives information about the external world.

Other degrees of freedom, for which there was a reduction, is formed on the lower set of plans available to monitor conditions specific to each of the planes of reality. In our notation, they are separated from the "organ of perception» ai hyphen.

Briefly describe the plans described reality, a more detailed description is contained in Chapters 07.10 book mentioned above.

On the plane of Brahman, acting as the source of all "external" to the subject structures are absent, respectively, there is no classical reality is entirely quantum world that is outside of time and space and develop simultaneously in all available directions. This is absolute and does not depend on anything real. The following plan — Buddhi — form reflecting each other subjects perception each with "organ of perception" — a test particlei . It is the plan of forming perceptions. The states of the world are non-local due to the fact that there was only a partial decoherence not cover all possible degrees of freedom. Then comes a higher plane of Manas, each state which can be seen as the result of interaction of the system with any receptive state. The resulting measurements of a set of states forms a world of ideas, as the idea is nothing more than a perceived or measured, states. This is a plan that connects the inner and outer.

At the level of the lower Manas, we have the result of the interaction of the "ideas" with each other, resulting in ideas take concrete form, which varies based on how the state with the original "idea" of interacting. As we have noted, the level of quantum entanglement, which characterizes the degree of manifestation of quantum, non-local properties when that happens is out of our usual space-time relations, progressively decreases from level to level.

Finally, as a result of the reduction of one more degree of freedom of form perceived by the senses of the physical elements of the world, from a population that can form arbitrarily complex bodies. State of the physical world, as a rule, completely decohere are local and do not depend on the observer, this is where there is the possibility of objective knowledge and objective experience. In other words, to distinguish the majority of states of the physical world rather measurements determining the shape, weight, color and location of the object.

We have found that the process of evolution can be described as the result of increasing the ability of the subject to discriminate between the states of the world and manages the interaction with it. On each of the planes of reality formed a set of states, the implementation of the possibility of discrimination and the choice of which requires a descent to the low-lying plan — and so on down to the physical, where the states differ as independent of the observer objects that have certain characteristics — shape, color, weight, and etc. We show the child on a cloud and say — look, a cloud! It has been shown that the development (that is gaining the ability to distinguish and operated interact) states of the physical world is sufficient for the development of state of the lower Manas, the development state of the lower Manas — to distinguish between states of the world of ideas (the Higher Manas), the distinction between the states of the world of ideas — to distinguish the states plan Buddhi, the last — to distinguish the source of all the states of the quantum reality (Brahman).

Thus, each step of the evolutionary path is characterized by the release of a degree of freedom, that is, the appearance of the possibility of distinguishing the respective representatives of the world (physical, astral, mental, etc.), and the transition to manage the interaction with them.

Freed freedom constitutes what may be called the control space (or inner space of consciousness [4]), the dimension of which describes the ability of the subject to control the interaction with the environment. This space first appears at the lower Manas, where it is one-dimensional, and the reason is not only the possibility to perceive certain objects, but also specifically directing attention to them. In the further evolution of the dimension of the internal space increases by one during the transition from plan to plan (see table above).

Try to understand what are the qualitative differences between control methods, which are acquired in the model of the process of evolution.

The battle with the serpent and the integrity of the person

In psychology and esoteric often talk about the integrity of a person, often neglecting to explain what it is. By integrity we mean the existence of such a relationship between the elements of a system in which any part of the change due to external or internal causes leads to a simultaneous change of all of its other components. In the absence of integrity also may change the system — but that change will not be synchronized, for example, it can be done by sequential action of one part of the system to others. The system of balls, each of which is connected to all others (and not just neighbors) strings, may serve to illustrate the simplest version of a complete system.

To describe the management processes in discrete mathematics is a necessary concept of the word. Word — is any ordered set of symbols of the alphabet. Letters of the alphabet, in general, have the status of any subsystem, hence it is evident that the length of the word describes the number of subsystems, the characteristics of which may be described together. If the word length is equal to one, they can describe the characteristics of a subsystem if the length is two words — two sub-systems, etc. Thus, the longer the word, the more factors that describe the state of the individual subsystems can be simultaneously taken into account when making decisions.

The desire to find the maximum possible length of a word for a space of a given dimension [9] leads to the problem of how many identical balls can touch a ball of the same radius in the space of a given dimension. This is still an unsolved problem in general terms, first formulated by Newton, but we know the solution (eg the number of Newton) for spaces of dimension 1, 2, 3, 4:

The dimension Newton number
1 2
2 6
3 12
4 24

In other words, if the balls are on the line, around the world may be the other two, when on the plane — six others in the space — twelve, and so on.

Now the answer to the question why the snake a few heads of Russian fairy tales, it becomes clear: the head needs to look at the same time in different directions at the same time taking into account the various aspects of what is happening. [10] In other words, the number of heads snake can be mapped length of a word used to describe the state of the system.

Stages of human development, the inner space of consciousness and layers of traditional society

Using the above considerations, we can classify the stages of human evolution as the acquisition of increasing integrity, which occurs in the mastery of them more and more sophisticated control structures [11].

1. Mastering the basics of reasonable activity.

At this stage mastered single word length, the inner space is absent, there is only a reflection of the current state.

On it there are people who do not speak the attention, the mind and the senses, whose state is determined or "objective" circumstances, or "unclear" reasons. They are distinguished from animals above all the possibility of reflection own state.

To control their own state of the subject at this level there are no "internal" funds. It can change its state only through changes in external conditions — need to eat, or what would have praised him, or get attention, or to put on a warm and beautiful, or who should give a penny. The fate of the features of the level of the individual subject to the laws by which the subconscious mind works, and the power of external circumstances. In other words, at this stage of human development is a development of one mode of attention that needs to learn to hold on-site activities and are becoming the foundations of rational thought, which is carried out by trying to purposeful activity in the world of external objects.

This level of human development can be compared to the ancient Indian varna Sudras Society (serfs, slaves of the Slavs), the main task — to mastering the basics of stress and reasonable activity in the objective world. Because of the need to structure and guide outside the right direction of their efforts, it is for the members of this caste was created by scientists external (religion), for only they can practice it. The Slavs in pre-Christian times, it was decided to treat the members of that level of development as children who are not yet able to answer for themselves (slave — boy, servant — the child in fact cognates).

The current situation is exacerbated by the process occurring between man and nature, with the result that the vast majority of people almost completely lost touch with the natural beginning in themselves and were stuck in the world of words, opinions, and all kinds of artificial information. And not just the artificial data and information created with specific and not always noble purposes.

Meanwhile, the well established that most people can perceive only what is already in their memory and worldview. Their life is not what they do not know. Because of this, the majority of today's representatives at this level do not fully understand the situation in which there are, and will deny the possibility that in the world there is something important to accept what they can not. They live in the world of opinion, they almost do not care what is in reality, and the only important thing, to accept their opinion or not.

Thus, in modern society to develop "one-headed" — is not only a "user" and "consumer" who thinks he is the crown of creation, and the king of nature. At this level may well be an entrepreneur, doctor, politician and thinker or even a scientist.

2. Mastering the word of two elements, that is, the development of a one-dimensional internal space of consciousness.

At this stage of human development is the development of attention, at the same time covering two polar process, with the gradual development of the center, which is detected or "golden mean", or the source of polarities. A man goes to his development of the periphery, that is, the world of phenomena, to the center, their source, to appear on that he needs to overcome barriers in the form of simultaneous coverage of different aspects of the same phenomenon. In this case, these barriers are well-known polarity — internal and external, victory and defeat, strength and weakness, his and others, love and separation, tension and relaxation, control and freedom, etc.

I stress — it's not so much about the neutralization of polarities, as is the case in trendy therapeutic techniques. The thing is that due to the simultaneous presence of two polarities realize a third force — the center (or axis), which is controlled by the interaction with them. By this means all of the polarities become mainstay of attention, and between them there is going through the center of the invisible line of communication, and the increasing tension between the poles of the individual is available, the more vitality it will have, the more vivid experiences are, the more internal heat of can be accomplished action. Is the development of what is known in physics as quantum superposition [12], that is, the simultaneous presence of the states, the combination of which is not possible with the classical point of view. Ability to manage the transition from the superposition states to classical and back and is the physical basis of the internal space. To do this, a center of awareness and ability to manage the interaction of this center with a variety of conditions.

Watch a cat — to spring it creates in his body line tension up-down, right-left, front-to-back. Ivory is perfect in his movements — but he does not know and does not think about how and why it is perfect. And people can not only think of perfection, but to create it.

At this stage of development, there is the desire for human dignity and Lada as life principle, the understanding that reveals the polarity of each other, can not exist without each other, help each other disclosure. With the simultaneous coverage of opposites gradually harmonized thinking, emotions, will, so far apart from each other. There are the primary manifestations of inner space — the first stage of which was not, was a point in the current state, which once evaluated, such as comfortable or not. This space feels like something almost indescribable to others, but by working with him, the man gradually achieves perfection in his chosen field. The emergence of interior space — a crucial moment in the life of each of us. That it actually means a rebirth in the Spirit.

If you ask any Master, what is the secret of his skill, most likely we'll hear something in response, at first glance, may not be relevant to the topic of "stuff to love", "to have dignity," "You can not hide from God," etc. etc. Master does not want to blow the fog as it can seem. Secret, unseen by most outsiders, is his ability to get into the space stay when you leave the opposition and the material and tools you, you and the other person, etc.

Such states, connecting incompatible, poorly expressible through language, and for those who are such states are not available, there are only hints of how this can come.

Some are beginning to explore the development of a sophisticated three-headed mind, others are going through the exact coordination, others begin to restore order in the area of emotions and feelings, including relationships with others. In any case, it is a commitment to excellence and outstanding attention inward. Commitment to excellence and attention to treatment inside — are two sides of the same coin.

It does not matter where to start — it's important to understand that other areas will eventually have to pull up to the level of the most developed. If this is the case, in parallel with the development of a three-headed in any of the areas, changes in everyday life — for example, a person acquires the ability to be both active and receptive, demanding, loving, relaxed and collected.

Anyone who loves the material you are working with, the land that goes, who is attentive to detail and subtleties of those who are persistent and can forget about yourself, who are seeking the truth and excellence in a chosen field, or simply a communion from the right cause sooner or later will find everything you need.

This level of human development can be compared varna Vaishyas (merchants, craftsmen, farmers) in the traditional Indian society, or genus Ves Slavs. The main "external" problem of this kind — the creation of material objects and relations, and internal — the pursuit of excellence in their field, which is carried out by means of harmonization of the lower Manas (thinking and feeling in forms), and the initial communication with the higher 'I'.

In a parallel system of description in Russian fairy tales, this level of human development is called the kingdom of brass, and the next — silver, gold and emerald. These stages are described in fairy tales and in the third place, as the stages of death Koshcheeva, ie death unconsciousness [13], which we have for the time controls. In this system, they are referred to as the description box, rabbit, duck, egg, needle.

3. Mastering the words of 6 elements (two-dimensional internal space of consciousness).

At this stage, there is a development "shestigolovogo 'attention. The objective of this phase of human development can be formulated as metaphorically: to harness 3 three-headed serpent in the same team, combining their central head. [14] That is to combine the three subsystems (will, mind, Wake up, each of which is characterized by the presence of 2 polarities and one center) into one, so that they not only do not conflict, reminding swan, cancer, pike, and interact in harmony, revealing each other and helping each other.

In this way the individual shares the first in their minds will, instinct and mind (that is, becomes able to distinguish between them and "work" with each part separately) and then gathers them together into a managed okay integrity. As a result, emotions, mind, and will begin to work in harmony and get quality, which they originally had, and together they form what was originally called the Mind. The mind acts as a conductor, which provides first-class sound of the whole orchestra.

For example, when the average person takes a step, it does it automatically, without noticing what is happening within and without hesitation. Here another way: at some point before the eye of the work is presented:

— instinct as arising from within the shock, initiates and coordinates the movement of various parts of the body;

— will, manifested primarily as an attempt to take off (take your weight) and to ensure the continuity of the internal effort;

— mind, manifested in the amount of concentration that allows simultaneous capture different sides of what is happening (for example, it might be all listed here, as well as the position of the major joints);

— emotions and the senses;

— lines in the body (rod) and internal supports. This gives rise to [15], some interior markings, if necessary visualized as related to the position of the body intersecting planes;

— superfast creative thinking, allowing you to create images to be taken to fulfill the instinctive sphere. This is similar to what happens in the interaction of a good rider and the horse understands his gut.

And along with all of this more and more there is a serenity, clarity and Peace inherent Mind. Set concentration becomes one single correct taste, just as the sound of instruments in an orchestra into a beautiful music, or a variety of ingredients in cooking borscht give one unique taste.

As a result, improving the ability to simultaneously cover all 6 sides of what is happening and the emergence of six pillars of attention is gained what was not previously — a new center that meets the true "I", which was known from ancient times in Russia Azom. It can be characterized by words such as support, fairness (ie ownership right vedaniyu), truth, beauty, joy, and other similar words, in many of which there is a root basis of the "RA". It is to the development of these qualities should be sought if we are to start discovering the dormant within us Azom.

At this stage of development of any human action is primarily an internal activity, recourse to domestic labors, support and strengthen inner truth, coherence and order. Interested in even a very simple lesson — to breathe, sit, walk. Unpredictable situations are no less interesting — there is a possibility of getting into the unknown and because of this change, and to check the stability of his stay in a difficult environment (for example, during a match against a strong enemy.)

In the course of these "hobbies" internal organization man more and more improved and gradually becomes similar to the internal organization of the gods. [16] At some point it (initially — with one of them), a connection is established, leading to the emergence of direct contact with the world of sheer Truth, the original field of meanings and values.

Imagine the space 12 balls, arranged around a central, and it is clear that the sum of dvenadtsatigolovost shestigolovosti unit cells, and those in turn — of the "three-headed" elements. That is, the internal laws of the organization are determined by the law of the Supreme Being Lada, which acts as a system the principle of the universe, for good reason — is the mother of Slavic gods Virgin Lada. And if we want to be co-participants of ultimate reality, it is necessary to grow a crystal-like okay ties in the soul, mind and body. Otherwise, how can be realized due to the higher level of the universe? She goes through the resonance, for which you want to sort of internal organization of the two systems.

As a result of the establishment of such a link person receives credible answers to the eternal questions — Who am I, why am I here, and so, without an answer to that can not be the full realization of the true innate vocation in this world and finding true human dignity. At this point the person clearly sees that the answers that he had previously represented a mere concept, opinion, or, at best, a vague presentiment.

Shestigolovost — it really is a human development level to which each person was supposed to aspire. And if someone is trying to another and used by another, forgetting the main — the dignity, humanity, Lada — that's his business and his choice of direction changes occurring to them.

It is here that it is possible to hit the "Eternal Now" and becomes aware of his immortality, ownership of a certain line (Rod) and likeness of God. It is here finally destroyed by ego, as a mechanism for assigning identification with the feelings and emotions of the mind. It is here that begins the conscious relation with the next level of consciousness buddhic, which becomes clear perception systems work, the nature of the "I", the ability to look into the past and the future of other people and himself …

Shestigolovosti development can take place through the management of complex systems at the same time when you need to consider many factors operating and relationships. It may contribute to the development of a set of jobs, learning each of which contributes to the success of others. Also, at this mill grist need for accurate coordination of parts of the physical body, the desire to establish relations okay in and around, participate in a general law practice, the weakening of the role of the ego, accompanied by delight, surprise, happiness and mystery.

This level of human development can be compared to the Kshatriya varna (warriors). Kshatriya problem — the service, fair management, willingness to sacrifice himself for the right to do, that is, submission of the material plane spiritual.

4. Mastering the words of 12 elements, that is, three-dimensional internal space of consciousness.

As you probably guessed, the objective of this level of human development — the development dvenadtsatigolovoy force. Lad 12ti support is almost impossible to describe, by means of use of a linear (one-headed) description. And why try to describe what he has not experienced?

A direction of the show can be. For example, the acquisition of a new order can be made through coordinated management 12ti major joints (three on each arm and leg). Consistency in this case means the awareness of all the connections between them, which, as you might guess, 12×12 = 144.

I must have experienced in combinatorics is in doubt — because each ball is associated with a friend who is 11. Consequently, all links 131. However, remember the legend of the Knights of the round table? Their twelve, and if they come to an agreement, there is the thirteenth, which Intermedia them. According to legend, for it even left an empty chair.

Here is the same. When the six began to come to a consensus, there is the seventh — center. When 12 joints come into compliance, there axle that has real content — it communicates through Heaven and Earth. This is a new level that meets the connection of several levels of Being in the whole okay.

It should be borne in mind that only by working with the body, this step can not be achieved, as well as the previous ones. In fairy tales about the battle to overcome dvenadtsatiglavogo Kalinov Most snake can only work together to Prince Ivan, Ivan — serviceman and son Ivan — of mother's son, and it is not three different people, and not the three main class of ancient society, as is generally believed. Prince symbolizes our will, soldier son — the mind, bitch (bull, cow) son — Wake (instincts), a natural part of us. Wake up — this is true in us, that by nature, the fact that we got as a result of a huge evolutionary process. This is something that will never let you down, this is based on what the life of the natural world. This is what modern people, immersed in an artificial world of information, is almost gone, and if it remains, it is only as pieces of sincerity, intuition, and aspiring Truth.

Only by combining the will, mind, and wake-up together, we create the necessary condition for victory, but it is the pursuit of perfection of movements can be used as the engine and the center, unites the efforts of the mind, body and soul, and calls for total inclusion of all available resources . In the end, not the serpent is Ivan, Ivan is not the Serpent, it is not important. It is important that the real Ivan joined with perfect Ivan, until such time as the archetype existed [17], as the Call.

By mastering a 12-headed snakes can be compared Brahmin varna (the Magi). Brahmin problem — connection of the earthly world and the heavenly world, external and internal, finding unity of soul, body, mind and spirit. They complete the evolution of the material world and prepare themselves for the transition to a plan of Brahman in the world they have everything you need done.

5. Word length 24, four interior space. As for this level of development you will not tell anybody. Neither I, nor anyone else. Not by Senka hat! And in the words of the world's language is simply no concepts corresponding to the reality. And in the world of people barely have or have had beings who know this world from their own experience. The only thing that can be said — nothing hidden, unconscious and uncontrolled to have reached this stage, no. But the converse is also true, for the world and for them it is something that is in constant formation.

Results of

We have shown that in order to understand each level of being, a certain internal organization, manifested in the dimension of the internal space and the corresponding length of the word, which he may operate. Each world makes this criterion clear and unambiguous requirements for its residents. This is not surprising, because to live in any of the world, use appropriate body and certain system connections through which the contact and interaction with other members. The fish may also like to live on the land, but no legs, no light, no means of communication with other inmates?

The evolution of the human being is characterized by the transformation of what at first seems external to his mind and sees it as a force of nature or not perceived by their own conscious control. The serpent represents the Russian fairy tales that force and related opportunities outside of the perceived or earned to date. [18] Number of goals snake — is the length of a word used to describe the state of the systems. The longer the word, the greater our ability to simultaneously take into account the various aspects of what is happening and agreed to manage them. Snakes every way to help us develop these qualities — but we can develop them only as a result of their own dedicated efforts, and finally find the serpent in the ongoing trial. And if we are working with a hidden natural power within us, development is on the same path, and if not — on the other, a much more severe and long.

We can only answer the question, as far as we go along with the forces of modern society, who claim that humans are the pinnacle of evolution and the kings of Nature, and replicate the appropriate goals and lifestyle. Or by the other pole, where people are represented as servants of God, who can only communicate with God through an intermediary in the form of members of a particular faith.

But here everyone answers himself, and his way he chooses.

Michael Zarechny

October 2009


[1] See, for example., Propp. The historical roots of the fairy tale. L., 1946, and subsequent editions of the book.

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[3] Under normal people refers to those and only those who sincerely seek to live in harmony with ourselves, nature, God, and other normal people.

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[6] Decoherence — is a process of transition from classical to quantum state. During a separate a subsystem start, separated from each other, until the complete separation and independence. This results in their localization: subsystems become visible form and "dense bodies" that separate them from each other.

[7] The idea of such a classification belongs to Sergey Doronin.

[8] in italics can be missed on a first reading, it does not affect the further understanding of the text.

[9] This is a special case of the spherical code.

[10] The author thanks Edward Shport, brilliant conductor in the depth of the Russian tradition, for this and other tips.

[11] The author is grateful to his colleague Michael Prosekina for pointing out the similarity of the heads of the serpents of Russian fairy tales with the numbers Newton.

[12] See Ch. 1 book M. Zarechny "invisible depth of the Universe", or the first chapter of "Quantum-mystical world view" of the same author,

[13] Death of Koschei the death of unconsciousness — a description of the language is not always understood in abstraction, the closest modern people. Apparently, in ancient times by death Koschei understood the transformation of the individual as a result of the victory over the king of his Koshcheev in psychophysics and in particular bone, that is, it was a concrete expression of the positive fulfillment.

[14] Apparently, it appears in many fairy tales with 9-battle-headed Serpent. According to our understanding, 9—headed serpent is one of the guises 6ti-headed, and vice versa.

[15] We emphasize that it does not arise as a result of the efforts of practices create the appropriate image, and is born spontaneously from the depths of one gains a new "I".

[16] Under the gods are understood here personified forces (principles), operating both within us and in the world. As an example, the gods of the Slavic pantheon: Veles, creator of threads Act and therefore the ruler of all, let nature, including wisdom, Perun, embodies the principle of justice and head into law, the creator of all new Svarog, weaving threads of people's lives and the law of the Gods Mokos , the goddess Lada, which bears her name embodies the principle backbone, etc. Depending on which of these principles set most closely linked, by some form of enlightenment.

[17] We proceed from the understanding of the project and the archetype as an ideal model of the development process.

[18] That is located in Navi — a world that extends beyond the Manifest, that is directly perceived, development and orderly.

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