In the army, I had a little notebook where I wrote down some his observations, made sketches. Later, after demobilization, focusing on some record, I wrote a few stories about his own service.
Here are some of them. Little, under the title "Stars. "
And I apologize in advance if something is wrong, unprofessional, because no writer I


Pamir, night, month of July … A small patch of land in a bowl of mountains located on it with debris that had once been one of our distant outposts, surrounded on all sides with large black mountains. Next to a Panj noise and carries its gold-brown muddy water somewhere down the plains … Quiet, calm, and no one around to many 10s km, and only we, the three fighter, being in the outposts, are sitting back to back in the middle of the snout, a balloon of some truck and talking quietly. And do not violate this dead silence, except for our conversation and what-a melody that we managed to catch the receiver in the middle of nowhere. Getting tired of the debate on the future civilian life, I lay back and looked at the sky ….

My disgusted opened marvelous, indescribable picture. And as I previously did not notice? On the black-and-purple-blue sky billion and billion were stars! Such, the sky is not uzreesh in our central Russia. Small, large, whole scattering of stars, some seemed to be so close that reach out and get one. And every second of it sky dissected tails falling meteorites. There were very many, a star rain was falling to the ground from the sky. And here we have the three of us looked at it sky. Make a wish quickly tired, and they all fell down and fell in different directions rascherkivaya sky glowing tails, though the desire we all have one thing: "Rather be home!"

Looking at the sky, I visited various thoughts. I admired its beauty, and realize that this is probably the only thing that is eternal, that it was for a long time before us and will come after us!

And it was impossible to realize at this point if it is either 500, a thousand years ago, when located not far from us pozabroshennom, ruined village life was in turmoil, and probably someone just looked at these Star and admired them …

The only thread that bound us to the present day in this primeval wilderness was a receiver that plays a tune, and, perhaps, the modern means of destruction for themselves frisky similar. But all this did not matter, as compared with the eternity to which we slightly touched in this old, but has long been forgotten by God place.

We — all just a measly grain of sand, crawling along the ground with his little neuvvyazkami trying to prove something, to achieve something …. Leave us, and that is after us? The same ruins, such as those on which we were sitting among this abyss? And it was somehow insulting, and at the same time simple and quiet among the mountains and under the stars of the Old East.

Calling on the radio brought me back to reality, and I almost fell out of eternity into ordinariness. Team came vorachivatsya. We got up and slowly moved towards our "point", leaving this place. I was carrying within himself something new, some new feelings and understanding that did not exist previously. That's all any of us did not look up ….

It is unlikely that I was able to pass on what I saw, felt and realized that NIGHT MODE. Maybe it? But I tried, but there really is not for me to judge …

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