Statement on missile defense — Medvedev pre-election PR?

In connection with the notorious statement of Dmitry Medvedev missile defense appeared in the media many publications concerning what is statement was nothing more than another, as part of the pre-election PR. As an alternative, why all the fuss about "asymmetric response" of the Russian Federation on the South American anti-missile plans are not up yet, not later, and in exactly a week or two before the election? Now that the election campaign is back, we can soberly analyze the essence of Medvedev's statements and his real motives.

What statement Medvedev was, of course, is timed to the election — a fact which can confirm the result by analyzing at least very design of video messages Medvedev. It was a particularly pathetic and perfect: Medvedev stood before the viewers a very large plan, against the presidential standard with the municipal coat of arms. A similar pathos always besproigryshen: it is designed for patriotic sensibility that relying on generally strong anti-American sentiment in Russian society was intended to add Medvedev headed "United Russia" voices of patriots who hold very different political views. America — the "common enemy", as the Communists, and for a very right-wing, and ordinary townsfolk, who are used to build the image of the U.S. in a dangerous enemy. Certainly, such an attitude toward the United States are not unfounded — South American military expansion around the world is a cause for just indignation. Apart from this, the status of the Russian Federation as the only counterweight to the South American nuclear potential has not been canceled.

For all the apparent rigidity of the application made no real steps, not counting the input to the work of the radar station in the Kaliningrad region, including the proposed exit Medvedev of the Russian Federation of contract START I, of course, will not follow.

According to the views of the opposition to analysts, a significant complication of relations with the West segodnyaschy authorities will not, for the simple reason that many of its members hold in the West, including the United States, its foreign currency assets have real estate uchyat there own children. There is a perception that even in the case of the creation of a situation which would directly contradict the geopolitical and defense interests of, segodnyaschy imperative elite did not dare to serious steps towards countering the West, limited to half-measures, similar to those that have been adopted on the basis of the events of August 2008.

Some Russian experts and most say creation Yankees global missile defense system, and the truth is not targeted against Russia, so it is now the main opponent of the United States is China's rapidly growing in both economic and political-military plans. The idea of confrontation strengthen the U.S. and China make sense, of course, not without, but it should not be absolute, since the fact that the acts undertaken by the United States to establish a third missile defense site have a trivial anti-Russian character, even of a purely geographical. A statement figures such Novodvorskaia repeating the sassy attitude of U.S. politicians that the European missile defense system is aimed against Iran, and assumes no danger of, so as our homeland is no longer able to resist the military power of the U.S. in the event of a nuclear conflict, and quite absurd and can not be a justification for Medvedev's populist temper.

What's all the same for the presentation of the more notable military and political professionals about the essence of the pre-election statements by the president and, namely, Dmitry Rogozin, they boil down to the fact that actions taken now Russia, timely, cost-effective and sufficient to overcome at least some defense. Despite the fact that the statements Medvedev had obvious preelection implication, the measures taken by the Russian anti-missile defense regarded by most competent military professionals as appropriate and allowing to maintain nuclear parity in the criteria for the deployment of U.S. missile defense systems by 2020. With all of this some analysts believe that in the next, with the transition of new weapons systems for border defense system and the beginning of their entry into the mass armament NATO states, the measures taken in the framework of an old paradigm that will not work, and An old weapons will not be able to neutralize the dangers posed by the introduction of new generations of weapons NATO members. After 2020 RF have to make a huge breakthrough in the creation of the generation of weapons. Basis for such a breakthrough to create now. If our homeland Eager not proceed to develop an adequate military-technical response to a potentially new challenges will not start work on the creation of a rich hypersonic aircraft, laser guns, beam weapons gallakticheskogo home, then by 2020 we can absolutely lose your defenses, becoming completely vulnerable to face of the nuclear danger.

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