Streets of Shanghai will be green boulevard

Landscaping Shanghai gaining momentum. The status of "green boulevard" will get another 53 streets. That title is a demand, as the choice will be from 80 Shanghai streets of applicants. The main condition for obtaining the status of a clean, elegant building, quiet and rich history of the street or avenue.

Streets of Shanghai will be "green boulevard"

Also an important feature of the "green light" is the presence of a large green area of precious tree species (eg, plane trees, camphor and Kolreuter). Green areas should occupy more than 90% of all street near the sidewalk and areas not related to the road. Long boulevard exceed 500 meters.
37 streets of applicants located in the business center of Shanghai, the rest belong to a suburban area. Last resort, which will define the streets, get the status of a "green boulevard", will be the Shanghai Bureau of Public Health Improvement and landscaping.
The plants' green boulevard "will be free to look after and even sprayed them nutritious mix to support their growth and health, because some instances of about 90 years. Patients and emergency hazardous trees will be removed after the regular annual check-ups.
The idea of turning the street into "green boulevard" originated in 2011, in which case the status got 20 streets. By the end of 2015 it is planned to produce attractive reorganize the status of about 300 city streets. The city administration hopes that Avenues will not only hallmark tourist Shanghai, but also play an important role in the purification of urban air.

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