Sudalenka Lawyer: And my sons have to go to school for free

Gomel human rights activist, father of three teenage sons Leonid Sudalenka addressed to the directors of the enterprise "electric transport" bus fleets number 1 and number 6 to urgently give orders about free travel for all students of Gomel.

Sudalenka"In the capital, on the orders of" Minsktrans "children in schools that receive secondary education free ride in urban passenger transport on December 7th, in Gomel, other cities — not. This creates unequal conditions for Belarusian children. Explicit discrimination against students on the basis of place of residence, because it has all the other Gomel children pay the full fare to and from school on buses and trolley buses. "

As a lawyer Sudalenka believes that the situation that has developed with the travel of children in public transport in Minsk and regions, undermining the constitutional equality of Belarusian children, enshrined in Article 22 of the Constitution Republic of Belarus.

Travel benefits children in public transport in the country were lifted in December 2007.


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