Swedish defender was denied a visa to Belarus

The Belarusian Embassy in Stockholm has rejected an application for a visa from the chairman of the human rights organization Östgruppen Martin angles. No official reasons for this decision are not given.

According to human rights, Belarus — a priority country in the activity Östgruppen. The organization has an extensive network of contacts in the Belarusian democratic circles and many years working with leading human rights organizations in Belarus.

According to Martin Corner, refusal of a visa to him — this is obviously a punishment for the criticism that he allows himself to the Belarusian authorities in connection with the state Human Rights in Belarus. The current waiver, by the way — the fourth row. Martin Corner did not allow a visit to Belarus from June 2006.

"The decision of the Belarusian embassy demonstrates that the declaration of the liberalization and democratization exists in name only. This is also evidence that the regime is afraid of public criticism from abroad," notes Martin Corner.

Nevertheless neither he nor Östgruppen not going to soothe your voice.

"When broken human rights"- He says -" it's must recognized and uncompromisingly condemned. Otherwise it will be a betrayal of the people who have suffered from abuse of the Belarusian authorities. "


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