Meeting with PhD, writer, researcher, Church Slavonic, a prominent figure in the Russian national revival Leonidovna Tatiana Mironova, in the studio "Slavophil."

We will study the Old Russian language, and, in comparison with him, drevleslovensky. Otherwise, plunging into the elements drevleslovenskogo without relying on the old-we pretty much just do not understand or misunderstand. The emphasis will be on imparting the rudiments of creative thinking, not on phonetics and morphology, both in academic textbooks on Old Church Slavonic language. Why is that? Phonetic interpretation of the ancient drop caps does not give access to the understanding of information (semantic), embodied in readable text. For the ancient language is a system not only reading, but, basically, the system removal of hidden meaning of these texts. Outsiders take everything literally written and knowledgeable "keys" that are encrypted. Therefore, the phonetic reading — it is not a "key" to understanding the depth, and only, the sound symbol readable characters, giving us the existential understanding of an ancient text and nothing else.


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