Teddy bear came to the supermarket and hid in vegetables

Teddy bear walked into a supermarket in Ketchikan, Alaska.
Animal, according to eyewitnesses, crept into the store through the automatic doors, but somehow no one noticed what happened. Once in a supermarket, a small bear, apparently panicked and decided to hide. He ran in the produce department, mounted on stands with food and started to walk on them.
Hands-free in the store was the announcement of the Bear, and the employee went to the meat department of a vegetable to catch the animal.

Bear caught one of the visitors to the supermarket. The man grabbed the animal and carried it to the door. Uninvited visitor magazine released in the nearby forest.

Local biologists, nevertheless it expressed concern about the fate bear. According to experts, it can be an orphan because his mother next to a supermarket could be found.

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