Tereshchenko again promised his portrait on the money, and Romanchuk protection from the war with the Kremlin

December 2 on Belarusian television were the presidential candidates Viktor Tereshchenko and Yaroslav Romanchuk. Tereshchenko again promised that a dollar will be worth one ruble. Romanchuk urged voters to come to October Square on December 19.

During his speech, economist Victor Tereshchenko decided to answer the questions put to him by citizens. He devoted much of the economy. The candidate said he would make a stable and converted the Belarusian ruble, thus answering and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Mr. Tereshchenko said do it really and again demonstrated graphics.

"For 16 years, the Belarusian ruble has depreciated against the dollar in 4000 again. So people in the country, banks, businesses buy and accumulate dollars and euros. And this time this money is also impaired. Buying dollars we do not work on yourself, and the world bankers. "

According Tereshchenko, skyrocketing foreign debt, which has reached half of the annual GDP. At every citizen of Belarus is approximately $ 2,600. He pointed out that prices are kept at the expense of low-wage workers. And the government is pursuing a strategy of backward countries that attract foreign financial capital. Tereshchenko offer to provide independence from foreign currency through shares of companies. He promises an initial course — three rubles for one dollar and reliable stabilization of the ruble.

"For 5-7 years, if not sooner, will come to the U.S. one to one. And the salaries, pensions, stipends, payments will rise in our national currency and to reach the European level."

As president, Mr. Tereshchenko promised to put your portrait on a banknote one ruble. For constitutional reform, he said that this issue requires extensive discussion and referenda. However, due to the substitution of democracy adinavladdem one person committed serious mistakes that lead to economic collapse. He also touched on relations with Russia.

"Building the Union State of Belarus and Russia without the participation of citizens agreements presidents, governments and even the constitutional act of the union state legally flawed."

Tereshchenko also promised to each of the candidates including Lukashenko responsible positions in the country.

Yaroslav Romanchuk told about the basic directions of its program "A million jobs." Like, in contrast to the leaders of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the proponents of change in Belarus know what to do further. Romanchuk promises order, stability and the rule of law.

"Our government is essentially as bad students took and rewrote our program and trying to give her his own. They realize it can not, because they do not have the conviction that this program is needed for the future of Belarus. Regarding our ministers, they have written off the words, but as is often the Losers, they do not understand their meaning. "

According Ramchanuka, the thesis "million jobs" also appeared in the program of the Russian president Medvedev. Speaking about relations with Russia and the European Union Romanchuk said that the friendship of the EU does not deny the friendship and partnership with Russia.

"So bad, when we start to fight with the Kremlin, with" Gazprom ", oil companies, and it turns into enmity, almost peoples. This is a very bad trend, I am opposed to quarrel with someone, especially with such a great country like Russia. And here we are in balance and obtain a realization of the thesis open country. "

My friend, who in 2004 were deported from Belarus once joked to those people, who like to self-isolation, their neighbors, their loved ones, have come up with a new sign of the zodiac — goof. So we do not need to be in this zodiac sign. We need our country to be a full-fledged country of the European community. "

Romanchuk finished his speech calling on him not to take part in early voting, as these voices can steal. He also urged to come to October Square in Minsk on December 19
20 hours to demand justice and fair elections. He also believes that the second round will take place.

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