Tereshchenko said his car brakes spoiled

Presidential candidate Viktor Tereshchenko has not yet decided whether he would complain to the police about that unknown persons damaged his car.

"The car was repaired. Now the two men are constantly guarded by a car "- said Tereshchenko" Freedom. "

Earlier presidential candidate stated that someone damaged the brake system and spratsovvannya airbags in his car, "Dodge Caravan".

Tereshchenko connects this incident with his participation in the campaign presidential election.

"Who needs Tereshchenko December 25 Anyone. And until the 19th need … Could this be that I hurt my wife, and she takes revenge on me — because I do not have a mistress, "- said Viktor Tereshchenko.

Because of such incidents, the candidate has emerged the idea to withdraw from the election. "After all, you can just take off and not have all these problems. And you can always think of: that there could damage or throw in my car? "- said in an interview with BelaPAN Tereshchenko.

He also said that the search for criminals who ruined his car will be the staff of the KGB.



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