Testament grandparents in here and now …

Testament grandparents in here and now ...

Set Axis and establish
high-vertical relationship with Rod,
Power to restore order
and to fulfill the duty to his ancestors,
For the prosperity of the Russian land!

Ancestors of a task set:
first define a vertical relationship with Rod, all the experience of our neighbors,
shtob everyone knew who he was, what lives
what climate change on Earth
occur and will occur, where the settlement
build based obscherodovoy "plan = Cards"
Cloths alive.
ie first vertically and then horizontally = association in power.
All siddhis = ability to identify people and
and events are given to the "machine" at the right time, then zaberayutsya again activated, as required,
— all this, that it is easy in life man walked, without much cargo.
For every life there Scrolls built into the scroll of the family, the family — in the tribal roll.
They write about the past, present and future,
These golden twisted inserted into each other scrolls man creates together with neighbors to proyavleniya = birth in reality.
I walk the paths of knowledge transfer methodology yield the perception of the Ancestors,
shtob one was not "blind kitten"
while becoming conscious co-creator,
teacher himself and svaim family.
Then we join together in the horizontal plane = ancestral village.

ask the Cossacks … there … there is a generic Axis idols?
Not knowing obscherodovoy "master plan"
defend Russia as sole
and very hard, but for us Rod
Each of us, as the tip of one of the branches of the lightning, which applied full power Rod
all grandparents, great-grandparents.
Grandparents and said … first establish vysokochastotku = generic kummiry.
Cloth seen alive of our country,
It is woven by 2/3
ie in the "information-energy plan"
to the Government and the Na'vi.
Third — this is reality, the responsibility on us to show.
Each has a corresponding point of his powers, this is not the meaning of life and the duty to his ancestors … Here everyone decides …
help grandfathers, great-grandfathers in their case,
be in co-creation.

will please …
in Russia will power!
Everyone who now decides to co-create matter,
will live in it, embodied in svaih descendants on earth, or to live in
svaem its present body of a long term.

Those who choose to play in voynushku,
will parallelke = world wars, the electronic concentration camp or go to the archive world freeze.
We're going to see these worlds, living in a prosperous nation, sometimes segaya (seganut)
parallelki in 2-3 minutes (equivalent to two months in the earthly world of wars, slavery)
who wants to, can be cleaned rake =
Wednesday, finding co-creators.
Remember the pile dreams where Santa comes
from the forest to the city, to look INTO, but how …
bratno and goes through translucent stenochku in Nature = is at Rode.
Each unleashed …
played in voynushku or generic thing to put.

Glory Bo (10apr.2011)

We are in the family, genus in us!

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