The Americans have shown an attack mini-drones


University of Pennsylvania engineers have learned a lot of miniature flying machines to perform complex coordinated maneuvers. Spectacular somersaults that nanovertolety get up in the air, shots seem a sci-fi movie.

Kushleev Alex (Alex Kushleyev), Daniel Mellinger (Daniel Mellinger) and Vijay Kumar (Vijay Kumar) from the University of Pennsylvania's GRASP Lab teamed up with producer KMel Robotics. Together they have programmed 20 minikopterov and got a small remote-controlled air battalion.

Roy was named Kvadrorotory Nano (Nano Quadrotors). While popular console has no bearing on the case, innovation does not take typewriters. Maneuvering in the air, they simply line up the most intricate shapes as good habit of Chinese circus artists.

For example, in one test minikopteram was given the task to move along a path G with what kvadrorotory coped brilliantly! The devices are also easily overturned in the air and around obstacles, dividing into separate groups.

But scientists, of course, pored over by a swarm of robots is not for the sake of entertainment — concerted action platoon miniature machines in the future may be useful on the battlefield, in the rescue operations, tracking what else objects when searching for victims and the construction of buildings.

Technical details of the developers have not yet reported. Remains impressive to watch a video of the joint flight minikopterov.



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