The Americans pulled to work … in China!

For many years, American jobs went abroad, in countries such as China and India. Now behind them and pulled the workers themselves.

"I'm just tired of what's happening with the economy at home. I thought that in other countries, I might get lucky, "says Francine — a former real estate agent in Las Vegas, which is in search of work has recently moved to the city of Xi'an, in central China.

She works two jobs, but says that the standard of living in China, it is better, than when she left Nevada. "It's kind of ironic — the middle class in China is growing, whereas in America — is declining."

Francine, who spoke with on condition of anonymity before the move there, had never been to China, and does not speak Chinese. But here she found enough local speakers of their language, and says, "when I meet someone who does not speak English, then I play with him in the charade." Francine and her husband moved into a small apartment, where he works in the field of import / export, and she works as a freelance journalist. She said that she was surprised by the difference in the relations with the neighbors, who felt immediately.

"Being poor is always bad, but if you have difficulty with the income, when you live in the U.S., people do not treat you very well," says the 28-year-old Francine. "In China, people are very polite and respectful, despite your financial status, and I love it."

On the U.S. labor force working abroad, there is no accurate data. In 2004, the U.S. Census Bureau will first try to lead, and then pelting statistics about 4 million at the time Americans working abroad. In 2009, the U.S. State Department has said that it believes that overseas live 5.3 million Americans, but said that figure is outdated. This means that you can not figure out how much the world of Francine. But a collection of anecdotes from around the world means that many Americans are analyzed, and understand for themselves the same as the American corporations — the life outside the U.S. is cheaper, and in some ways easier than in the U.S.. Opposite trend to that lasted 400 years — now workers are leaving America to try his luck elsewhere.

"Once the market collapsed, the only job you can find, this is a temporary, or work with a high turnover. In any case, to make ends meet I was not reduced, not to mention something to save. So after a grueling debate with myself, I decided to sell what little I had, and the rest put in a locker, and three hundred dollars in my hand, I flew to China. "

Americans are looking for work around the world. Immediately after the financial crisis, many experts on finance and investment bankers on Wall Street have fled to Hong Kong and other Asian countries, where the banking sector is still thriving. Americans settle in Australia and China. Now Australia's third American who makes a request for a work visa, to them only with the British and Indians, and stream them over the past five years has increased by 80 percent.

"I constantly get emails from people saying things like," I can not find a job here in the States, so I want to go abroad, "said William Beaver, who manages the site for the American emigrants called

Wally also wished to remain anonymous, three years ago left the west coast of Florida, and went to work in the UAE.

"It is not easy to leave the house," he says. "The biggest challenge for me was when I left, it left behind a wife and two children. My wife and I agreed that I would go first prozondiruyu area, and then they will come. It is important to have the support of the family, before you go on an adventure like this. "

Francine have had such a plan, as a support, as in the case of Wally.

"My family was in shock, and that's putting it mildly, and many were against my decision to leave," she said. "My grandmother took some time to understand how American can leave America."

Most important, says Francine, is to be open.

"People are people everywhere. Either way, you can start a new life, "she says. "If you have enough courage to just take your passport, and if you have enough money for a ticket, put your heart favorite little things in a locker and go to China."

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