The area will become a bridge for Kalinowski Kalinove government and the opposition?

In the Belarusian folk tales, scary, and a three-headed dragon vognedyhaga could win only in one place — on Kalinove bridge. What makes a good fellow and-hero of the people — has caused the enemy to the bridge and he would cut off all three heads. The area will be Kalinowski so Kalinove bridge in the struggle for power in Belarus? And what does the archetype of the father in the traditional Belarusian culture? This we ponder with etnakulturolyagam Antonina Khotenko.

Michas Scoble

Michas Scoble"In Soviet times, the polling station was perceived as a trading point: it was possible to buy scarce food. Now what is the attitude of the overwhelming majority of the people in the elections?"

Antonina Khotenko: "From my own observations and reasoning (my windows open onto a school polling station), take the liberty to conclude that the election is gradually ceased to play in our society and the role of point of sale, and the role of the festive grounds, where there were many who sutseshna back in high spirits . Elections — the phenomenon of a dull, no matter how padvyaselvayuts their singing and music. tedious because of its hopelessness. tedious and forced action. rare exception today, a person with hunting and faith in the end result in a hurry to vote. Far not everyone is able to participate in the waste to the details performances, where he was assigned the role of a fool. "

Scoble: "In our folk tales, the hero to defeat the Dragon, causing him to fight on viburnum bridge. Called Lee October Square, area Kalinowski, a kind of bridge itself Kalinove? Where, in what area of the Belarusian authorities pachuvatsmetstsa weakest?"

On viburnum bridge out only courageous. The current government in October Square prezentavalasya only through the forces of repression …

Khotenko: "Name — this is the code to connect to a certain energy in the cosmos. So what energy remains an area that is called the October? Resistance, destruction, hatred. Kalinove And on the bridge, by the way, there are the same energy coupling. Indeed, the mythical bridge — actually a fine line between the old and the new, the beginning and the end of darkness and light, death and salvation. place of transition — from one state to another. Usually, in the archaic sense, the transition point localizable in the desert, swamp, bog, on a fiery river. And it appears as symbol of choice: from yesterday to tomorrow, from the familiar to the unknown world. Belarus this world — ordinary, stability, predictability, and a special, for Kalinove bridge — a secret, sacred field of transformation, of change. And look there, the more to go — scary . viburnum on the yield of only courageous. current government in October Square prezentavalasya only through the forces of repression. When assailed by the one who can not see, who exposes himself instead of some terrible car? And the brave who gave the area the name of Constantine Kalinowski (or hear you consonance with Kalinove bridge?) in the subconscious hope of relief ancestors, warriors of special, really had to really fight with anyone. Authority under such conditions faceless. "

So fabulous ancient wedge breaks the code, code. It turns out that the choice is really viburnum bridge from one side only. On the part of a special,

The power derives from October, the enemy — with Kalinowski …

peramenlivastsi, errors, obsolete — because of the new. In the space of fairy tale character is the Dragon, which swallow the heavenly bodies and established the kingdom of darkness, zastylastsi on the fight. Kalinovy bridge — clean, by itself it is neutral. But he separates the two worlds — a cold, unchanging and supported by the ancestors of the warm, even hot-rebels, evolutionary, agile. Now essential: who of opponents from what source, the energy will be fed. From whose source of greater strength, will win. Here are the facts of history (this is also a memory-to-energy): October Square nearly a century accumulating ability to panishchennya freedom and Kastus Kalinowski with his desire for freedom struck imperial dragon's strength. This is confirmed. The characters do not make mistakes. The power derives from October, the enemy — with Kalinowski. Moral categories are not included here. Only the power of energy. In our case, the government does not consider it necessary itself out "fight or put up" the square, sending assistants — special forces. Defining fight does not work.

And where is that power would weaken? There are, of course, the place of power in the land, and would give them the power of the hero-liberator. Only the power does not hear, does not know and needs that have not: there is not it will draw. And this category is not geographical but spiritual. Can win the one who is fighting force is not simple — tells tale — and the power of purpose. Apparently, the purpose of our heroes, eager to return to the light, while they were too abstract to rovnenko get them into the code of victory, as the Widow's son got into the heads of the Dragon. "

"If Lukashenko became known familiarly in" father ", I thought that it would be against — it's all the same nickname. But not only did he not mind, as he likes to call himself. What is the archetype of the father in the Belarusian traditional culture?"

Taken over the head of the Belarusian mission "father of the nation" gives him the right to keep everyone under surveillance, judgment for others, punish and pardon, shelter and protect. Here you have a strong hand, and the "good father, a good father, and my mother angry" …

Khotenko"My father in the home, in the traditional family — not just the owner, manager (sometimes — autocratically), but the living embodiment of the male line kind of responsible for the continuation and prosperity. For this reason, the expected birth of his son and grief were the daughters.'s Mother in the family has a much more chinnuyu role — trymalnitsy th abyarozhnitsy spirit, she learns to love. Instead father taught to fight, to defend himself. tradition in this way builds up the balance. least outside. But we live is a tradition long ago. Taken over the head of the Belarusian mission " father of the nation "gives him the right to keep everyone under surveillance, judgment for others, punish and pardon, shelter and protect. Here you have a strong hand, and the" good father, a good father, and my mother angry "… Father — undisputed authority. U all our myths, legends, ballads father strong as flint, inaccessible, hard-edged: it decides which children give any share of the inheritance, whom with whom to marry. This character infused with Asian culture, primarily — from Russia. "

Scoble: "In the vernacular, and there is such a word -" pavtatak. "This is a bad father, who did not look after children who are not cared for the home and family. Who Lukashenko — the" father "and for whom" pavtatak "?"

Khotenko: "Parents" Lukashenko appears for the weak, frightened, helpless and idle solve anything, to take responsibility. For infantile Belarusians in a generalized manner. "Father," it recognizes lazy bum, necessity is the mother that when a revolution, "that was not rich." And then — love is mutual. Unfortunately, I will not say that these were not enough: the Soviet authorities have produced an army of aggressive subordinates. And it is clear: they can n
ot stand the home-guardians. After all, they have already chosen their master-master, and true caring for ever and ever. Therefore, each striving for freedom, for independence has represented samanazvanaga "fathers" pavtatka, who does not, can not evolve and stay wise soil. Those who do not recognize in him the "father", preventing him from driving and cares about the general happiness. And so it deprives them of what? How deprived always, at all times: the language and heritage, water and bread. And stubbornly goes on viburnum bridge to open struggle. "

Scoble: "Poet Znich, aka Oleg Bembel, he's my brother Nicholas — Zhirovichsky monk of the monastery, like publicly read his poem with these lines:" Children do not choose his father, the Lord gives children a father. "How Belarusians tend to agree with the thesis of the church: the power of each God? "

Khotenko: "Belarusians not that showed a tendency — they are always ready to serve the government — paslannitsy God. Moreover, it is to serve meekly bear the cross, which is to shoulder vladatrymalnik. Especially the kind of attitude to power promotes the Orthodox Church. But adslanivshysya of Christianity, we find the same formula and the power of God's relationship to popular culture: every nation deserves its leaders. Thus, each holder of beats, like a mirror, what is a community, which he directs. And it is conceived above — to a man dared to look yourself in the eye and … took a chance on change — themselves, and thus gradually and the world around them. Belarusians while hiding from themselves, which shows them their head and lose the rest of ethnicity. That's the way God teaches us through the power of self-preservation — not in the sense of the physiological one (we have adapted a little too!), But primarily in the context of the spiritual. After all, how much we respect ourselves in the presence of God, so is able to defend the right to live in freedom, to live in freedom, as bequeathed from Moscow Konstantin Kalinowski gallows. "

Scoble: "Lukashenko does not act on BT — along with all the candidates for president. Instead, his performances show TVC from" The Belarusian land. "What does that mean?"

Khotenko"What should it mean? Look — look — and the Belarusian land, with all its beauty — bright business card, the head of the country's insignia. Personification There is a look of Lukashenko in Belarus and mistyfikatsyynae turning it into Belarus. At the archaic shamanic culture was some secret rituals to the personification of the deity — a representative of the High Holy deeds for the sake of peace on earth. Such is the sanctification of the country's leader and his chynnastsi, of course, causes some Belarusians unconscious desire to worship and pray. asvyatarvannya And in the context of the country's leader, the deification of the role of a documentary film about the eternal th Belarus election instead of a beautiful presentation — just a vivid illustration of identification Lukashenko with the Fatherland, a fiefdom, which is his body and his blood. "

Scoble: "There is such a term in sociology — paternalism. It means the need for a strong hand. From this point of view, whether Belarusians paternalistic nation? "

"Verily, Byelorussian — it is a tricky one. To really fall and a strong hand to choke on something he does not agree …

Khotenko: "Verily, Byelorussian — it is a tricky one. To really fall and a strong hand to choke on something he does not agree. But to pretend that he did not know how, and can not just hope for a strong king is — it's in our nature is present. Yes More pazhyvlena socialism. Even today sent a letter from the villages Lukashenko that the roof is leaking, that the well water was gone. Belief in the host, who knows everything and decides everything seems to germinate in our people through and through. Moreover, relics padymperskay consciousness invariably manifest: every officer in place worse than a good king, and the strong hand of the righteous shall punish him for all order and install. turns out that we — the nation is not paternalistic, from the strong hands trying to escape. To not grabbed by the throat. prylavchylisya But to use the hand on good. So what we did a nation? subservient or freedom-loving? And here there is a certain symbiosis. example, freedom-loving, and it witnessed and confirmed by historical events. But is subject to, which is also found historically. Therefore, I dare say, Belarusians — the nation wise. Indeed, once this paduladnastsi will grow. Olya not revolutionary, not devastating, not destructive, and — a real, made. "

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