The atrocities of Bandera

And such atrocities on account of "Heroes of Ukraine!"

Read and absorb. This will bring to the consciousness of our kids. We need to be trained properly interpret detailed the horrible truth about the crimes of the heroes of Bandera Zvarych-horuzhevskoy civilization.
Detailed submissions against the "heroes of civilization" in this land with a peaceful population can just dig in any search engine.

It is our proud history.

"… Upovtsy a day anniversary of the UPA decided to present his own" general "an extraordinary gift — 5 goals, cut off from the Poles. He was pleasantly surprised by both the gift and the ingenuity of his own subordinates.
A similar "zeal" embarrassed even seasoned Germans. Commissioner General of Volhynia and Podolia Obergruppenfiihrer Chesnais requested "Metropolitan" Polycarp Sikorsky appease his "flock" May 28, 1943: "National thugs (my italics) exert their activity also in attacks on unarmed Poles. According to our calculations, this tormented day 15 thousand Poles! Colonies Janov Plain does not exist. "

In "Chronicle SS Infantry Division" Galicia ", which led her Branch council, a subsequent post:" 03/20/44 was: in Volyn, which may already be in Galicia, Ukrainian rebel, who boasts that his own Motuzko strangled 300 Shower Poles. He is considered a hero. "

Poles from afar 10s volumes of just such evidence of genocide, none of which Bandera nor denied. Same stories about similar acts of the Home Army typed less than the total book. Well, that has to be coupled with significant acknowledgments.

It is not paid attention to the Poles and examples of charity on the part of the Ukrainians. For example, in Virke Kostopil Dzekanskaya Francis County, carrying her 5-year-old little daughter Jadzia, was fatally wounded by a bullet Bandera. The same bullet grazed the leg of a baby. In the past 10 days baby when my mother was killed by eating grains of spikelets. Rescued girlfriend Ukrainian teacher.

With all this, he probably knew what he risked a similar attitude towards "outsiders". After all, in the same county Bandera muzzled two Ukrainian kids just because they were raised in a Polish family, and 3-year Stasik Pavlyuk smashed his head against the wall, holding his legs.

Obviously, the terrible vengeance waited and Ukrainians who were treated without hostility to Russian liberators. District conductor Ivan Revenyuk OUN ("Proud") recalled how "the night of the village Hmyzovo brought to the forest village lady 17-years, or even less. Her fault was that she shared with other rural girls walked to the dance, when the village was a military unit of the Red Army. Kubik (UPA neighborhood of army brigade commander "Tours") saw a lady and asked Varnakov (conductor Kovel neighborhood) permit personally interview her. He saw to it that she confessed that "walked" with the soldiers. The woman swore that it was not. "I'm at the moment is check" — smiled Cube, concentrating knife pine stick. A moment later, he jumped to a captive and a sharp point began to stick it between your legs until they had driven a stake through the pine penis girls. "

One night, gunmen burst into the Ukrainian village Lozovoye and a half hours destroyed more than 100 of its inhabitants. The family Dyagun banderovets hacked three children. To the smallest four-Vladik, cut off the hands and feet. The family Makukh killer caught two kids — 3-year and ten-Ivasik Joseph. Ten-month child, litsezrev man rejoiced with laughter and held out her hands, showing their four cloves. But the fierce bandit slashed with a knife head kid, and his little brother Ivasik ax chopped down.

From the village Volkovyya one night Bandera led into the forest the whole family. Long-sneered the evil fruit people. Then litsezrev that the wife of the head of household is pregnant, she cut tummy, He pulled out of the fruit, but instead he pushed a live bunny.

"They have eclipsed their atrocities even sadistic German SS men. They tortured our people, our farmers … Do we not know that they cut malehankih kids hitting the stone wall of their heads so that the brains of their crashes. Terrible massacres — that these acts of crazed wolves "- cried Yaroslav Galan. With a similar anger denounced the atrocities of Bandera and the OUN Miller and UPA Bulba-Borovets, and the government of the West Ukrainian People's Republic in exile, and the Alliance Getmantsev-statists, who settled in Canada.

Let delayed, but still repent of their own sins, and some Bandera. So in January 2004, the editors of "Soviet Luhansk" old lady came and gave a packet from a bygone own not so long ago, the life of a friend. Explained to the guest editors that her visit she makes a last will of the native of the Volyn region, active in the past banderovki that is the end of life rethought his life and decided to own confession, at least for a small fraction of redeem the incorrigible sin.

"I hope Vdovichenko Timofeevna, a native of Volyn … I and my family, please forgive us all posthumously, because when people will read this letter I will be gone (my girlfriend fulfill the order.)
Parents were five of us, we were all avid Bandera: brother Stephen, sister Anna, I, sisters Olga and Nina. We all walked in Bandera, slept days of the huts, and the NIGHT MODE walked and drove through the villages. We were given a task to strangle those who harbored the Russian prisoners and prisoners themselves. This was done by men, and we, ladies, fingering clothes, cattle and pigs were taken from dead people, cattle slaughtered, all processed, stewed and placed in drums. At one point in one night in the village of Romanov suffocated 84 people. Older people of old times and strangled, and kids malehankih the legs — one, hit head on the door — and ready, and in air. We are sorry for the guys of their own that they are firmly Namuchaetes a night, but for a day otospitsya and the subsequent night — in another village. There were people who were hiding. If a man was hiding, mistaken for the ladies …
On the other Verkhovka removed: spouse Kovalchuk Tilimona long been recognized, where he was and did not want to open, but she was threatened, and she had to open it. Said: "Tell me where the spouse, and we will not touch you." She admitted that in a stack of grass, took it out, flogged, flogged until the score. A two kids, Stepan and Olga, were great kids, 14 and 12 years old … Younger torn in two, and my mother Yunkov no longer had to strangle her heart rupture occurred. In groups of young healthy young men were taken to stifle the people. Thus, of the two brothers Verkhovka LEVCHUK, Nicholas and Stephen, did not want to choke, ran home. We have sentenced them to flogging. When went after them, the father says, "Take sons — and I am coming." Kalina, a spouse, too, says: "Take a spouse — and I am coming." They brought them for 400 yards and Nadia asks: "Release the Kohl 'and Kohl says Nadia, do not ask, I Banderov no one has asked for leave and you can not scrounge." Kohl destroyed. Nadia killed, his father killed, and Stepan took alive, two weeks were taken into the house in his underwear — shirt and pants, steel ramrods thrashed to recognize where the family, but it was hard, anything is not admitted, and beat him last night, he asked the toilet, one took him, and was a
powerful storm, the toilet was out of the grass, and Stepan broke through the grass and ran away out of our hands. We were given all the data from Verkhovka countrymen Peter Rimarchuk, Zhabsky and Puch.
…In Novoselki Rivne region was one member of the Komsomol Motrya. We took her on to the old Verkhovka Zhabskomu and let's get at the heart of living. An old Salivon in one hand holding clock, and another heart to see how much more will to fight heart in his hand. And when they came to Russia, the sons wanted to put a monument to him, they say, fought for Ukraine.
There was a Jewish woman with a child, ran away from the ghetto, suspended her, beat and buried in the woods. One our bandera walked the girls-Pole. Gave him an order to remove them, and he said he had thrown off into the creek. Their mother came running, crying, asking not beheld if I say no, let's go find, we go over a creek, me and my mom there. We were given the order: Jews, Poles and Russian prisoners of war and those who hide them all to choke without mercy. Strangled family Severino, and the daughter was married in another village. She arrived in Romanov, and parents do not, she started to cry and let's dig up things. Bandera came odezhku taken away, and his daughter alive in the same box was closed and buried. And stay home with her two kids malehankih. And if children came with her mother, and then they were used in that box. Was still in our village Kublyuk. He was sent to Kotov, Kivertsovsky area to work. After working week and that after all — Kublyuku beheaded, and his daughter took the adjacent youth. Bandera gave the order to destroy his daughter Sonja, and Basil said: "We go into the forest to fetch wood." Come on, brought Basil Sonia dead, and people said that the tree was destroyed.
He lived in our village Oytsyus Timothy. Old-old grandfather that he spoke so be it, it was a prophet of God. When the Germans came, they told him outright that there is such a village, and the Germans immediately went to the old, so he said, that they will … And he says to them: "Do I not say to you, since you're going to kill me." The negotiator has promised that his finger will not touch. Then the grandfather to them and says: "Until you reach Moscow, but it'll get away from there as you can." The Germans did not touch, but when an old prophet said Bandera, that choking people in Ukraine they will do nothing, then they came Bandera thrashed until such time as not score.
Now outline about my family. Brother Stepan was an avid banderovets, and I was not far behind him, walked everywhere from Bandera, although she was married. When they came to Russia, the arrests began, people were taken. Our family too. Olga agreed at the station, and she was released, but came Bandera taken and strangled her. Father stayed with his mother and sister Nina in. My mother is old. Nina refused to go to work for Russia, while the bosses offered her work as a secretary. But Nina said that the Russian pen in hand does not want to keep. Again she went to meet him, "If you do not want to do anything, then sign it, that will give Bandera, and we'll let you go home. Nina, the long-term thinking, painted, and she was released. Nina still had not come home, as it is expected Bandera gathered assembly of young men and women and judge Nina: Look, they say, who would raise his hand to us, with all of it will be. According to the present day do not know where to divide.
Throughout his life, wore a heavy stone in the heart, because I believe on Bandera. I could even realize what kind of person, if someone utters something to Bandera. And they cursed, and let them be cursed by God and man for ever and ever. How many innocent people cut down, and now they wish their patrons prirovnyat to Ukraine. And with whom they have fought wars? With its neighbors, damned murderers. How much blood on their hands, how many boxes of buried alive. People were taken, but they still do not want to vorachivatsya that Bandera.
Tearfully beg you, people, forgive me my sins "(the newspaper" Sovetskaya Luganschina ", January 2004, N 1) …"

135 torture and atrocities of terrorists OUN — UPA to the peaceful population

Hammering huge and thick nail into the skull head.
Peeling from the head of hair from the skin (scalp).
Striking ax to the skull head.
Striking ax on his forehead.
Cutting on the forehead "eagle."
Driving a bayonet in the temple of the head.
Driving the 1st eyes.
Driving the 2-eye.
Circumcision nose.
Crop 1st ear.
Circumcision of both ears.
Spiking kids colas through.
Penetration pointed a thick wire through from ear to ear.
Circumcision lips.
Circumcision language.
Cutting larynx.
Cutting the throat and pulling through the hole to the outside of language.
Cutting the throat and inserting a piece of the hole.
Knocking out teeth.
Breaking the jaw.
Tearing his mouth from ear to ear.
Caulk tow mouths when transporting victims were still alive.
Cutting the neck with a knife or sickle.
Striking an ax in the neck.
Vertical chopping the head with an ax.
Folding back of the head.
Crush injury of the head, putting in a vice and tighten the screw.
Cutting off the head with a sickle.
Cutting off the head oblique.
Cutting off the head with an ax.
Striking an ax in the neck.
Application of stab wounds of the head.
Cutting and contraction of narrow strips of skin from the back.
Application of other stub wounds on his back.
Striking a bayonet in the back.
Breaking the bones of the chest ribs.
Striking a knife or bayonet in the heart or near the heart.
Application of stab wounds chest with a knife or bayonet.
Cutting the ladies breast sickle.
Cutting the ladies chest wounds and sprinkling with salt.
Cutting the sickle male genitalia victims.
Carpenter sawing a body in half by a saw.
Application of stab wounds belly with a knife or bayonet.
Penetration tummy pregnant lady with a bayonet.
Cutting the tummy and pulling out the intestines of adults.
Cutting a lady with pregnancy tummy on bolshennom term and inserting instead of dredged fruit, for example, a live cat and stitching tummy.
Cutting the tummy and infusion into the boiling water — boiling water.
Cutting the abdomen and inserting it into the stones, and cast into the river.
Cutting the pregnant ladies tummy and a rash of broken glass inside.
Tearing lived from the groin to stop.
The insertion in the groin — vagina hot iron.
Insertion into the vagina of pine cones along the top side.
Insertion into the vagina of a pointed stake and propihivanie it to the throat, right through.
Cutting the front part of the body to the ladies garden knife from the vagina to the cervix and leaving the insides out.
Hanging over the interior of the victims.
The insertion into the vagina glass bottle and smashing it.
Inserting into the rectum a glass bottle and smashing it.
tting the tummy and rash inside feed, so called feed meal for hungry pigs that feed pulled this together with intestines and other innards.
Cutting off the ax of one hand.
Ax chopping off both hands.
Penetration her hands with a knife.
Cutting off fingers on the hand with a knife.
Cutting off the hands.
Cauterizing the inside of the palm on a hot stove coal cuisine.
Cutting off the heels.
Amputation of the foot above the heel bone.
Breaking blunt implements arm bones in several places.
Breaking blunt implements the leg bones in several places.
Sawing the body, overlaid with 2-side of the board, in half a carpenter saw.
Sawing in half by a special body saw.
Sawing off saw both feet.
Dropping related foot hot charcoal.
Nailing hands to the table, and a stop to the floor.
Nailing on the cross in the church of the hands and feet nails.
Beating victim in the head with an ax, with the previously laid on the floor.
Striking an ax to the trunk.
Ax chopping a body into pieces.
Breaking the quick feet and hands in the so-called shoulder strap.
Nailing a knife to the table first malehankih child who later hung on it.
Cutting a child with a knife into pieces and throwing them around.
Razparyvanie tummy children.
Nailing malehankih child with a bayonet to the table.
Hanging a male child of the genitals on the door handle.
Driving the child's leg joints.
Driving the joints of the hand the child.
Strangulation child nakidyvaniem it different cloths.
Throwing malehankih kids live in the deepest pit.
Throwing a baby in a flame of fire burning building.
Breaking head kid, took him by the legs and hitting the wall or oven.
Monk's legs hanging around the department in the church.
Landing a child for the count.
Hanging on the tree lady legs up and over her izymatelstvo — cutting off his chest and tongue, belly cut, eye gouging, and cutting off pieces of the body with a knife.
Nailing malehankih baby nails to the door.
Hanging on a tree head skyward.
Hanging on a tree feet skyward.
Hanging on a tree and singeing their feet up from the bottom of the head fire ignited a fire under his head.
Dropping down from the mountains.
Retraction in the river.
Depression of dropping into the deepest pit.
Retraction in the well and throwing the victim stones.
Piercing fork, and after roasting pieces of the body on fire.
Throwing in a forest clearing in the adult flame campfire around which the Ukrainian girls sang and danced to the sounds of the accordion.
Driving a stake in the tummy through and strengthening it in the ground.
Tying a man to a tree and shooting at him as at a target.
Launch of the frost naked or in lingerie.
The stifle is a twisted soapy rope tightened on the neck — a lasso.
Drawing on the street the body using a rope tightened on the neck.
Binding the feet of ladies to two trees, and the hands above the head and tummy cut from the crotch to the chest.
Tearing body with chains.
Dragging on the ground tied to a cart.
Drawing upon the earth mom with 3 babies tied to a cart pulled by a horse, in this way that one leg tied a chain to mom cart, and to the other leg mother — one leg is the oldest child, and the other leg to the oldest child tied Jr. child, and the other leg to the younger child is bound leg of the youngest child.
Penetration of the body through the rifle barrel.
Contractions of the stabbing victim wire.
Shrinkage Stitching wire immediately 2-victims.
Shrinkage Stitching wire multiple victims.
Periodic contraction of the body Stitching wire and every few hours pouring cool water of the victim to come to their senses and feelings of pain and suffering.
Burying the victim in an upright position in the ground by the neck and leaving her in that position.
Burial in the ground alive by cutting the neck and later head oblique.
The tearing of the body in half with the help of horses.
The tearing of the body in half by tying the victim to the two weighed down trees and next to their release.
Throwing adults in a flame of fire burning building.
Light-sacrifice for the previously drenched with kerosene.
Encasing around the victim sheaves of grass and ignites them, doing so Makar, the torch of Nero.
Stabbing a knife in the back and leaving it in the body of the victim.
Mounting the baby on the forks and throwing it in the flame of a fire.
Cutting blades skin from the face.
Hammering between the ribs of oak stakes.
Stitching wire for hanging.
Peeling off the body and skin wounds pouring ink and dousing her with boiling water.
Attaching the body to support and throwing a knife at him.
Bondage — the shackling of hands Stitching wire.
Application of fatal blows with a shovel.
Nailing hands to the threshold of housing.
Drawing of a body on the ground by his feet on the rope.

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