The costs of the Ministry of Defence on military arsenals amount to 90 billion rubles

Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation until 2015 will spend 90 billion rubles for the construction of new and reconstruction of old times of military arsenals. This was stated by Deputy Defense Minister Gen. Dmitry Bulgakov.

According to Bulgakov, in the current year it is planned to build 613 ammunition storage facilities, which will be located on the territory of the Southern and Western military districts in the coming year to build the repository at the Central Military environment, and in 2014, the repository will be in East military environment. But so far not specified the number of stores that will be built on the ground CVO and TSB.

It is also planned that the new and reconstructed military arsenals and storage of the Ministry of Defence will be equipped with the perimeters of protection, video surveillance and fire-extinguishing system. Will be renovated shop assembly and disassembly of ammunition. According to Bulgakov, 2015 to May 30 military arsenals in Russia are no longer any grounds, wherever kept open ammunition, rockets and explosives.

Now, according to reports by Army General, on 140 military arsenals of the Ministry of Defence kept 6 million tons of ammunition. Half of these munitions in the arsenals expired. This is due, according to Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov, the lack of resources in the destruction of all obsolete shells. Yet Ministry Defense, according to Bulgakov, is going to dispose of expired ammunition to 2014. Some of these munitions (1,762 million tons) will be detonated by early 2013.

Recall that in May and June of last year due to non-compliance with safety instructions in Bashkortostan and Udmurtia exploded ordnance depots as a result of fires broke out there.

Ammunition in the Bashkir village Urman continued to explode in a few days. In this regard, the authorities evacuated 2.5 thousand inhabitants. As a result, the explosions of shells destroyed 800 buildings, among which the school and kindergarten, 118 people lost their own homes. In Udmurtia, the number of victims reached 57 people, 2 people of retirement age have died from stress.

After the accident, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev instructed the Minister of Defence gave an investigation of incidents and punish the guilty.

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