The court fined the school in Novosibirsk for the too high level of education

PMS director Nicholas Yavorsky

PMS director Nicholas Yavorsky

The lawsuit filed against the school parents Losers.

Novosibirsk, Russia, September 13 (New Region, Svetlana Petrova) — Novosibirsk district court fined the physico-mathematical school at Novosibirsk State University for an extremely high level of education. Verdict actually prohibits the faculty of the Novosibirsk State University to teach in their own physical and mathematical school (SESC NSU). The reason for the judgment was going to court the parents of one of the students who were threatened with expulsion because of poor academic performance, according At the end of trial the court found it necessary to review the organization of the educational process. School director Nicholas Jaworski did not agree with the court decision, saying that all teachers' work as well as work. "

Physics and Mathematics School (PMS) is a subdivision of the NSU, and although there are education students 10 and 11, it refers to the system of higher education. Education are university professors and scientists research institutes of.
PMS at NSU was fined 100,000 rubles for violating staffing and high school level of education of the Soviet decision of the judge of the district court of Novosibirsk Sergei Samulina.
"According to the court, the school should teach only" teacher "instead of" teachers. " A staffing should not deviate from the standard. As a result, the court issued a decision of an administrative offense and a fine of 100 thousand rubles, "- said the director of the school Nicholas Yavorsky.
"The result of this decision may be the loss of the school to its uniqueness, its further conversion to a normal high school," — he explained.
Novosibirsk University and PMS have already filed an appeal with the Novosibirsk regional court. The court's decision also appealed the District Attorney.
"Judge Samulin relied on a model regulation of the Ministry of Education. According to the document, the school should teach only the "teacher" and not a "professor", "associate professors" and other "teachers". We, in turn, are working in accordance with the Council of Ministers of the USSR in 1988 (when it was organized by SESC), the effect of which can undo only the federal government, "- said Jaworski.
Jaworski said that the organization of the educational process in the PMS was originally supposed depth study of basic disciplines and identify gifted students in research abilities.
"Instead, we should be guided by standards for boarding schools for children in difficult social situations and in need of basic education — continued Officer. — But we have other tasks and the level of our other experts. "
On the question of possible changes in teaching physics and mathematics school Jaworski said that all teachers' work as well as work. " "While we do not withdraw in handcuffs", — concluded the director.

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