The dilemma for «Bosch»: Belarus or customs union?

International capital heard signals from Belarus to liberalize, but is in no hurry to invest in our national economy. The German company «Bosch» — one of the first foreign commercial entities, who came to the Belarusian market in the early 1990s. For 20 years, although the pace and grew up in a geometric progression, but did not reach the disbursed amounts in other countries.

The annual turnover of the company «Bosch» — an average of more than 40 billion euros. At the end of the pre-crisis 2007 the figure was 46 billion euro over the past year — 38 billion. The share of Belarus in this sea of money has to literally drop. At the end of 2009 — 28 million euros. Of these, 10 million — the supply of components to the line of the Minsk Motor Plant.

In mid-November in Frankfurt-am-Main went III Belarusian investment forum in which the Belarusian side tried hard to please potential investors. Member of the Forum — the regional director of sales of the company «Bosch» Walter Shepf:

Walter Shepf

"The Forum was supported by many German firms, gathered about 600 participants. By itself, this fact indicates that a potentially very high interest on the part of Germany to Belarus because after, how did the economic crisis, everything comes to normal, and it is quite logical phenomenon. But I can not quite understand why Belarus is still not involved, is not integrated into the system. So, something is still a hindrance. Therefore, the general policy of our company — it is an attempt to balance the market. First of all, to you and to us to protect yourself from possible risks. "

Rate of German companies in Belarus is on cooperation with the Minsk Motor Plant, which has ambitious plans to "stake out" the market of engines that conform to the "Euro-4". Says Shepf, thanks to the principles declared in the framework of the Customs Union, in theory, a real breakthrough. But it is unlikely to be much use if the main part of the component will not be made on the spot, and still is imported from other countries:

"The Customs Union will enable us to work better on the Belarusian market, at least, with fewer losses, and thus making our services more affordable. But, for example, in the automotive business while our company limits the presence of infusion systems for the Minsk Motor Plant. We supply the equipment there for inspections, tests to give the output engines "Euro-3" and "Euro-4". But the fact is that the components that we supply is not produced in the territory of the Customs Union and supplied from the outside. So, unfortunately, we can not take advantage of the benefits offered by the Customs Union. However, we believe that in the coming years, the need for such systems in the region will increase, and it comes to their local production. But in order to make their production more cost-effective, it is necessary to keep demand for 300,000 injectors. "

In the near future the company is to launch a tender for the construction of such a plant, and the main question — who will flow investment — will be decided in a fair fight. On the chances of the German representatives of Belarus diplomatically silent.

Meanwhile, according to one of the leaders of «Bosch» Voltaire Shepfa, serious efforts of only make sense if the idea is implemented a full-fledged production. In the case of Belarus, such prospects are vague. For instance, could start manufacturing refrigerators «Bosch», which would have predicted a high demand as a minimum within the Customs Union. However, this will look like on the Belarusian leadership, which primarily concerned with the protection of its manufacturer — Minsk "Atlanta"?

Vladimir Rybolovlev

What is indisputable is the level of training of Belarusian specialists. As the head of the Belarusian representative of «Bosch» Vladimir Rybolovlev, Not so long ago, Minsk was visited by representatives of the structural units of the company engaged in security systems:

"They met with the leadership of our Polytechnic Academy, where they found a great interest in the training of specialists in the field of security systems. The fact that this institution — a rare institution that trains specialists in this area. The talks addressed the issue of training, internships in enterprises security "Bosch". One of the requirements for such students — native languages, so that they can comfortably work on probation, and probably continue to work in enterprises in the "Bosch". After all, if a really good specialist, his future will largely depend on the employer. "

By the way, "boshavskimi" safety systems wrapped in the National Library, Zhodinsky BelAZ, the Minsk railway station, customs transition "Kozlovichi" and others. Businessmen hope that before the hockey World Cup 2014, which will take Belarus, this list will expand significantly.



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