The Earth has collapsed strange object


Mysterious ball in an unknown direction taken by the military. Eyewitnesses said that the sphere is the message of the aliens

In the north of Brazil fell from the sky a mysterious metal ball. The sphere is made of an unknown alloy, fell in the state of Maranhao, near the small village Anapurus. Mystery subject weighing about 30 kg and has about 1 m in diameter.

As said village residents, who saw the first ball, sphere fell to the ground early in the morning of February 22 and caused a small panic among the population. Local resident Valdir José Mendes, in the courtyard of which collapsed object, notes that the strong first heard a roar, and then a huge explosion near his home. At the crash site found a crater the size of a man of about one meter.

By sheer luck, none of the residents was injured. However, neither the police arrived at the scene, no rescuers were unable to explain the origin of the mysterious "stranger." The only thing that is known about the object — it has a small hole, and inside it, a cavity is a certain weight. If you shake the ball, you can hear how it's some moves.

At present, the scope of the military took the place of its location kept secret. "Most likely, this ball — part of the satellite," — said the representative of the Brazilian National Institute for Space Research Pedro Costa. Local residents, in turn, push the right number of its versions: some believe the fallen ball part alien spaceship, others believe that this is the beginning of the predicted Mayan end of the world.

A similar case occurred in December 2011 in Namibia. Then fell to the ground as incomprehensible bob, which many took for the "message" of civilization from another planet. Its diameter is about 110 cm and weighs about six pounds. The authorities have sent a message about the incident to NASA and the European space community, but received no reply.





Meanwhile, two days ago, on February 22, in Canada fell large meteorite. Natural phenomenon was able to capture an astronomer Science Centre in Calgary Don Hladleku. According to him, stokilogramovy to split when hitting the ground in two. At the moment the search is on for a guest from outer space.


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