The election program of Viktor Tereshchenko

The problems of the society of the country, their causes and solutions

The electoral program
candidate for President of the Republic of Belarus Viktor Tereshchenko


Dear voters!

I am a PhD, associate professor in "economy". He was elected a deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the Republic of Belarus XIII convocation. I have experience in the areas of governance and management.

He is married. I have three daughters and a granddaughter. The father and mother of the Belarusians, veterans of war and labor.

I know the needs and concerns of the people and see the way the country out of crisis.

For the sake of everyone hopes for a better life, a nice house, a strong family and child well-being have become a reality, I developed this program for years, studied domestic and international experience. Take time to understand the mine proposal. They — the key to the well-being of the country, the family and everyone!

What worries people today?

First of all — the rise in prices. In the 16 years since the election of the President of the prices of products in view of monetary denominations have grown a thousand times! Salaries, pensions, scholarships, behind the price rise. And everyone knows that after the elections the rise in prices will go even faster.

Why produce more, and have less? Where are all the go?

The fact is that our ruble depreciates all the time. For 16 years it depreciated against the dollar to 4000 times! Therefore, the country's people, businesses, banks buy and accumulate dollars and euros. But this money is worthless. Over the same 16 years, the dollar became cheaper to gold 4 times! Buying up and storing currency, we are working on global bankers.

Our currency is the ruble is not. In fact, there is no national money.

Reduced the competitiveness of our products. Our manufacturers take loans from banks. While foreign competitors have long been working on other financial scheme. As joint stock companies develop through investments in exchange for shares.

Directors and heads of vertical! Calculate your zakreditovannye business plans of the embodiment of direct investment. You make sure that the financial costs on our businesses is 2 times higher than those of competitors. Since it includes the repayment of loans and 'wild' interest. Competitive price, we are keeping a low wage workers.

The Government sees its own sources of investment. Our banks are among the smallest in the world. Our machines, machinery, equipment worn. But it is not the fault of directors, bankers. This is a consequence of errors in monetary policy.

A blunder in the tax system. In the Government does not understand that the main principle of the tax system competitors — at first not to interfere with the manufacturer to produce and sell products, and only then — to take taxes from the income.

In Belarus, taxes included in the price of products, the costs and allowances to them. To perform predictions, sell at a loss. The losses are masked in the revaluation of property and "costs for future periods."

There is a struggle against bureaucracy and corruption. But they do not disappear as a consequence of the system. In it, each "Prince", the official presidential vertical — her hostage and disenfranchised people. To stay, he has to please his boss. Otherwise, do not feed their families.

Achieve revenue growth, profit, and legal wages in our facilities — unprofitable. All the motivation for employees in such a system— Work less but get more and do not pay taxes. Therefore the system is forced to tightly control and force people to work.

Any leader in any enterprise is always possible for something to blame. The contract does not protect it. And the court will not justify. After all, the judge also hostages systems. They appoint and remove the chief, "the owner of the country" — the President.

Today sees the power of salvation in attracting foreign capital. It is a strategy of backward states, imposed by international capital, stationing environmentally hazardous production in foreign territories. In such areas, people play the role of a competitor rabsily and migrants into the country. If Belarus will go on this way, we obtain a sectarian and ethnic problems that are now shaking Europe, the U.S. and the world.

I suggest:

First independence of the country from foreign exchange. We can give ourselves credit and monetary investment to other countries.

I explain how to do it.

Will ensure our money is a national treasure. We introduce the ruble freely convertible with an initial rate of 3 rubles per $ 1.

At the same time all economically feasible projects of national enterprises will be eligible on public investment through the sale of its shares to the state. Such a financing scheme along with changing tax and simplification of accounting to boost the competitiveness of goods, works and services.

This will enable our economy on the basis of the national currency. Exports will be profitable. Shares of companies (rather than virtual currency of foreign countries and not gold, deadens resources) will be the provision of national money. Shares efficient enterprises — are assets better than gold!

The economy of the country will fill a strong national currency. Belarusian banks will grow rapidly. Loans will be available to all, both in the developed countries (2-3% per annum). To sell their shares to the state or credited in the bank — it will be a free choice of enterprises and entrepreneurs.

Manage enterprises in the country will not be President, and competent professionals and directors of companies controlled by its own board, labor groups and legislation. The shares will be sold to employees, banks, citizens and foreigners, but for our currency.

The sale of shares will be withdrawn appropriate amount of money from circulation and increase exchange rate.

Thus,5-7 years and even earlier, will come to the U.S. — one to one. This will stop the rise in prices. And the salaries, pensions, stipends and allowances will rise in our national currency. And reach the European level.

The second main source of budget revenues from government investments will be.

Taxes will be paid, mainly from the profit and will decline.

Taxes will be clearly justified. Their role will be regulating. The very system of taxation, and not for the elite benefits will stimulate production.

Create the third highest motivations in terms of production. We will restore the right of workers to participate in income businesses. Every employee — from the ordinary to the head — will be able to earn shares of the company to be assessed in addition to the salary. Develop production, to invest in it provisions for each employee will be more profitable, more profitable than to keep money at home or in bank deposits. If desired, each member of the workforce and will be able to acquire additional shares of the enterprise.

In the fourth village and agriculture will continue the policy of the state. Moreover, the write-off will be held with farmers (including farmers) all outstanding taxes and penalties. We will develop a system of guaranteed state orders for agricultural products. At the village "will breath" for effective work in the new tax system, where payments will be of profit. Incomes in rural areas will not lower income citizens.

Fifth lift the prestige of the Belarusian science and engineering school, salaries of scientists and research
ers and teachers, teachers, culture, art, preschool, medical and nursing students.

Sixth restore the rights of individual entrepreneurs self-employed workers in compliance with labor laws. We take into account the National Business Platform of Belarus and the concept of a comprehensive modernization of the country, developed by the Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship.

Seventh We will not raise the retirement age. But for those wishing to work, give the right to retire at their request later. We introduce a ban on firing an employee to retire without his consent. This is a huge resource for the country! Employment contracts for workers, engineers and technicians will be immediately canceled.

All of these measures reveal the potential of people and the economy. We are together, without fear, tears and hubbub, quietly, with respect to each other, raise production and strengthen our nation.

Economic recovery will give power to guarantee the implementation of all planned decisions of the state in the growth of wages, pensions, stipends and allowances.

Through economic growth and provide a solution of new problems in the social sphere. Including further increase the benefits for single mothers, large families, low-income and disabled persons. We will improve the system of targeted subsidies to low-income families. For young people — free first higher and secondary special education. Nonresident students — hostel or compensation than half the cost of renting the room. Each full-time students — including academic scholarship. Price reductions in transport. Soft loan for students who have created a family. Cancel the fare for children and students in urban transport … (See full text of the Program on the Internet).

I guarantee establishment in the country of an effective system of enforcement and an independent judiciary, prosecution of state control and supervision. Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus and the Judges of all levels will appoint the legislature — the Parliament, and not the President. We realize the "age-old dream of Belarusians — to be called people."

In international politics Belarus will be guided by the wise principle of "more accurately account — stronger friendship" and the slogan "For a strong, stable and prosperous Belarus in the Union with brotherly Russia, Ukraine — today, tomorrow and forever!". To establish good neighborly relations with the countries of the European Union and other countries.

In the interests of the people I am ready to compromise. If you elect President Alexander Lukashenko, I will offer him this program as a strategy for further development of the country. But whether he will accept it? It is possible that, while maintaining its Systems Management Government and business leaders will be "whipping boys" for the failures in the economy, and the people will remain in hopes deceived.

If we want to change, then this must work together.

Who wants to help the country, trusting my program, please, deliver it to your loved ones. Full text available on the Internet:

Thank you.


Your Candidate for President
Republic of Belarus
Victor Tereshchenko.

Retained the original spelling.

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